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The Wisdom of Jesus vs. the Pharisees

I have learned much while dealing with the internet, that there are numerous
wankers on it filled with head knowledge, who want to prove to everyone how
smart they are because their heads are full of 'knowledge' and information,
and some of these people can't manage their lives, and by no means do they
have any spiritual power to heal or transmit shakti.

I recall when I started my spiritual yoga group, Duality vs. Nonduality,
called Tasting Sugar. As the resident Guru with one guest Swami presiding,
I sent out invitations and many of the people of yoga signed up. I was
ready to speak to them about the issues at hand, but not one ever asked me a
question, and neither was one question asked of the guest Swami (she was the
expert on nonduality, while I was good at duality, which is devotion), who
then quit.

All the members wanted to talk about was how much they knew, basically, what
they had learned from books. After that, a holy woman (it is amazing that
even holy people can go awry, but they can) discovered that I had some adult
groups and I used to be in the adult trade. She went ballistic on me, and
posted four long diatribes in succession that I was a total charlatan, a
sex-mad woman only seeking sex slaves, and that my articles were only 'sound
bites' and I knew nothing about yoga, etc. Those horrendous posts crashed
the group, as all the spiritual members had no idea who I was and were so
confused and shocked, they mostly stopped posting. Later the holy woman
apologized to me and admitted she had made a mistake, but my group had gone
dead, I had not the heart to start it up again. From this experience I
learned the following:

1 People are more eager to be Gurus than devotees or chelas, they forget
that to be a Guru you must first be a good chela, but they want the 'glory'
of being the dominant person, the teacher, the transmitter, they want to be
looked up to, and they do not want to humble themselves, therefore, they do
not ask questions of the resident yogis and Gurus, they just tell you how
much they know. If they only knew, that this bores the hell out of the real

2 People, even some good people, are confused and
hysterical about sex and nudity, anything to do with it drives them over the
top, they have anxiety and fear over sex even if there is no wrong connected
with it. The thought of sex and nudity fills their minds and hearts with
all sorts of illogical connections, and they project these onto the person -
usually myself - who is a part of the adult trade.

We move past this experience to another point, head knowledge vs. God
knowledge, or Wisdom.

During Jesus' time you had the learned rabbis, the super-educated religious
class, and they were called Pharisees. Jesus was not one of their class,
never had an extended book-learning education like theirs, but He was
educated by living with Holy parents and learning what He had to, while
being totally One with God.

In fact, at the age of twelve, what could Jesus know? And yet, he stopped
in at a courtyard where the old rabbis were discussing heavy matters, and
joining in, confounded them. This carpenters son surprised the learned
scholars who had spent a lifetime in books. How could He do this? He was
tapped into the Infinite Wisdom of God, while they were limited in head

Later on, when Jesus began his ministry, the Pharisees caused him untold
trouble, always trying to trap him in debate and accuse him of all sorts of
wrongdoing. For instance, Jesus healed someone on the Sabbath. So they
called him on that. Jesus said,

'You strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.'

Then his disciples ate the tops of wheat from fields as they were traveling,
again on the Sabbath, when you are not supposed to do any work. Jesus said,

'The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.'

Again, Jesus hung out with women (an act considered inappropriate for a
Jew), some of whom were in the adult trade, and they said he was therefore
an immoral person, but Jesus said,

'The prostitutes will go into heaven before you.'

He said these book learned men were hypocrites and all white and clean on
the outside, like sepulchers, but filled with decay, rotting on the inside.
He also said of such people that they see the speck in their brother's eye
but fail to see the log in their own.

Jesus tried to explain to the Pharisees that they lived by the letter of the
law, but failed to live up to its spirit, the spirit of love. They were the
worst enemies of Jesus, this most educated class, and they tried to nail him
by nit picking on the law. Why? Because they resented the power Holy Jesus
had, his Anointing, his healing and miracles, and they saw people were
impressed, they followed after him clamoring for healing and wisdom, and
they adored him, begging for help. The Pharisees wanted that kind of
adulation but couldn't get it. The Pharisees 'ate of widow's houses' (stole
their money) while pretending to be pious and holy, covering themselves with
ash and looking depressed when fasting, and standing in the synagogue
praying so everyone could see them. Jesus said one should pray 'in the
closet' or in secret, where God would see them.

No matter what Jesus did, the Pharisees found fault with him (he was bad
when he fasted, and bad when he feasted, an analogy to the criticism of his
cousin John the Baptist, who lived apart and ate locusts and wild honey, vs.
Jesus who socialized and ate with people), because they hated Jesus, they
were not of the same spirit as Jesus, they were of the world, the flesh and
the devil, while Jesus was of God, two different kingdoms at variance.

