Saturday, 10 January 2009

Questions you SHOULD ask yourself re. male extinction

MICHAEL comes through again, the attitude of a real disciple. Do not
question what MotherGod has decided, accept it, see it, understand it, work
with it, explore it. Ask questions such as

'Why would MotherGod MANDATE the end of men?...Is there a reason, or is it
simply that She could be a cruel tyrant who orders demise of peoples the way
Hitler & Stalin did?'

Of course you will decide that SHE CANNOT BE WRONG. MotherGod said to Job,

'Where were you when I created the earth?'

I had a dream this morning that told me lots. There has been much reaction
to my lecturing on male extinction, hysteria from the males, & devotees
asking basically 'What about the nice guys like me, or what about good men
like the ones I love?'

I answered in an article yesterday, and in this dream MotherGod revealed
something important. She said to me,

'Half of males are wicked, half are good. The good will disappear along
with the bad, the flesh is dust and to dust it shall return. NO HUMAN CAN

She showed me a picture of humans laid oout who are 'secretly' dead, that
humans do not know why they are dead or what caused it - this was all the
result of Patriarchy. She is saying there is more than any of us knows

She told me there is no technology that can change the Y chromosome nor will
there be, & males cannot be turned into reproductive vehicles as females
are - they are doomed to extinctin by Her power.

In thinking about why the good guys have to go down with bad you might come
to this conclusion:

The world is say 50% righteous men, & 50% wicked. Which ones are ruling the
world, which ones always take power? The ones who will stop at nothing, the
ones who will lie, cheat, steal, torture and KILL to get what they want.
And so, the nice or good men will never rule, it is those who are wicked and
therefore in league with Satan who have always ruled and would continue to
do so if MotherGod did not stop them, and she has.

These are the questions you should resolve in your mind instead of wearing
me out with your letters exclaiming what a good guy you are, what nice guys
your friends are, etc. I do not have time for this sort of nonsense, it is

Our late President Ronald Reagan also appeared and said to the world:

'If you don't know what to do, look at Rasa and do what she is doing.'

(This man is close to me as he was elected after I gave the speech on
Fatima - the result of which was himself and two others, Pope John Paul II
and M. Gorbachev getting into office which would end Communism and the
threat of nuclear war.)

This statement he made hearkens back to when I was in first grade. My
teacher, Miss Applegate, told the class,

'If ever you do not know what to do, look at Rasa and do what she is doing.'

What was I doing? When not at work I said the entire time calmly with my
hands folded on the desk, looking at Teacher respectfully, waiting further
instructions. And so, Pres. Reagan is saying I am doing the exact right
thing in my lectures and people should follow or imitate me.


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