Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Few can enter the THIRD ROOM of spirituality, Nicolas vision of Rasa

my Goddess,

I went to Your Church with You, both wearing white dresses... At the first
big room they were a lot of Your devotees admiring Your pictures and
kneeling in front of them... The pictures were the artistic ones of
Kellie... You told me that these pictures attract a lot o people usually for
the wrong reasons, because people have interest for the flesh, only for the
flesh, but amongst them they are people who can see that behind the Beauty
of the body there is the Beauty of the mind. You explained to me that only
hypocrites condemn nudity, because to admire beautiful bodies means that You
can appreciate the Beauty of the Goddess... I understood that Beauty comes
from Heaven and there is nothing wrong with that... You said that at some
rooms at the Center You couldn't see a lot of devotees as these rooms were
more spiritual and only for the devotees who could stay celibate and who
could prove that they can sacrifice their own desires in front of the Altar
of the Goddess... Attraction is sex and sex is attraction, but who can
understand that when a Goddess attracts you, you have to sacrifice our own
desires to come closer to Her? You said that You are dead, as You had to
Sacrifice Your own flesh... Come closer to me Nicolas, You lost your own
gender for me, this is so wonderful, You changed so much... Then I had to
climb a ladder and I went to the next room where I could see that behind
Kellie's pictures that were live "pictures" it was You, my Goddess playing
that "role" to attract people and devotees. That was the meaning of
"Striping for God"... No one could enter into the second room without
understanding the first room (stage) of devotees. Then I saw that at the
second room (stage) they were other Goddess there playing the "role" of
Femdom Mistresses... They wanted to test the ability of the devotees to
understand that the Femdom scene is mechanical... I could see a lot of
Femdom scenes, there was not sex just role playing and people who were
obeying without any deeper understanding and without spirituality, without
the ability and the will to find what is behind this scene... I saw some
scenes when You were younger playing these roles too and some other Females
who still play this role... You said to me that You wanted to attract these
people to the third room, but only very few had the ability to do that...
You and Michael are chosen You said and You smiled... Then I went to the
third room where I saw that I lost my human body and gender into Your Holy
Womb... You absorbed me spiritually into a Bright Light... Yes that was Sex,
the real sexual pleasure, I had not a body anymore, it was Spiritual Sex as
You attracted me, You pulled me spiritually as You and me became One....
"You are a God now" You said, "but no one into the Femdom scene can
understand that and the worst thing is no one is seeking or asking about
that... but this is the Real Pleasure when You Obey Me, to be Free and not a
slave of my flesh"...

I love You I adore You spiritually

I am kneeling in front of You my Avatar

my Holy Goddess

Your humble devotee


Rasa says: Spirituality is a high mountain to climb, and few traverse it.
Along the way one must shed desires, but people want to cling to desires,
their minds are trapped in endless desires of the world and the flesh. And
so, people cannot find their TRUE IDENTITY, which is God, which is waiting
for them AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, in this vision seen as THE THIRD ROOM.
You could also see this process as entering deeper and deeper into oneself,
into the epicenter, the Inner Room, the Sanctum Sanctorum, where in this
room, equivalent to the Jewish Holy of Holies, no one of the lower nature
can enter.

I am well aware that I am condemned for the very features I use to draw in
people who are stuck on the lower planes - the planes of the flesh. Because
I present these items as lures, the way a fisherman uses bright lures as
bait, I am told that I myself am of the flesh, I am judged and condemned as
being of the flesh, when it is nothing of the sort. I endure this, because
I must do my work, which is not to preach to the choir (the lazy minister's
way) but to seek out lost sheep. Jesus himself was condemned for doing
this, as he 'hung out' or 'wined and dined' with those who were considered
'outsiders,' 'immoral' and 'not respectable,' the riff raff of society,
while the hypocrites and the respectable, who were dead graves inside, were
not criticized or attacked by the populace. These hypocrites would not even
bend the knee to receive the grace of Jesus, they merely sought ways to
entrap, provoke and repudiate him. I am another Jesus, so why should I be
treated any differently than He?

With the wicked, those who are on the 'broad highway to Hell,' a righteous
person is always condemned, as it is the spirit of the world vs. the Spirit
of God, two opposing forces. The spirit of the world believes in time and
space, materialism, and the here and now, in earthly success and pleasure AT
THE EXPENSE OF spiritual values. Spiritual people can also be wise in the
ways of the world - I certainly am - Jesus certainly was (he said 'render
Caesar's what is Caesar's, and render God what is God's) but never AT THE
EXPENSE of the Eternal Wisdom. Be smart, but not so smart that you end up
going to Hell for it.

In my ministry, I see it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Nothing has
changed from 2,000 years ago, the respectable hypocrites are still around,
judging and condemning - every day. The Judas' are around, the world is
filled with people on various levels. It is not surprising that I get many
devotees attracted to me, but many fall away because they are not ready to
enter the third room...GuruRasa

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