Sunday, 9 November 2008


Why I Hate Them

Rasa Von Werder

Since I cannot get other women to voice their honest feelings of hate, rage,
and disgust toward men, I will voice my own. These are the honest feelings
of a woman, with no holding back from fear; throwing caution to the winds
and rejoicing that she has the freedom of speech at last. Note that I will
be speaking for many women who have not the freedom of speech or the guts to
exercise it if they have. After all, we are still imprisoned in many ways by
these creatures, albeit the bars are melting down.

The only disclaimer I have is that this is about the majority, not the
minority of men. It is about Patriarchal men, not those who truly love God
in Spirit (not fake religion) and not about those who want Matriarchy, and
the precepts of MotherGod and Christ- like figures.

Men and Personal Hygiene

Right off the bat, they stink. They stink because the emanations coming from
their body are filled with chemicals such as testosterone, and they sweat a
lot, stink a lot, and their urine is as nasty as my Tomcat Tommy's . What is
more, they urinate all over toilet seats and on the floor, and poor hapless
janitors and women in houses have to wipe this stink up. And they are
supposed to have spatial ability? They could not hit the broad side of a
barn with their urine.

The ones I have known personally do bathe a lot, and use deodorant. When
they did not use deodorant you had to stand ten feet away. Women do not
smell like this, they have decent odors even when they need a bath. A dirty
woman smells ten times better than a dirty man.

In regard to their rooms, apartments and houses, they are disgusting -
except for some gay men. Most men I know have disorderly, unkempt, filthy,
unattractive domiciles, except for those who had a butler or housekeepers.
Why do mothers not teach these guys how to clean? They keep cleaning their
rooms and mess around them, including bathrooms (sometimes sisters have to
do the dirty work) till the guy is 35 and ready to marry, and then the wife
has to clean up after them. Every man should be able to clean up after
himself and not take it for granted that women are their maids. Look at the
military. They put you through basic training, and is someone going to clean
up after you? I love it when the sergeant said,

'If you think I'm your Momma, you'll wish you were dead.'

Sexual Obsession

This is of course a common complaint with women, but with those who were/are
beautiful, it is even more extreme. I have lived my own life as a 'beauty
queen' and 'adult entertainer' and have interviewed many women in this
field, and shared our stories. The consensus is that

'All men are pigs."

Why are they pigs? What makes them pigs? How do pigs act?

Male pigs do not respect women - they think that women are all made to
satisfy their sexual needs (and for nothing else if they are attractive. If
women are 'not' good looking or much older, they consider them as some kind
of food and cleaning slaves.) Instead of just being respectful and using
their hand for their problem, they harass women constantly. They bother
certain targets more than others - those who are young, beautiful, and sexy
or in the adult trade. They stalk these women, following them around,
begging them for sex, flashing their erections, even masturbating in front
of them without permission.

In conversation they always try to veer into sex. No matter what you talk
about with these creatures, they find some way of turning it to their sex

Recently I was discussing ministry with a man, and he said he wanted to sit
in the audience and jerk off. He then even reached inside his pants and
asked me if he could jerk off right there. I persuaded him not to. No matter
what I spoke of, the conversation ended up back to sex. Could you trust this
guy with a young, naive girl or an toddler or even infant in the house?
(This was not a 'low life,' but a wealthy contractor who was selling a
number of houses he had built.) Speaking of low lives, one of these type
punks showed up here asking for work - mowing the lawn or whatever - and
said he would do it in exchange for a 'hand job.' I sat him down and spoke
to him about God, and he veered it to his ex-girlfriend who was so wonderful
because they 'masturbated in front of each other,' and as he left he thanked
me for speaking to him about God, but,

'What I really need is some cunt.'

At this point I was really disgusted as I had cooked him a meal (feeling
sorry for him) and spoke to him of God for a couple hours. How they waste
our time!

When I had a storefront church I was sitting in front of it, trying to get
people to come in and listen to me preach. This was my first day with the
church. A young man came by, looked at me, walked inside, and then asked me
if he could go into the bathroom and jerk off. If they act like this with a
minister, what are they like with the innocent, the defenseless, the naive?
What do they do with children and poor therapists on the street?

