Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Holy Spirit travels with Michael as he travels, keeping GuruRasa and him together.

Dear GuruRasa,

Today is the first day of the conference and little is happening.

I was having a dream last night but it was broken because of bad sleep, I
always sleep very lightly first night in a new hotel. In my dream I was
walking along a path (Rasa: Path or narrow road to righteousness) in the
direction of very high mountains on the horizon. (Rasa: The mountains are
the heights of Contemplation, Union with God.) After a while a big bird
appeared (Rasa: this is the Holy Spirit which is Present with you by the
Anointing, as you travel) and was following me everywhere I went. I was
trying to take ways to lose it but I could not (this happened to another
devotee who had left me temporarily, and a large Eagle followed him and when
he tried to ignore it, and feared it, it even broke through the window where
he was and entered his room. This is like 'the hound of heaven' or a
messenger, a Spiritual Power that won't leave you alone even when you want
to return to the ways of the world and flesh.) and soon the bird came to sit
on my shoulder. (You could not get away from this Presence of God, you
finally gave in to It and received God as Friend) I was not happy at first
but I couldn't not get free (could not get free of YOUR CONSCIENCE which can
be a painful thing, your conscience convicts you of sin or wrong doing, or
ignoring God, and this hurts) so bird and I became companions and more as
the bird spoke to me of many things so I listened more and more to her. (God
speaks to us in the still, small voice within, but the world will drown out
this tender, gentle, subtle voice.)

After a while we came to a lake. (Repository of Grace, water is also Holy
Spirit) There was a small boat (vehicle of Grace or God.) I knew I must get
in and sat in the middle. The bird sat in the front and the boat moved off
across the lake, I think the bird moved it but didn't see how. (The Holy
Spirit works we don't know how, God moves in mysterious ways.)

I looked in the water and saw first me then saw GuruRasa looking back and my
face was gone. (He refers to the reflection in the water. First he is
aware only of himself, but then the Presence of God via GuruRasa becomes
manifest, because now he is surrounded by Grace everywhere.)

Behind GuruRasa was what was looking like a great Church and University.
(This is interesting that Michael would see this just now, because I have
been channeling Pope John II on how to build the new MotherGod Church, using
everything in the Catholic Church I believe in, removing all that to me is
wrong, and including all the good I feel must be in it. Taken out would be
misogyny, repressive sexuality, (concentration on 'sex sins' and also
highlighting only the sins that serve the Church agenda... omitting the sins
of the Church itself and its members, ignoring and abandoning the cause of
animals and ecology, interference with needed birth control methods, and
restoring the worship of Nature as God and MotherGod instead of Father, etc.
The Holy Father encouraged me to continue my work and go with my conscience,
that I am chosen to do what I am doing and it is right, that none of them
within the Church could make these changes, not even he.)

At this time I awoke and didn't dream of it again.

Your humble devotee,


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