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The devotee who stays PURE IN HEART

The devotee who stays PURE IN HEART

& practices DEVOTION & FAITH accesses the POWER & LOVE of GuruRasa...

There are devotees and devotees. Some hardly give GuruRasa a second
thought, their minds and hearts are far from her, they are BUSY with other
things, other people, including people who are NOT HELPING THEM and even
HARMING THEM. It is the foolishness of the flesh and the world. Remember
the story of the man who gave a GREAT FEAST for his friends and they all
begged off with EXCUSES? Some were legitimate excuses like going to a
wedding, breaking in a new oxen, etc. They were not wicked friends, they
were just busy. Now God was saying,

'If you are too busy for me, you cannot go to the feast, the joy of the
Lord, the banquet of sweet bliss that comes from the Presence of God, being
nourished by the BREASTS of GOD. So the rich man said, forget my 'friends,'
go to the hyways and byways, get the poor, the homeless, the rejected, and
bring them to me, for I want to share this feast.

In the same way, I time and again, invite thousands of people to receive my
Anonting, through my posts, and most do not even read my articles, not even
my devotees. Of course, a few of them do read, but not all of them. If th
devotees do not put their mind and heart on me, they cannot gain the Power
and Presence that is here, and this contains much strength and nourishment
for growth. However, once in a while - not often - a devotee appears who
accesses my power fully. There was Juana, Kathleen, Adam Smith, Dalla (Kun
Kin), and some others - please look on the devotee page for most of them,
although many are in folders that will be in books, as we are not increasing
the site any more.

The most recent devotee who is doing a PROPER sadhana to me, and is
accessing my power, is Nicolas. I asked him to write down exactly what he
is doing so you could see what it takes to get the FULL POWER. I might add
this also; I do the same thing with my Heavenly Gurus. I act exactly like
this, with the utmost reverence, respect and love to my Gurus. I kneel, I
sit reverently, I know they are there, my faith is total. I open my mind
and heart to them. I keep my mind and heart CLEAN of distractions and the
nonsense of the world and the flesh. Being celibate all these years - on
May 27 I will be celebrating my 29th year of celibacy! That certainly
curtails much distractions that could otherwise occur. And so, Nicolas is
doing exactly what I have done all my life and still do - I am forever at
the feet of God and will be till I die, and I get more Power from my Gurus
all the time. Recently Baba Muktananda called me, I sensed from his image,
calling me again and again. I did the sadhana, which I have not done for
years. On the first night he spoke to me about ministry, and on the second
night, he gave me the most marvelous wedding gown, made of rose tulle,
looking like Giselle in the ballet, with a veil of the same color. I even
wore ballet slippers, and when I danced, my foot went up revealing white
undies, symbolizing chastity. Muktananda gave me this great gift after me
being his devotee for seven years - he had give me all his gifts but never
himself in total, and this was it. Perhaps it had to do with his
appreciation of my celibacy and saying Masses again, he wanted to use my
'office' or spiritual 'domain' to get his own devotees out of Purgatory.

Here is the sadhana of Nicolas, does any other one of you carry on such a
practice? Well, ok, that is why you ARE NOT accessing all the Power he is.

my Goddess,

Thank You for Your email. I will try to describe as much as I can the way my
devotion to You is practicing. I feel Your Presence inside me all day, when
I breath I feel that You breath inside me, when I have worries I feel that
You smile at me into my heart, I feel that Your energy makes me happy and
protect my celibacy all day. I spent usually 2 hours in the evening studying
Your teachings to us. Before I sleep I clean my room and make it very tidy,
as it is not my room anymore but it is Your temple. The colours at the
Temple are white and pink. Everything is tidy because You are a Goddess and
You deserve all my respect and Love. On top of a small white round table
they are two pictures I attached on this email. I found them on Your Church
on internet, at the Grace Gallery. They are two white candles on the right
and the left and always a red rose in front of the pictures. The smell is
nice into the room, I prefer lavender, but please tell to Your humble
devotee if You have another preference. I always have a bath before I wear
my soft blue pajamas and start praying and meditating on You, always on my
knees. I imagine that I kiss gently Your feet praying to You to give me
Grace and Inspiration. I say "Holy Mother Rasa, You are the only Goddess, I
am a celibate for You. I am devoted to You. You are inside me and You own
me". I see Your pictures with respect and Love and always I feel that You
teach us with different ways. I feel You inside me very intensively and I
stay on my knees for at least one hour. Then I go to bed continuing praying
to You. Sometimes I have the experiences when I am on my knees but usually
during my sleep. Needless to say that I always keep my celibacy outside and
inside Your Temple.

Please tell me Holy Mother and Lady, if I should change something or a lot
of things.

With Spiritual Love

Your humble devotee


Dear Son,

Explain what prayers or mantras you recite? Thank you...Rasa

Thu May 10, 2007 6:01 am

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