This is the way men actually talk to women when they are alone with them.
Imagine what they do with teenagers? I was a teenager once, and what they do
is literally, physically attack you. Even when riding in a car, my uncle
driving, his friend took my fourteen year old hand and placed it on his
erection. This man was about fifty years old, and my uncle saw it, and said
nothing. I was sitting next to uncle, between these two creatures. Uncle was
no joy, either. (I have no doubt he would have sexually molested me once,
but my guardian angel stopped him. So I was told by God, the situation was
obvious, but something stopped him. He only grabbed me once and felt my
breasts - I was lucky.) There were numerous situations like that, I just
state one as example.

Most of the time, when I was alone with any man, they would pounce on me,
grabbing my private parts and try and rape me. Of course, I would fight back
and since I am strong and a good wrestler, in most cases I won. But it is a

Do not exclude doctors, lawyers, dentists and such from this equation. Up
until I passed the age of forty and at this time I think it was law that
doctors, at least, have to have nurses present during exams and procedures,
the majority of such professionals propositioned me. At age sixteen - no
nurse present - an old doctor kissed me on the lips, and then said I was
'loose' because I let him - he was just testing me. Dentists and lawyers,
when I was there on business, asked me for sex. Any beautiful woman will
tell you, it goes with the territory. If you are not beautiful, fat (to
white men, not to black, you are considered undesirable unless they have a
fetish for fat) or much older (even at my age they stalk me when I wear
makeup and nice clothes...btw, when I was nineteen and wore no makeup and
baggy clothes, none of these creatures paid attention to me. But most of the
time when we go out, are going to appointments for work or back and forth
from work, we have to dress up and wear makeup, especially in the field of
entertainment. Then they pounce on us like ticks onto a dog, and they are
dangerous) they do not even look at you - they glance through their side
vision and give you not a look again, you are invisible. They only look at
you and talk to you IF THEY WANT TO FUCK YOU!

The things I am saying here are things which women hold in their hearts,
minds and deeper selves, which are not manifested because we are prisoners
of war, and our bodies are under siege to Patriarchy. As soon as Patriarchy
ends and Matriarchy is in bloom you will see things you, as a male, will
wish you did not.

So you think women love you and like you so much, because they are polite,
and tease you and flirt, and affirm you and build up your ego? This will

It is the same as when slaves were 'owned' and they acted like 'Stephen
Fetchit'. We are still playing SF. (Of course, I will grant you, sometimes
women flirt because they are just playing around or even because they are
horny, but I am talking general buildup of male egos.)

In the sixties I drove through the South and was surprised that black males
never, ever, looked me in the face but looked to the floor or ground when I
walked by. That was indoctrination to the point of death. Women are playing
this act, also, being subservient and polite until the war is over and we
have won.

What is going on now is women are VENTING about what men have done to them,
and then they are accused of

'Whining' and 'playing victim.' I am not doing so, I am merely stating why I
hate the majority of men, because they are hateful, and they do not deserve
any love whatsoever. Most women - including myself - pretend not to hate
them but some day these guys will get their's. And that day is coming soon.

The 'Intelligence' of Males

Naturally, there are exceptions, but as a general rule, synonyms for men are
'cretan, retard, slow,' and 'half brain handicapped.'

If you look at what males have done with the great technology available,
they have turned it into death and atomic war. One genius invents E = mc 2
(energy equals the speed of light squared), and there is a rush to produce
the atom bomb, and later even bigger bombs; to kill, mutilate and maim
millions, using this equation. Why? Because they are retarded even when they
get knowledge. They use knowledge for evil. Their knowledge is all for their
'special' agenda, which is to acquire property/wealth/resources by whatever
means necessary, including killing. With this property they achieve the
power to enslave other males for work and females for reproduction and work,
and they live high off the hog on the backs and shoulders of others. It is
no wonder that more males go to hell than females, and more rich persons go
to hell than poor, so sayeth all the saints.

