Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Dear William,

Since you are the 'Father of Matriarchy' I am deeply honored by the title
you have assigned me and I accept it, so that you and I can be rightly
called 'Father and Mother of Matriarchy.' There is no one who could dispute
your claim, and if you declare me to be 'most important' then you must know
what you speak of. I accept the honor which carries great responsibility; I
believe I have proven myself so far and will continue to do so. At the end
of parts of William's letter there will an INTERDICT AGAINST BEATA M. and a

From William Bond:Dear Rasa

Personally I give you support because you are the sort of person who
can, get things done. I do know there are a lot of Women out there
who do really believe in Matriarchy, but are too frighten to publicly
say so. You are the exception, you seem to be fearless, and are not
afraid to. `nail your colours to the mast'.

Because of this, you have become the most important person in the
Matriarchal movement, because you are breaking down the social
barriers of what people believe is possible. I'm afraid this is true
of all human history; big social changes have only come about because a
few very brave individuals were strong enough to defy social convention.

I did have hopes for Beata because I saw her as another strong Woman
who is willing to stand by you. So I was very disappointed when
personal feelings got in the way of this partnership. I personally
feel strongly that people in the Matriarchal movement shouldn't be
fighting among themselves. I didn't like it when Beata had a fight
with Mistress Peggy Sue and I still don't like it, when she tried to
pick a fight with me and tried to undermine You.

I know why you seem to be so much braver than anyone else; it is
because every day you pray to MotherGod. For people who do not pray
or have an active spiritual life, they do you understand the power of
prayer. But I know enough, to know it is this power that allows you
to defy and break down social barriers and lead others through these

I know you feel you are battling away, on your own, with very little
support from others, and I know how this feels, because this is what I
go through as well. The problem is, if that other people do not pray
every day or have a very active spiritual life, then they cannot
understand how it is you seem to be so strong and fearless. The result
is, that they are dependant completely on your strength and have no
strength themselves. This is because your strength comes from your
prayers to MotherGod. If other people do not do the same, then they
can only give you very limited support.

As I have found in my quest to promote the cause of Matriarchy. If
others do not have a very active spiritual life or a strong faith and
belief, then they experience `burn out' and drop away. Every day I
try to keep in contact with the Great Mother, and if I do get
despondent and negative, I find it is because I have neglected to keep
this contact with the Great Mother going.

I know that I can keep going when others have dropped away, because of
my active spiritual life. I also know You can are capable of facing
nearly anything, because of the same reason. In fact you seem to be
stronger in your faith than what I am.

In the end it is your faith in MotherGod that will carry you through,
not the support of your followers who are dependant on your strength.
I know you feel very lonely out there, with few others to support
you. But you also have to be grateful, like I am, to have been lead
into understanding how to contact MotherGod, and to experience HER
unlimited power.


From Rasa: Interdict against Beata and call to solidarity under William and

Now that it is official, William has given me a potent title and I accept!
William being who he is, the Father or Progenitor of Matriarchy he has a
right to confer these titles. My first order of work as we reorganize is to
clean house.

Now that Beata has separated herself from the love and friendship of William
and myself, along with copious outrageous insults hurled against us, I ask
that our friends and devotees no longer support Beata in any tangible way
nor listen to her dialogues. She has taken another path, and it is not
ours. She even said she does not need us, so then she does not need our
friends, supporters and devotees. So first of all, I ask any of my devotees
whose loyalty Beata alienated would return, all is forgiven.

I ask Thomas not to serve Beata by building her a website. You belong to
MotherGod Church, and that is where your time and energy should be going. I
would appreciate a blog along the lines of our beliefs, not Beata's agenda.
Since she said she does not need us, then why come after our devotees? Why
not get her own? Your wife also agreed with me, that this would be a better
project for you. Come back to the True Voice, Thomas, the sirens are
beguiling, but they lead to shipwreck. Any other devotees who have been
also led astray, please come back, the home fires are burning, you are
accepted unconditionally.

Since in the past I did affirm and support and Beata this is now withdrawn.
I ask my associates not to honor her voice or message - it has become shrill
and out of step with ours. We need peace and harmony to do our work, this
is not possible with those who are disrespectful and arrogant, male or
female. Without respect, nothing can be accomplished.

