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It has been my special mission for many years - one that sadly, most people
have no interest in. I am even shocked that you appreciated my letter,
Bryant, because I get so much rejection from, of all places, Catholic sites
and groups, so that I have quit most I was on. I did try to speak to them
about Purgatory but most of them reviled what I said and I was shocked that
a Catholic place, of all places, would revile such a thing.

I learned long ago that the greatest act of charity on earth was to pray
for the Suffering Souls. I had needed a special cause to pray for and had
tried various things. The very night I began a concerted effort to help
Souls - I had a vision and Holy Mary sent me a client, of all people, the
late Errol Flynn. I kept a diary on this - it happened in 1981 - and
eventually put it on my site as an e book, for free. I also have a free e
book on my site concerning the Interior Divine Stigmata - but NO ONE READS
THIS STUFF. The people who read the Errol Flynn book are only guys who want
to imitate his human misbehavior, and I channeled Errol for one of them, and
Errol said not to do what he did on earth, he was sorry for his sins, and it
was all wrong, and of course the guy said he would never ask me to channel
Errol again.

Since 1981 they have been appearing to me more regularly, the known and more
so, the unknown, most of my relatives, friends, and many I never knew have
appeared to me in visions and dreams, and I kept journals and diaries. One
day soon I will put it all together into a nice book and present it to the
world, even if most are not interested at all. I believe perhaps one reason
Our Holy Lord and Mary gave me many celebrities is because through these
celebrities, I can attract people to the idea that THERE IS A PURGATORY and
helping them is the kindest thing one can do.

I must admit that my communion with them is not sharp at all times. When at
my loneliest, most dejected and miserable, while praying hard and keeping a
clean mind and heart - it is then that they appear to me most. When I chat
a lot, even on the internet, my mystical powers become a bit fuzzy, and
although my intentions are the highest, my mystical radar is not so swift.
So I am between a rock and a hard place, when miserable, I have communion
with Souls, when happy in the earthly sense through more contact with
mortals, more earthly activity, I cannot reach them, and this is sad,
because communion with them is some of the happiest, greatest joy I have
ever had. I guess we can't have it both ways!


Infinite love,


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Wow! I can hardly wait to here the promos you are going to do. I hope
you send any insights or anything on all that to us, because I have a
lot of questions about purgatory that I need answered, and I know
that you are just the person to help me undertand all of this.


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> That is such a great prayer and especially because you emphasize
Souls in Purgatory. I have a close, intimate ministry to them through
the Eucharist, prayer, the 'Heroic act' where all my merits are for
them, and I promote this cause all the time. I intend to publish a
book, soon, about Purgatory. So thanks.
> Rasa
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> Hail Mary, full of grace and beauty, Ever sinless, beloved mother
of God, the Almighty Lord is with you, blessed are you among holy
woman above all women, Holy Mary, Sweetest kind Mother of Jesus and
mine, pray for us unworthily sinners now and release the Holy souls
from purgatory now and grant through your Immaculate Conception the
powerful grace of eternal salvation as to merits everlasting life
hereafter and also within at the hour of our death kindly releases
more Holy Souls from purgatory. Amen

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