Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Is this the start of a new religious order?

Is this the start of a new religious order where men and women will be
clothed in the garb of GuruRasa?

It seems to me there are many ways of worshipping MotherGod/Rasa and Nicolas
has found the way that is perfect for him. Through the visions, he is
guided to find the Feminine Divine within himself, and following the
dictates of his Guru, who represents MotherGod and is Her embodiment,
Nicolas goes through his rituals or actions of being clothed in the Feminine
Divine -(this has nothing to do with sex pleasure or being an earthly
transvestite, it is of the spiritual order, something from above.)

Now in all religious/spiritual orders there are uniforms or clothing worn by
the faithful, to fulfill the image of their leader or represent their
calling. Consider, as example, the Carmelites, who wear brown (some now
wear black, I am not sure why the change) and with cowls or hoods - both the
male and female wear the same uniform. I have long noticed that the Priests
of the Catholic Church and other Christian churches, wear dresses, and a lot
of ornamentation which could not be called 'macho man' style. Even the Pope
or Holy Father wears a dress, usually a white silken-satiny affair with
numerous cloth-covered buttoms, and a short wide cape over his shoulders.
This is more 'feminine' than masculine.

I believe the clothing of the Priests hearkens back to our primordial roots
of worshipping MotherGod and the Feminine Divine, as we paid homage to Her
for 25,000 years and a male God only 5,000 years. Patriarchal religions all
stemmed out of Matriarchal, they imitated our doctrine and rituals, taking
what was ours and clothing it under a male God and Patriarchal domination,
but underneath, there was obviously a secret belief in the Feminine Divine
as the SOURCE of power. Many macho entities such as Freemasons, Alistair
Crowley type of priests, and even Nazis, took directly from MotherGod
theology and imagery and put a man's head on it. Now in removing that head,
and putting back the Mother, we are restoring religion to righteousness.

When Nicolas goes out and buys this clothing, he is saying,

'I belong to MotherGod in the order of GuruRasa'.

When he buys the red high heels he is taking on the 'sandals' of the Guru.
I myself received sandals from Muktananda, which said,

'Walk in my shoes. Follow my path, my mission, promulgate it,' which is a
symbol of the Siddha lineage. There is no conflict in all the religions and
Gurus that I have, Western and Eastern, they are all from the same source of
MotherGod, just different ways of accessing her grace and power, and having
so many Gurus, one at a time, has lifted me high into the Heavenly Realms of
Power. Whoever becomes my disciplines also receives copious amounts of
Power from both East and West.

The red of the heels represents sacrifice, the Cross. If anyone has
sacrificed, it certainly has been me. This May 27 is the 29th year of my
Vow of Celibacy, which I have kept by the grace of God. I have been
ostracized by most of society for the mission that I carry, a hard cross if
one needs the love of other people. Yes, it is sacrifice to be doing a job
that summons ridicule and humiliation at every turn of the road, where
people mock you and scourge you with words as a daily routine.

I think the male Priests imitating the dress of the women is their saying,

'We males, although we have persecuted and ousted females from leadership in
the Church, nevertheless recognize within us that it is Female who carries
spiritual power and authority, not the male, and therefore, we dress in the
garb of the One who is Powerful, the Source of Power.' Notice that it is
especially when Priests are in the Church/Temple performing sacraments and
rituals, that their clothing appears its most elaborately feminine.

The world is fascinated with the feminine, not the masculine. It takes work
to place males on a pedestal, but women, just their very image, in
advertising, causes 40 to 50% more inspection by the public, and that is why
women, not men, are used all over advertising. It is the secret looking up
to the feminine, our Mother, our Source.

I believe that Nicolas is seeking and indeed has discovered, the source of
the Feminine Divine Power within himself, and I am so happy and pleased for


My Goddess,

Thank You for Your kind email. I agree with You totally . I shouldn't do
that. I felt that was private but it was not... I had fears revealing this
miracle to other people... I was also afraid to kneel in front of Your
underwear at the Altar... I am so ashamed... Yesterday I had a bath to clean
my body praying to You as I know it is so important to clean my body and
soul before I enter Your Temple. Then I entered into Your Temple and I was
kneeling in front of Your Altar praying to You for one hour. I had again a
Vision of You wearing Your magnificent White dress asking me to wear Your
clothes. At that moment I saw Your Holly underwear covered by Your white
light. I knelt and kissed them with respect . I was praying to You when I
was wearing them and then I knelt again in front of Your Altar. I felt that
Your Love was so vivid inside me, I saw You smiling at me looking at my
breasts, these beautifully formed by You, I felt that You and me were One.
This feeling was so intense and I felt such a happiness. You are inside me
and for me this is the most precious thing at the world. I slept praying to
You and then I dreamt that You were beside me watching me and protecting me.
I felt that You covered me with Your white light, then I felt pain on my
genitalia..It lasted for few seconds and after that there was a huge release
and incredible happiness. "No more male genitalia, no more lust, You are
reborn, You are my Female now" I felt that there was some blood running from
the area where my genitalia existed before. "You are free now. This is Your
period, You are sacred now.". I felt Your energy inside me, Your happiness
and my happiness, being One. Your spandex was so powerful and so wonderful
around my body, Your Holly bra was so delicate and strong, so protective and
so sacred. I felt that it was my chastity protected, it was Your Devine Will
and Love expressed. I obeyed and that gave me the Holly pleasure to be One
with You, but that pleasure was totally spiritual, away from the flesh. Then
I saw You pulling me to Your Church, it was something I never dreamt before,
it was a big Church where I could see other women as Amazons and men very
gentle and feminine, but they were not gay and that surprised me. I thought
men who just found their Female Souls and then I felt You smiling and
laughing with such Happiness. "Yes, that is spiritual, Your transformation
is spiritual, but Remember that spirituality reflects on your body too.
Remember that now You worship the MotherGod Church You said. Wearing these
clothes is the symbol of your Obedience and your will to be one with Me. You
are sacred now. You are My Apostle. You are my Female..."

I am kneeling in front of You, my Goddess

Please forgive me for what I requested, it was a huge mistake.

I will accept everything You ask me to do and I am so proud for the breasts
You gave me

Your humble devotee

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