On the internet I see the same thing. Everywhere I go, posting articles as
a Guru, I get stung by Pharisees with so-called knowledge. When I joined
the Sarlo group, there were many there who had spent years in ashrams and
with various Gurus, and had grown to hate them all for one reason or
another. (Maybe some of them were phonies or had serious faults, not all
Gurus are blameless), and so these people there and on many other groups,
when I presented myself as Guru, came after me. They did not pay attention
to what I said, only to where I had been, what I had done in the past, and
also, the mystical part of my Union with God, which they found fodder for
mirth. They laughed hysterically at me, like thirty of them attacking me at
one time, it was a blood bath. I warned them not to mess with me, because
the Anointing would come after them, and they kept ridiculing me, until the
end, when it all came down for them. The worst offenders hit the dirt, they
were demoralized and humiliated, one of them still wanders the internet like
a hungry ghost, the main star now a man without a country. The entire group
then fell apart for months, and five new groups formed to discuss the
issues, one of them that I was on was so busy that sometimes the archives
would go down for hours, as so many people tried to access the group. In the
end the owner apologized to me and admitted they had been wrong. This of
course infuriated the wrongdoers, but the Anointing had won. What is
salient here is that I warned them again and again that the Presence of God
is here, do not mess with it, it will come down on them, and they didn't
listen. It was all there in the articles I wrote, that they paid no
attention to. I recall telling them about the Ark of the Covenant, when it
was being transported, and began to tilt, to fall off the stilts. Two
soldiers grabbed it to prevent it's fall, and both of them died from
touching it. The Ark of the Covenant was the Presence of God, a Force Field
around it of God Power, and if someone not of God touches it, it becomes
deadly. Why? Because it is two different sorts of energy, the Energy of
God is completely pure and without negativity, but the energy of those
soldiers contained sin, and so, they were convicted of sin on the spot and

Another case was the man with a loaded gun got out of a taxi, and said to
the driver,

'I'm going to kill Padre Pio' (the holy stigmatist) and fell dead on the

Now on the internet I find more Pharisees than I do the genuine spiritual,
and these are still full of accusations and attacks against the just.

It is a dangerous thing to become puffed up with book knowledge. Pride
goeth before the fall, being filled with information is not the road to

Now consider this - Who did Jesus call to be his disciples? Did He go to
the Yeshiva and seek out the best educated scholars to follow him, the crème
de la crème of scholars? No, he picked ordinary working class men and
women, for the most part, fishermen, and even a tax collector, (who were
despised by the Jews.) Jesus chose people from the rank and file of
society, not from the elite or scholars. Why? It shows me that it was
easier for Jesus to share the kingdom of God with them than with the others,
that these regular people were more receptive to Jesus. Why were the 'elite'
not receptive to Jesus? Because they were full of themselves, felt superior
to a carpenter who did miracles, they thought their class or human
information put them above the man of God.

Again, it's values, isn't it? If a person puts the world and the flesh
above God, they would value the information of the world above that of the
metaphysical, or the other world. They would count human respect above that
of God's respect, where in God's world the meek and the lowly, the
persecuted, may be the highest, 'Blessed are the poor, those who are
persecuted, those who are looked down upon.' Indeed, the privileged, the
respectable, the rich, have their heaven on earth and hell for eternity,
while those who were looked down upon on earth get their rewards in Heaven,
it is all convoluted, upside down, the values of the worldly and that of the

'My Kingdom is not of this world'

speaks of the two value systems at variance. What stands out here is also
how the world of patriarchy goes after the sex trade workers as a means of
destroying women, Jesus was wholly against that. He wrote something in the
sand, and made the stone throwers read it, starting with the eldest, and
after reading, each one dropped his stone and left. I believe that what
Jesus wrote in the sand was their secret, hidden sins, for instance, for one
it would be,




A third,


Or again,


And so, as their sins were put in the open, each one was shamed and could
not stone the woman, and Jesus said,

'Woman, where are thy accusers?'

So here we have one of the sins Jesus judged the harshest, which was
hypocrisy, pretending to be righteous when you are not, and at the same time
judging someone else. It is also noted that only the women were stoned for
adultery, not any cases of men that I know of, so this law was only for the
destruction of women.

Jesus, where are you now when you are needed? Hidden, hidden inside of me,
aren't you? Where are the Pharisees, everywhere, much more of them than

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This book is amazing as Rasa had gotten all men celebrities, and just as she
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the link was made, by almighty God, helped by Errol Flynn as guide, she
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You might wonder how Rasa can channel or read minds. It is done through
charity, empathy or compassion, the ability by the Holy Spirit, to enter
into the skin or mind or heart of another. These are not feats the ordinary
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herself with the earth plane, but only the deeper and higher levels. She is
not curious, she wants to understand God and anything that concerns the
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If you want God to trust you, earn that trust. No human can get to a soul
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