It was declared for so many years that males had more intelligence than
females, but why was not education for females encouraged, if they were so
much in need of enlightenment? No, indeed, males always feared the power of
women, including their superior intelligence, and so they made it ILLEGAL
for women to get educated. The same treatment has been given to slaves,
wherever they may be, except when slaves started revolting down South, then,
as a way of controlling them they were taught religion where the precepts of
forgiveness, humility, patience, and waiting for the next life for happiness
were encouraged. These same virtues are expected of women, not of men.

Only in the last hundred years it became legal, in some countries (though
not all) for women to get advanced education, (although it was somewhat,
again, discouraged when compared to being breeders for men) and in the year

Women Surpass Men in Ph.D. Degrees

Women earned more doctorates than men at American universities in 2002,
according to results recently released by the Survey of Earned Doctorates.

(Thanks Elise Sutton collection and Gold for pointing it out)

My friend William Bond said it well:

'If you take a cork and hold it underwater it is very easy to hold it down
but it will only stay there while you keep holding it in that position.'

And so, when women were no longer held down, they got up, and by the speed
of light, surpassed men in all academic subjects. Supposedly men are still
better at 'spatial skills' such as hunting, certain sports, bridge building,
etc.' but I suspect that will evaporate when women are encouraged to develop
their full potential from birth, and also encouraged to exercise their full
physical potential (which has been totally discouraged for thousands of
years...they have been crippled from kneeling at the grindstone, serial
pregnancies, and the like.)

Look again at the stupidity of males with inventions. They invent the car
and other fossil-fuel machines; have polluted the atmosphere so badly that
it is in danger of putting the planet under water, AND THEY STILL WILL NOT

DDT (I have a movie on it) and stuff like that went on until Rachel Carson
wrote Silent Spring, heralding the beginning of the movement for ecology.

As Bryan Sykes says, Gaia knew how to took revenge on the males for
pollution, right in their balls, because testosterone levels are being
destroyed through pollution. The female, with her superior biological makeup
via the two x chromosomes, does not suffer as much as males through
pollution. All that has to happen for males to become extinct fast is to
disable their one x chromosome (as envisioned in the novel, The Red Queen)
and they will get sicker and sicker, and soon, all will die out. Wouldn't
that be nice? As it is, their demise by way of the Y chromosome
deterioration, is moving ahead too slowly for my taste. 125,000 years is a
long time to wait. However, in the meantime, they are breaking down right
before our eyes. The world can breathe a sigh of relief that the
evolutionary experiment called the Y has just about run its course; it
proved to be a bad idea.

'When God created man, She was only kidding.'

Females are outstripping males in all academic subjects, and it will not be
long before they take over all the jobs that are paying best. Males will
have to look for trophy wives, and it is already happening. If they would
just shut up and clean the house (oh, God, they will need professional
training!), stay out of the boardrooms, stay out of government and politics,
stay out of any place where important decisions are being made - the world
will become safer to live in.

Males in the House Makes Me Shudder

I just finished saying that males should just shut up and stay in the
house - many are suggesting role reversal with males taking care of kids and
the rest. The thought of males with kids makes me quake - they are serious
abusers. If all the males that abused and raped worldwide were in jail, I
suspect that the majority of the entire population would be incarcerated.
That would be impossible - we cannot put 70 % of all males in jail, can we?
If we could I would include in this number women who allow child abuse by
not stopping it and not properly supervising children, and also women who
participate in castration of other women (there are millions!) and of course
I would add to that list the millions of women who are killing girl children
in India and China. Bryan Sykes and Steve Jones explain that there are about
forty million missing females in India and in China, because of female-only
abortions, infanticide, and leaving girls to die! As far as I am concerned,
these women who participate in the mandates of Patriarchy will burn in the
same hell that males do. I do not take as an excuse that a young mother is
forced to kill her daughter or she will be badly beaten or killed. If it was
me, I would either tell them to go ahead and try and kill me, or I would
take the child and run away, trusting MotherGod to save us.

More on Education

I do recall a time when males were taken more
seriously in the classroom than were females, and read studies where males
were routinely given higher grades for the same performance. I saw this in
action by comparing my grades to the boy sitting next to me. We scored even
on everything, and the end of the term, he got a b+, while I got a b- for
the same work - he scoring about ten points for having a penis.

