Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Michael sees the New Jerusalem, & it is MotherGod Church!

Wow, Michael,

This is so fascinating, so lovely, that I must hear all the details...There
is another devotee who saw something similar, and I would like to compare
notes - his and yours. He saw statues of me in many cities, in real life
in the future, for what I had done, this was after my death. He said he saw
at least seven places I believe.

The SWORD and the BOOK - how interesting! Again, so many devotees, Juana
and Dalla (Kun Kin) most notably, saw me as a Great Warrior, dressed for
battle, with a beacon of light shining from my helmeted head (Kun Kin).
What am I a warrior of and whom am I battling? It is SATAN and his
followers, we are like St. Michael the Archangel, with his sword, defeating
the dragon.

The book is the writings. I have a solid plan now for our MotherGod Church,
and have been channeling Catholic Saints, all of whom are encouraging me,
starting with the wonderful Pope John Paul II, and others, and they are
telling me to go ahead, rewrite the doctrines of the Catholic Church to suit
a better worship including animal rights, ecology, healthy attitude toward
sex, practical outlook toward birth control, and with WOMEN AS PRIESTS,
worship of JESUS and MARY as EQUALS, both human and divine, Avatars, and we
will recognize Saints, Avatars and Holy People from ALL RELIGIONS including
Pagan and Wicca. We will not disparage our Pagan/Wiccan sisters! There
will be a realistic viewpoint toward the ADULT TRADE as something women have
to do for money, they are not immoral because of it, and there will also be
a healthy view of homosexuality, as this is NOT A CHOICE, it is something
inborn or made by influences, we will not torture our brothers and sisters
who are gay or bisexual.

About animals and ecology - the Catholic Church does not speak about these
issues, they have declared that animals have no souls, and therefore, this
opens up a whole Pandora's box of testing on animals, factory farming and
abuses left unchecked. The Catholic Church also does not concern itself
with ecology, but destroying the environment is a GREVIOUS SIN that affects
all of humanity. The Catholic Church also focuses on 'sins' that take the
attention away from their own sins, and gets people onto anything done by
women, that may free up women, when they want women to be slaves with serial
pregnancies. So they have an agenda where they daily preach against

1 ABORTION (Catholic women are also not supposed to use birth control, a
big 'sin' or condoms against aids! They are supposed to have say, 9-10 kids
in each family so the Church can have more CRADLE CATHOLICS to give the
Church membership and power.)

2 HOMOSEXUALITY AND SAME SEX MARRIAGE (This is doubly insane when you
consider that men who are homosexual are controlling the entire Catholic
Church! The hypocrisy!


You never hear them preaching against

1 Misogyny, hatred and discrimination against women

2 Pedophilia, sexual abuse of little children

3 Torture of animals, exploitation of animals

4 Destruction of the environment

5 The CORPORATIONS which collect money from the population, much of which
goes into their pockets, depriving citizens of services and normal decent
living. A huge population of poor women and children, with many homeless,
does not shame the big shots in Washington. The Catholic Church does not
preach about these men because they are powerful, they concentrate on
prostitutes and pornography, who are weak and poor, and deprived of decent
jobs, have to take to the streets and the X rated films. These people in the
adult trade are not immoral per se, they are not lying, stealing, cheating,
as the men in Washington are, but they are easy targets for the self
righteous wrath of the Catholic Church and the members it influences.
Anything to get the heat off their own pedophilia and misogyny.

Those are some of the basics.

I will not find reworking the doctrine difficult at all, because I am so
familiar with the Catholic Church.

Of course, all the worship, the devotions, the cults, the prayers of the
Catholic Church will be changed into MotherGod and Woman Friendly worship.

So I believe you are seeing the future of our University of MotherGod
Church, its Temples and Cities in a symbolic way, but it will be majestic
indeed. The WHITE MARBLE bespeaks of our Church is built OUT OF PURE ROCK,
being the strongest substance, not built on sand or dirt, but a strong
foundation, and that foundation is also BEAUTY as marble is one of the most
beautiful of stone, and this is also white for purity.

You are also seeing the Matriarchal aspect of our Church, and men are not
absent, but women run the entire Church.


Dear GuruRasa,

I am thinking I was unsure and your power came to help me. I was dreaming
last night I was walking through the large Church/University city I saw the
night before. It was a huge Cathedral and University City all from white
marble. There were many people walking around carrying books and papers and
almost all were women. I was walking with a small group of men and we were
on a tour to see. In a big square before the Cathedral there was a large
statue of a lady in white carrying a sword and a book. The sword she held at
her side and the book she held up in her left hand. Our guide said it was a
statue of GuruRasa, the great leader and founder of the Church and society.
We were also told this was one of many cities which were the same as this. I
will write with more detail later but now I must go.

Your humble devotee,


From Nicolas:

My Goddess,

What an exciting day I had today! I woke up so happy as I dreamt of You
being my Queen and watching all the Amazons adoring You and all the men
worshiping You. I prayed to You at 5.00 am for one hour praising MotherGod
that I met You. I felt so lucky that I started my day with You so vivid
inside me. Having shower after that I discovered my breasts became larger,
how wonderful, You make me feel so happy!

Needless to say that all day I can't stop thinking of You, loving You,
adoring You. Every day I feel more Love for You, I feel that You save me
from the flesh pulling me higher to what is Happiness inside me. I see that
Paradise is here with You inside me!

I adore You

Spiritually Yours

Kneeling in front of Your humble devotee


My Beloved Son,

You are getting transformed and the happiness you have is the Bliss of God,
when one releases all the attachments and addictions of the flesh and
becomes FREE. In the ancient Catholic teachings this is called LIBERTY OF
SPIRIT, to be attached to God alone, and this is truly the secret of
happiness, as when you are One only with God and not one with the world,
flesh and devil you are free of the lower nature. It is this lower world
that pours forth all its tortures upon us, but when we rise above it (which
takes much courage and a giant leap of faith) then we are above its
tortures. I offer this help to all devotees, to lift them above the flesh,
but few will come, they want to hang onto this or that, and so their
progress moves slowly. But since you let go and attached to your Guru, your
progress has been swift. You are a living testimony that faith, devotion
and putting your energy into the Guru reaps big rewards fast. Others are
not doing that, they are thinking about their problems, holding on to them
without realizing it, and so, they retard their own progress. No one said
its easy, but it can be done, you have done it, and you are proof of how God
worship brings real happiness, joy and bliss.


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