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WOMEN! Assert your DOMINANCE to make your life easier!

My fave show on TV now is Cesar Millan who I also channel constantly, and he
gives me incredible advice!

This man understands how to train dogs to behave, listen, get over their
obsessions, stop their aggression, calm down and act 'balanced' and stop
giving trouble to their owner, stop all nuisance activities.

When he comes over to your house and faces the dog, he takes control of the
dog within minutes, and from thereon in teaching the owner how to control
the dog in imitation of him, is what is done. He teaches the owner how to be
the LEADER (pack leader) and not the FOLLOWER (giving into) with the dog. He
explains dogs work in packs with a hierarchy of leadership, and unless you
assert your dominance, they walk all over you.

Many of the owners did not even realize that what their dog was doing was
asserting DOMINANCE, that THEY, not you, are the leader, and a dog will not
properly obey UNLESS YOU ASSERT YOU ARE THE LEADER. This is not done by
WORDS so much as through body language and through simple sounds rather than
talking. He does not like a lot of talking - a method most people employ.

Examples of behavior people did not realize their dogs were doing to show
THEY are dominant: jump all over you and lick your face. They must not be
allowed to do that, that is dominance. You must KEEP YOUR SPACE AND BLOCK
THEIR INVADING IT unless YOU invite them in.

As he demonstrates it, one does not use force, brutality or cruelty to gain
dominance, it is simple, calm assertion. A pivotal action is to use a leash
that goes all the way up the dog's neck, the way they hold them for showing.
If you have the leash low down, his neck is strong there and he can pull
you, but high up, he is sensitive and it is sort of like leading a horse
with his bridle, or a bull by the ring in his nose (my analagies, not
Cesar's.) Almost everyone did it the other way, and the dog was not under

If a dog is growling over his food bowl and will not let you near, Cesar
gets closer to the food bowl, just standing there, and as the dog tries to
maneuver toward the food bowl, Cesar moves so he cannot, and this might go
along for a few minutes. The dog at first gets somewhat confused or
bewildered, but after a while, he gives up and walks away. That means he has
given up to dominating the bowl, you now control the food, you are the
leader. Cesar also teaches you how to take the toy away from an aggressive
dog, and the dog does not bite him, but finally relinquishes the toy, and in
one case, he used a second toy to block getting bitten, but then after the
dog released the first toy and took the second, Cesar took that away. The
dog gets tired just like we do, and after we hold our ground for a while, he
gives up. You have to patiently struggle to show the dog you are the boss,
not him.

Without dominance of them, we cannot control the dog, and we have to serve
the dog, and he controls us. One thing most people do is when they walk the
dog, they let the dog lead or pull and the owner follows. The dog does
whatever he wishes, and this indicates he is the boss. But you must control
his behavior, including his excitement, and he must know he is under your
power, and walk next to you or behind, not in front. And he is not to piss
and shit wherever he wants to, nor chase anything, nor act aggressive or
obsessed about ANYTHING like vehicles, skate boards, people, but if he knows
he is under your control, then and only then will he behave.

I have had dozens of dogs here on the farm and did not know Cesar's tricks,
and these would have come in handy.

He frequently uses his own rehabilitated dogs to show an example to 'bad'
dogs, and the 'bad ones' learn from them. He also brings 'bad' dogs to his
dog psychology center. Here he has a fenced in area, very large, where you
have something like forty dogs running loose! None of them fights nor shows
any aggressive behavior, and these were all once problematic. This in itself
is a miracle, because this is not 'normal' for dogs to act this way. I have
had many, and they pick on one another, and assert dominance, and there is
always a hierarchy. But in Cesar's pen, THEY ARE ALL SUBMISSIVE. They are
careful what they do, and do not get out of line.

When he brings people into this pen the rules are NO TALKING, NO TOUCHING,
NO EYE CONTACT. You walk in, and everyone is calm, there is no petting,
grabbing, barking, aggression. The smelling of you is done in a benign way,
no one jumps on anyone. If you have had dogs, you'll know how unusual this
is. What I figured is that Cesar asserts his dominance so strongly and so
regularly, that each and every one of these dogs knows Cesar is the Alpha,
no one else, and everyone must obey and wait for him to give orders.
Otherwise we do nothing.

Here is a most interesting fact about Cesar'swork. ALMOST ALL THE PEOPLE HE
I have seen, he only once visited two males.

In the cases of male and female, it is usually the female that has more
problems with the dog than the male. Why are women having trouble, and males
either don't care or have less trouble? BECAUSE WOMEN ARE TOO NICE AND THEY
WANT TO LOVE, LOVE LOVE and instead of getting good results they get walked
all over by the dogs. They treat dogs like babies and then they have to put
up with a lot of nonsense and bad behavior, making their lives more
difficult. In treating their dogs like BABIES rather than SUBMISSIVES the
woman inadvertedly becomes the servant of the dog! The dog, in a pack, takes
advantage of this. In a sense, he MISTAKES KINDNESS FOR WEAKNESS! And so,
Cesar, a man, has to come over and teach them to dominate.

Isn't it interesting that a male knows dominance more easily than a female,
while a female has to be taught. Why is that? Simple - it is because in a
patriarchal society, these are the roles we are taught, males dominate,
women submit. Males lead, women serve and nurture. And so women are
fulfilling the role of nurturer with dogs and it backfires on them.

I found it thrilling that when Cesar met the woman Vice President of the Los
Angeles Lakers basketball team, his eyes lit up and he told her he believed
in female empowerment and women should run the world, in so many words. You
could see the LOVE and ADMIRATION Cesar had for this POWERFUL, EXECUTIVE
woman. Cesar meets gorgeous women all the time in the Los Angeles area,
including models and movie stars, and I never saw his eyes light up that
way. I was so proud of him. He is on our side! (This beautiful woman,
although she had doggie troubles, was calm, assertive and radiated
intelligence and power like none of the others Cesar encountered, and this
moved him like no other factor. The power of dominance!)

Cesar explains that being a friend and loving is one thing and it is fine,
but you have to ASSERT DOMINANCE if you want results. LOVING IS NOT
DOMINANCE, loving does not make the dog obey! Most people think if they love
the dog enough, he will obey, but IT DOESN'T WORK.

He said domination of animals is SIMPLE. They are not complicated at all,
and he shows the results quickly. When you become the LEADER through your
body language and behavior the dog MUST obey and he has no choice, that is
how it is in the wolf/dog world.

Do we read a message here for all of us women?

OK, all you guys sit or stay till I return.

Rasa Von Werder\

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