I read studies where females who went to all-girl
colleges did better in school. Naturally, the
pressure here is to be yourself, to excel in relation to other women, not to
dumb down to fill a slot already cut out for you by Patriarchy. Patriarchy
is forever telling females to go lower, lower, lower - how low can you go?
Become totally servile, passive, dumb in all things but obedience to males,
and we promise you forever in eternity that we will love you. It's been a
trap that led women into the pit of man-made hell.

A schoolteacher told me that males are not just
falling behind, but something negative is happening to them besides. I felt
that the props of privilege were being kicked out from under them, and so
they fell. That could explain it all. However, on second thought, the Y
chromosome deteriorating and pollution could be doing a job on men to make
them dumber, and more deficient than ever in all ways. Whatever it is,
they are being left in the dust where they belong.

The Mental, Emotional Health of Males

They are so dependent, so weak, so substandard in mental health, emotional
strength and moral, spiritual virtue, they are a great burden to women. Boys
are more difficult to raise. Even in the womb, the testosterone kick of boys
puts a burden on the mother, depleting her own energy. As little boys they
show their disabilities right from the start, even the so-called healthy
ones. They have short attention spans, cannot manage stress, and are
hyperactive more than girls; mom's report only male toddlers are ANGRY
while females are not. Analyze anger. It is a kind
of exasperation, not being able to cope. This is
them. This is why they commit crimes and start wars - exasperation, not
being able to cope with anxiety, no virtue, no patience, no diplomacy, no
respect for life.

And we are looking for a John Wayne type to be a strong partner and friend?
I suppose it could happen, by some miracle, but more often than not, we end
up taking care of them mentally, emotionally and physically. They are basket
cases, from start to finish. Once in a while it's worth it, but too often,
we pay the piper. It is known that males benefit more from marriage than
females. Why is that; because of their dependency. Their inferiority is not
a joke - it costs us plenty in energy, time, that we put into them catering
to their needs. We could be
doing something important, like building our careers, helping to save the
planet, helping animals, helping our children. But there he is, the
perennial sick and needy child, needing attention, forever and ever. When
you don't take care of him, or even when you do and he gets bored, he takes
off to go find other women
in bars, strip clubs and brothels. He will disappear to drink, gamble, have
sex, and even commit crimes. After all, they do commit 80% of the crimes,
higher for violent crimes, which are almost nonexistent for women. Frankly,
all this bother about men is a total waste of time, because the financial
rewards, on a global scale, are slim. They are despicable in that they have
created a Patriarchy which we were trapped in, that caused us to work and
serve them for slave wages. Our human rights have been violated wholly and
our health has been compromised to the breaking point with serial
pregnancies (a term used by Bran Sykes, geneticist) and nurturing for these
cold-hearted, uncaring users.
To top it all off, our children end up as cannon
fodder for their wars, as they want life only for the propagation of their Y
chromosome, but they don't mind wounding and killing other people's
children. They are crazed, sick, emotionally
disturbed creatures and somehow we fell into their clutches.

They are Boring

Oh, what surprises are in store for males when
Matriarchy comes into power! For one thing they will discover that we have
not a jot of interest in their wanky sports - an item women play along with
to placate them. I really think this is the Walter Mitty syndrome, the males
fantasizing they can be the heroes on the playing field. What nonsense;
ditto for their
movies. A day is coming and that day will be soon - when audiences watching
male hero movies will literally laugh out of their seats, doubling over with
hilarity. I cringe now when I watch movies from the forties and fifties,
with women catering to men, acting the femme fatale part, treating them like
they are so eminently important. These fantasies are all written by males.

There had been a time, in the late
twenties and early thirties, when movies began to be realistic. They started
telling it like it is - men pimping their own daughters, women using sex to
get ahead and getting powerful. It was reality. But the Catholic Church and
all the Hayes commission censorship put a stop to that. The Catholic Church
feared female power so much that, in the guise of morality, inveigled
themselves into Hollywood and
caused first self censorship, then they became the censors. They had power
then, and could blackball a movie. I wish the industry had stood up to them,
but it did not. What happened was that the movies deteriorated into
Patriarchal fantasies, with all male heroes and female subservience, for the
most part. Then violence, not sex, took over, to fill in the stimulation
audiences supposedly craved; except women
didn't crave it, men did. I say bring back the nudity and sex, (when did
nudity and sex become sickening and distasteful, but killing did not?) and
tell it like it is, with violence where it occurs the most - in the home,
men beating up women and children, abusing children and also raping women.
There is where the main violence is, and the Catholic Church did not want it
spelled out.

