Friday, 9 January 2009


Rodney my Son,

Have you ever thought of donating money? No one would know.

I am spending about $1,500. out of pocket monthly to run this ministry.
What is it exactly THAT YOU WANT FROM THIS?

Everyone wants something. Look into your heart, soul and mind and ask
yourself, what is it exactly that you want from this? And what is it that
you are willing to give to get what you want?

Bear in mind also, that the world and the flesh is not in the Spirit of God,
and to live in it will deliver you to darkness and spiritual death. If you
fear the world more than you fear God, it is a problem. At the very least a
disciple has to be like Nicodemus and relate to the Lord God in secret, but
he must relate.

I have a large number of devotees who like yourself, are deathly afraid of
society - what people would think if they knew they were my devotees. They
stay very quiet but they do help - but this help is lukewarm, as they have
not the power that courage would grant them. Some of these are poor, some
are relatively rich and they all fear losing what they have; respectability,
love of persons and their livelihood. Most of those fears are exaggerated
and out of proportion to reality;a coward dies a thousand times.

I have learned to be who I am by overcoming fear. I could not be much use
to MotherGod as a fearful and timid coward.

If you are just beginning, then you take small steps, but you have to move,
you have to do something. Hold onto the world, and you will lose

'What profit a man if he gain the whole world but loses his soul, for what
will he exchange for his soul?'




What has happened?

If you are falling or failing, you have to tell me. If you are getting
confused or weak, it is because you are not staying close to me/God...unless
this link is constantly worked on, it gets weak from your side, and when
that happens is when you are in spiritual danger, because the world and the
flesh will drag you down.

Fear God, fear the Guru are healthy ideas. Do not fear losing the world and
the flesh.

This is FOR YOU. What you do FOR ME is FOR YOU. You are being HELPED by
helping me, you are giving in order to receive. Do you want to receive from
God or stop receiving?

If you stop serving God, loving God, God will not serve you except in the
way all people are given the normal graces, but you will not receive
extraordinary Gifts and Graces that come by service.

You must be open and honest with me each day, explaining exactly where you
are at, what you are doing, and any weakness or problem that you have.

That is what a Guru does, keeps you on the path, but you must ask for help.

When a person has more time on their hands, that could also be a problem, as
they do not focus and could become scattered. One must have a definite
schedule and a definite focus of what is first, second, third in importance.
PUT GOD FIRST, in prayer and meditation, and second, the work for God, and
third, everything else.

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