Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Does God want YOU to be a saint?

How do you get there? What qualities?

My son, everyone should aspire to sainthood, God wants it. That is what God
desires for everyone, but few are they who will walk that path, most are on
the broad highway to Hell, so be glad you have moved into sainthood!

I am glad I have one who has developed, you, the others are not staying as
close to me as you are, they are not as concerned about obedience, and so,
they are not growing as steadily as you have. I have some good devotees,
but they think nothing of disobeying me, they want to be independent. I
talk to a few of them by phone. Do they do what I say? No, they
argue...where will that lead them? Certainly not to closer intimacy with
God...What do I do then? Just keep reaching out to get more devotees, find
those who obey so I can help them grow into saints like you are doing now.

Right now you are a medium saint, like St. Joan of Arc being a 10, you are a
5...which is excellent, believe me. You have many more years to become a
10, you will be a great saint, I predict this. Obedience is the key, and
zeal also, zeal for the Kingdom of God. Those are my secret weapons, among

Infinite love,


From: Nicolas Strachan

To: Rasa Von Werder ; Goddess Rasa

Sent: Monday, May 21, Subject: Obedience and zeal!

My Goddess,

Reading this so inspiring email I felt such a happiness. I felt that You
said everything to me! Obedience and zeal! Absolutely Holy Mother!
Certainly! These are the keys of the Paradise! I don't want to be a saint,
even feeling honored You had this dream, I don't need any title, or power! I
have You in my heart, body and soul! This is the Paradise for me! Spiritual
Love between the Goddess and the devotee is the Real Paradise! Nothing can
distract me from this! I feel now my heart overflowing from Your Love, it is
so strong! My breasts are growing again! (Rasa: means his love is growing)
How wonderful! You own me!

I love You,

Kneeling in front of You

Your humble devotee


My Goddess,

Thank You for Your kind email. If my mind goes away from You I will die! You
are everything to me. You inspire me in every spiritual way. I can say that
I am in Love with You by a spiritual way, meaning that this is a million
times greater than to be in love with a Lady physically. Our spiritual
relationship is very strong and I feel really inside me that You will guide
me for many years, and I hope forever! My Vision was from my point of view
more to love spiritually Your devotees because they are Yours. I can't be
involve in any way between You and them, because I feel that could be
detrimental for them, as You are the Goddess and You have the Power and the
Grace of the Holy Spirit!

I will get mad too if my mind wanders away from You!

I love You, Please guide me as You do so well

Kneeling in front of You

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