Then later, most of the top movies in the United States became more and more
violent, with mostly men being the perpetrators. Again, this is their
fantasy. What they are best as is throwing bombs on others from many
thousands of feet in the air, not getting their hands dirty, just using up
tax money to bomb others. But in their fantasy world, they do hands-on
violence to other men and always win. You look at the top grossing movies of
all time, The Godfather and the Rocky series, and it is all about violence.
The Mafia is glorified in countless movies, but they do not work that way.
Their real murders are not so spectacular or glamorous - when you read the
accounts of the FBI as explained by journalists.

Hate How Boring They Are

Any woman who has ever been on a date, or spent hours with a male,
understands what boring is. First of all, they are terrible
conversationalists. If you can get them to start talking, they are usually
unbearable. The only thing they want to talk about, when I was dating, was
sex. They only thing they want to talk about today, the rare times I have
sat in a bar, is sex. Next to that, their subjects are,

'What a good guy I am, not like all the rest, how superior, intelligent,
successful. I am all that, high IQ (or equivalent thereof, I have a big
dick, and know how to satisfy a woman, the woman always comes first, I stay
hard long and give good head, I am such a wonderful lover...if you ever take
them at their word you will discover their dick is six inches long, they
come in sixty seconds, and do not know the first thing about giving head)
whatever they choose to brag about) and it goes on and all, mostly
assertions that cannot be proven.

What I hate the most about men is they proposition you for sex, and when you
refuse, they begin insulting and attacking. You cannot stand up to them
without being attacked, they cannot handle it; they are despicable. This
proves there is no love, affection, or caring in
their proposals for sex. They just want you to give in, to bang you, and to
leave you in the gutter. You are their garbage disposal for sperm. They will
leave you with diseases and unplanned children (which most women nurture
lovingly nevertheless.) Like Steve Jones, geneticist says, in so many words,
they are nothing but walking erections looking for whom they may fertilize
with the least investment on their part. Parasites live off the flesh of a
host, and you are the host.

Since the internet has come about, luckily, I have eliminated the sex
wankers, and now talk only to my devotees and friends about subjects that
interest both of us. I have gotten rid of all the perverts and predators,
forever, I hope.

Men Committing Suicide

It is shown in studies that men commit suicide more than women,
approximately five times as often, and in some areas, twelve times as much.
We are supposed to grieve and cry over this, as also about men not doing
well in school. The only thing that bothers me is it is probably the wrong
ones committing suicide, the ones that are depressed and cannot handle life
they are rejected and heartbroken. Those I feel sorry for.

The ones who should be killing themselves are the ones who kill women and
children, first raping or abusing them. I wish that every child molester,
rapist, and murderer would kill himself before committing one of these acts.
Ditto for abusive hunters, exploitative factory farmers, and those who
experiment on animals for whatever reason; those who abuse or neglect
animals. I would feel no loss, no grief whatsoever, I would rejoice. The
only thing I would ask is that he repents first and accepts God into his
heart, otherwise he will go straight to hell. And if he does go to hell
without repentence, then it is where he belongs, and I will feel no sorrow

What irks me about society is that instead of feeling pity and sorrow for
the victims, they are
concentrating on the males, worrying about getting them some help. As usual
all is seen from the male point of view. I was listening to social workers
and psychologists talking about child abuse, and one man said,

'This is a man who needs help! He is only attracted to children!'

What is wrong with this picture? He was not thinking of the children at all,
but about rehabilitating and helping the man. So you get this man to like
grown women, and then he will harass and rape them the way he does children.
How about just locking him up and throwing away the key? How about
permanently castrating him physically - his balls removed? And then locking
him up in case his brain is damaged and he still wants to do it some other
way. Now there, you have solutions rather than sitting there crying about
the help a child molester needs. They are incorrigible, get rid of them
somehow, case closed. Matriarchy will make short work of them, I hope.

