Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Devotees realize that God is on earth in the form of GuruRasa

Rasa: One of my devotees asked me about Enlightenment or Self Realization.
It is when you realize you are God. All humans have God inside, and that is
the REAL YOU. When all of your flesh 'dies' or is in total subservience and
submission to GOD IN YOU then you REALIZE YOUR TRUE IDENTITY and you become
AT ONE with God within - you are then Self or God Realized, you realize who
you are as God. This belongs to all people, not just Rasa, every one, no
matter who, saints, Avatars, holy souls and regular lost sheep, who are far
from God, but also have the potential to find their true identity.
Enlightenment is when you understand there is no difference between the
Person we know as God, and that Spiritual Entity within, Who is God. When
you pray, you pray to the God within, Who is always present, not a God miles
away, this God is always present, sees all you do, knows all you think and
feel and is totally One with your flesh without you realizing it until you
have the Awakening. When you go through the Mystical Marriage God appears
to you in the way you worship - whatever Form you worship God in, God
appears to you IN THAT FORM. For some it is Jesus, for others, MotherGod,
for Rasa devotees it can be Rasa or MotherGod or even Jesus or someone else,
but it is the Anointing in Rasa which inspires it. Claim the Destiny that
is yours! Don't you know that YOU ARE GOD? You must, you and the Mother
are ONE! As you ascend into holiness, you ascend into the God-in-You. The
reason that Rasa appears AS GOD to her devotees is because She I God
Realized and knows Who She is - and you have the same potential! So go
ahead and work toward it and when you get there, claim it!

Dearest MotherRasa,

That GuruRasa/God is being both flesh and divine is clear to me now. I see
you now as divine as a human shell with divine God inside so when I am
praying to you I am praying to God. I will do as you say and work to full
celibacy over a longer time. I must keep myself fixed on divine GuruRasa/God
all the time and I will succeed.
I was having a simple dream last night but it made me feel very good. I was
entering a temple and you were sitting on a throne as God on earth. I was
kneeling before you and you raised me and took me in your arms and said
"You are one of my flock and you will be a very good devotee and help me in
all things."
I was then kneeling again and praying to you as living God.
It was a very good dream and this morning I was feeling very calm and

Your obedient son and devotee,

My Goddess,

Thank You for guiding me every day of my life. You are so Powerful feeding
my whole human being with Your Love and Grace. I start my day kneeling in
front of You and praising You in front of the Altar. I feel You inside me
protecting me from the temptations and the influence of Patriarchy at this
violent world. You preach the Love and Peace, the worship of MotherGod
establishing a New World where the Females have the Dominant role, that is
the real Order of this world and can bring happiness to everyone.

I had a Vision of You wearing a white silk gown and intensively watching me.
You were smiling and I was feeling Your Energy of Love coming from Your eyes
towards mine. I felt that my eyes became Your eyes and my brain became One
with Your Heart. I felt a warm feeling in all my body that had been merged
with Your body. Then You said " I absorbed You totally!" What a wonderful
feeling! You live inside me in every moment! I worship You and Praise You in
every moment and that gives me total Happiness! I wish to everyone to have
this wonderful experience and be one with You!

Kneeling in front of You

Your humble devotee


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