Yes, our experiment with 'Goddess' Beata has failed. It is apparent that
the lack of maturity and experience has given her a deluded image of
herself, where she is all-powerful and all-knowing and can embark on this
difficult journey, the Path of Matriarchy, as a great leader above everyone
else... It is a foolhardy notion that Beata can succeed as 'leader' when
she can't even lead herself, her life is not successful, she is not on a
good foundation of security in any shape of the word, and has no credentials
except what she has gleaned from written words. Book learning is only one
facet of activism and promotion of a new movement, this sort of thing takes
many qualities Beata might not have. They are among others endurance,
tenacity (other than tenacity in holding grudges, she has that!),
fearlessness of society (she fears being labeled as not respectable, scorns
Rasa and therefore others in the adult trade, a great hypocrite who
pretended she supported women in that profession... she wants to play the
great lady and condemns others for their participation in Femdom as if she
were above it),...in order to bring about societal changes, a person cannot
fear the scorn and ridicule and even abuse of society, this will come in
spades if one is sincere and one pushes out into the open. But like most
prima donnas with pipe dreams, Beata will never come out into the scrutiny
of the public gaze, she has told me she will never be publicly persecuted in
the manner that I am (of course not, because she will not do anything), that
in itself tells me she is not willing to do so and she will fail in work of
this sort. A person who fights for MotherGod and Matriarchy in public, in
the media and television, gets interviewed, will be open to scrutiny and
ridicule because these are ideas that have not yet found their time. What
Beata is doing is preaching to the converted, a set of Femdom men,
mistresses, a few women who already believe. Most of the men on her list
are the usual suspects, nothing to be ashamed of, the submissives, the
masochists and the Femdom fetish men, and these are the voices that will not
oppose her, a situation that is cushiony and comfortable.

Out in the public eyes, a person like Beata would go into a raging froth, as
she is touched off by the slightest insult or put down, she would not be
able to handle the likes of the TV shows where the audience lashes out at
guests - something that I, Rasa, am familiar with. You have to have nerves
of steel and a powerful grip on spirituality to handle that - Beata doesn't
have this, she stays with the other women in the closets and the dungeons
well hidden from the mainstream, all the while pretending how powerful and
courageous she is. Yes, she is qualified, she keeps saying, but for what?
To write a grant for funding? It is one thing to write a grant, and another
to get the funding. What if her proposals are refused?

Beata also thinks that all these men who are 'lined up' in the groups to
serve her, mean what they say and say what they mean. Beata, they only want
chats and sex, take it from me. I have been working for many more years
than you. You will grow old and grey waiting for these men to do anything
for you, these guys are only there for the good times, and they will chat
your life away and be expecting some sort of sexual turn on, that is what
they are there for. Like I said, you will learn the hard way that you are
wasting your time thinking they will help you - everything that has gotten
done in Matriarchy by William Bond and myself was like this: We either did
it ourselves or we paid somebody. William Bond has worked for many years
full time writing and publishing and moderating groups. He has been the
most prolific Matriarch until I came along. This took great dedication.
All you have done is created one group in two years, William has over a
dozen. William has five books and articles to fill up another five, you
have no books and no articles. I also have five books and hundreds of
articles, a 6,000 page website that is the number one site on the internet
for Matriarchy and Female Empowerment, all you have is one group and a set
of delusions and pipe dreams. Your head is not empty, it is filled with
fantasies of what is and what will be, welcome to reality. The reality is
that, as I tried to tell you before, you will have to do it all yourself or
pay someone, and if you cannot do this, you will fail. The public gives
bits and pieces, tidbits, they do not fall at your feet slavishly to serve
you, this is a delusion on your part, this will not happen. If Beata had
listened to her elders and betters, perhaps some of the hard knocks that
will come her way could have been prevented, but she doesn't listen.

In conclusion to Beata I will make the following predictions. Now that we
have parted, Beata will want to prove me wrong and that she can make it on
her own. She will begin chatting away, as usual, with the men full of
promises. A year from now she will still be chatting, finally, who knows
when, she will get someone to build her that free website she is waiting
for. But after it is made, nothing will happen, because for a website to
work, you have to promote it, and she is not used to that, she wants it all
to fall in her lap. So she will order and command these Femdom men she
claims to look down upon, to promote her website, but they will be slow,
very slow, to help her, because people are lazy! They just want to have
fun! At some point Beata will start to organize that pipe dream called her
foundation, and secure al those great 'board of director' persons she has
sorted out. When it comes to the nitty gritty, they will all beg away with
excuses, because Beata will find out, no one wants to work for nothing. And
so, she will have trouble organizing and getting funding for a foundation
where there is nothing going on to fund. At one point Beata had Rasa lined
up as a board member, and Rasa would have been most probably the only one
who would have come through with honest work, but Beata withdrew that
position after deliberating that alpha males might decline funding to her
because terrible Rasa's scandalous past. Yes, fear of alpha male patriarchs
is a factor, isn't it, Beata? Lots of courage there, lots of standing up
for your fellow woman.

