Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Rasa explains the dream, what is the Sacred Blood given to Nicolas

Let me clarify once more how I explained the Holy Blood. It is the Blood of
the Womb, the Holy Womb that gives birth to Jesus, and the children of
Jesus, it represents the Womb of MotherGod, Womb of Bl. Virgin, Womb of Mary
Magdalene, Womb of GuruRasa, and inside this Womb is the Body and Blood of
God - and her own Body and Blood - it is NOT menstrual Blood, it is the
Blood as if it came from an EGG, the Egg which produces NEW LIFE, it gives
birth. So this is Power and Energy that is transmitted to you - exactly
like Jesus transmits his Body and Blood in the Eucharist - this is the new
Light I had on this subject.

At other times, I am not giving you a Sacrament, but I am nourishing you at
my Breast, which means giving you the Light of Consolation and Spiritual
Food in a certain way, at another time you see me on top of you making love.
That is another type of Light where we have Union where the two become One,
me on top because I am the dominant one or the God Power.

All the experiences you are having are God's Grace, but the variety and type
SACRAMENT, and WHICH GIFT. Please do not mix this up with New Age thinking,
this is too dreamy for me, too nebulous, filled with wishful thinking. We
might have been together in a previous lifetime or not, it does not matter.
What matters is what is going on now and if it makes sense, and if you are

My Goddess,

Thank You so much for Your kind email that reveals Your Teachings and help
us essentially to understand the meanings of these experiences. It is clear
to me that the shock I felt during the first experience was due to the
difficulty that human beings have to understand the Devine Plan. The Holy
Path is not what I think or what I expect to see. The only thing I realized
first was that I received Your Grace and I remember that I felt dizzy as
there was inside me Knowledge and Energy from You that was changing me
spiritually so fast that I couldn't realize what was happening. All these
days and nights You are inside me, I feel Your Spirit and flesh inside me
and I am sure You and me become One. The "orgasms" we had in my next
experience signify this Union which takes place at different levels in my
soul and body. Even today I feel continuously flashes of Your Interventions
inside me. I do remember that You and me physically we were united in the
past, I feel that happened at least in one past life when we were a couple,
but I don't know when exactly that happened. . At the moment I had this
flash of old memory I realized why You and me have this strong relationship.
I have the feeling that the spiritual relationship we have today starts from
what we both shared in the past. As You worked so hard all these years it is
obvious to me that Your understanding is so superior and Your explanations
You gave us today clarify these things to me. I also understand that I have
to continue intensively to be channeled to You as Your Holy Blood and Flesh
transform me very fast. My Patriarchal education is an obstacle, but Your
Power and Grace, Your Holy Blood easily can dissolve this kind of obstacles.
You are Wonderful!

Kneeling in front of You

With Spiritual LoveYour humble devotee


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