OK, so now, three years have gone by, it is 2010, and Beata still has no big
deal going on. Now what? Discouragement, disgust, just giving up. Beata
remembers the good old days when Rasa was working with her and getting
things done and including Beata, but it is too late. Rasa will be working
doing real things, getting things done for God and Matriarchy, and Beata is
irrelevant, just a dim memory of the past, a woman she recalls filled with
promise which shriveled away in pride and arrogance, too bad, Rasa will
think, but maybe her failure has taught her a lesson and she has since come
closer to God.

That is my prediction and Beata, I could be wrong, please surprise me

Now to more pleasant and positive subjects. The Matriarchal movement is
solid in the hands of William and Rasa, the two of us have no delusions or
illusions, pipe dreams or fantasies. We are both seasoned veterans of
fighting for what we believe in. William has the best books and articles
ever written on Matriarchy, I recommend you all read them, he has provided
them for free. What more could you want? (And Beata had the nerve to
downgrade this self sacrificing saint?)

As for myself, most of you know that I have been working for Female
Empowerment since the seventies, since I was 26 years old, and my track
record or part of it is on the Kellie Everts site and also the WTAG site.
There was the institution of competitive female bodybuilding in my early
days, there was Stripping for God, there was constant ministry and support
for women and God in the media, and now I work with William on the internet
for Matriarchy, both of us hoping to get it into the mainstream. We will

Now our faith is all important, and we want all of you to pray with us for
that great breakthrough. We will not be able to do all the work in our
lifetime; it is a beginning with more beginnings in the future. We do
steps, we hope for the best, others will carry on. What we do now
determines the future, we plant seeds, we do things that will stay behind
and make an impact. I recall Ashley Montagu having an effect on my life at
the age of 14, he had no idea what I would become, and spend most of my life
in female (and male) empowerment, against demons and patriarchs. He was
important. In this hidden way, by creating products such as books, bogs,
sites, William and I and a few friends, also will change the future. Be
sure and work with us, be sure and stay with the right leaders and do not
get bogged down with dreamers and failures.

I have told all of you I have this great Anointing and Healing Shakti power.
This is yours to access, but it helps if you practice a clean and virtuous
life, if you meditate and pray. (Beata has insulted this great calling, so
as she has turned her back on It, It will turn its back on her, and I do not
want any of you to support someone who blatantly declares herself my enemy.)

I recently sent out to you the new devotee, Nicolas, who has had formidable
experiences of This Power and Presence, he is living testimony that I am not
'self proclaimed' but proclaimed by many persons and there are about fifty
devotees who have had visions and miraculous improvements. How much proof
do you need?

And so what I am saying here, is also in agreement with William Bond, that
what must be done here is stay close to MotherGod! Pray and meditate each
and every day!

I think we have come to a new beginning and I look forward to the good that
will be done as we start afresh.

Infinite love,


Latest vision of Nicolas: Please be aware that snake is the Holy Spirit in
the Orient, not evil!

Our Goddess,

Thank You so much for Your wonderful words and teachings in Your email. I
feel such happiness receiving Your Grace and having these experiences that
transform my whole life. I feel now as I can't understand a lot of things,
as Your Spiritual Life, Powers and Grace are beyond my capacity to
understand. The best way for me is to pray intensively for Your Spiritual
Help. your emails confirm that You work so hard to help us and I really
thank You with all my heart and soul. You are installed in my body, mind and
soul, i feel Your Energy inside me and yes that is giving me Happiness. You
asked me to be a celibate for You to become a dedicated devotee and i
understand that this is so important for my life from now on as i need to be
always connected with You to receive Your Grace. Yesterday before i received
Your email i was meditating on You, my Goddess, praying You intensively to
help me. It could be 2 or 3 hours when You appeared in my dream as My Holy
Mother holding me in Your cuddle feeding me with Your milk... Having my
mouth on Your Holy nipples i was feeling so happy and calm with this
spiritual feeding, it was so sensual and so spiritually erotic, I felt that
this is spiritual sex, it is happiness, real happiness... Feeling Your warm
touch of breasts and watching Your smile You suddenly said to me "You are a
celibate now, You are joined with Me as Your Mother and Lady, You feel my
Grace! I am in You now and forever! Worship the snake with respect! Only few
people understand what means to worship the snake! You can do this only
with Me! With no one else!" I was so calm and happy and I was feeling You
inside me, having absorbed all what You said...

I open my heart and mind my Goddess to receive Your teachings every day. It
is not only my experiences, I realize that You wrote so many things on Your
website and Your books I have to study so hard and meditate on all what you
said every day. I wish one day to be worth Your nice words You said in your

Thanking You with great respect,

Your humble devotee


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