Some people who I respect are saying that women have been sitting on their
hands, and if women did not select men for their wealth and power, things
would not be so deplorable.

Womanhood fell into a trap, and I believe that males had the help of demons.
They put us into a catch-22 situation, where we are damned if we marry a
rich man, and damned if we don't. I believe we are in transition. What we
have to do, when we marry rich (and it is not a sin, after all) is still
maintain our independence and fight for Matriarchy, and understand we have
to change the world. That does take resources. The Pankhursts of England,
before Ghandi
or Martin Luther King Jr. (see article by William
Bond) showed what activism was - how to provoke law enforcement and media
and get attention for the cause. Both in the United States and in Great
Britain, the women who instigated this movement were not poor, but middle to
upper class. Poor people do not have money
and time to run a cause! It does take resources, it
does take time, and poverty is like a prison, it
confines you, it does not give you freedom of speech. And so, once again, it
is the women of means who have freedom of speech and must use it for the

What Else Do I Hate About Men?

Haven't I said it all? I hate their stupidity, their
cruelty, their selfishness, their obsession with sex, their looking down on
women and using them, their abuse of children and animals, and past that,
their incredible boringness.

Words from William Bond about Love

Dear Rasa

There are two sorts of love, love for oneself and love
for others. Patriarchy has taught Women to love others
but hate themselves and other Women, while it has
taught men to love themselves but hate others.

Matriarchy is all about Women learning to love
themselves and men learning to love others.

To be balanced, both sexes need to learn how to both
love themselves and others at the same time.


Dear William Lets Have the Details

I agree with you on face value, but the devil is in the details.

Please answer this:

1 How does a woman love a man who molested her little children? Some years
ago I picked up the New York Daily News and read this: a teenage boy came to
visit a teenage girl at her apartment, and this girl had an infant. The girl
asked him to watch the baby momentarily while she went to the store. Upon
returning, she found the boy had raped her infant (in diapers!). How does
she show her love to this boy?

2 How do women love men who treat them like a piece of garbage, or garbage
disposals for their sperm?

3 How do women treat men, love them, when they force them (through social
pressure) to produce babies, and then when they grow up, convince them to do
the right thing and join the armed forces, because it is patriotic to kill
people 'over there' who have something we want. She sends two of her boys
into the military, one is killed, and one becomes a paraplegic. How does she
then love the men that run the system?

4 How does a female love the males who close all doors of opportunity in her
face, and then when she works in a brothel, is treated like dirt? She is no
more than low-life 'whore' with no human rights, they can rape, kill,
exploit her to no end, and with impunity. How does she love these men?

5 How does a black female maid love the husband of the house who rapes her?
She will be laughed out of the police station if she goes there. I read of a
black girl that was raped by a police officer, and went to the station. She
was told to shut up or she would be sorry. Women are generally treated
badly, but poor and black women are treated even worse. How do these poor,
black, third world women love the men who treat them like shit?

6 Throughout my travels around the U.S. and Canada I met all types, and
being a dancer, I put up with a lot of crap. In the U.S. if I ever stood up
to an owner for things where he was wrong or I was right, I was called dirty
names and basically ranked out. This is a woman who is a STAR - not your
average 'house girl' who one would not expect to have good treatment. If a
star is treated like this, how are the underprivileged women
animals. How are women supposed to love men who treat them like animals?

7 Speaking of animals. There are millions of animals exploited, tortured and
tested on throughout the world each year. Most of it is done by the will and
hand of men, but women have a part, (as sadly they do in most Patriarchal
mayhem.) They do specious tests on animals, that cause terrible suffering
and death, and these tests, which have been done before, are done again and
again for some bloke to get his degree. Much of this torture is FUNDED even
by governments!

Not long ago the military was TESTING NEW BULLETS ON DOGS, but thank Goddess
General Colin Powell put a stop to that.

I love animals more than I love men. How do I love the men who torture
animals in unspeakable ways?

8 How do I love the factory farmer who owns chickens? He has thousands of
them. They never get to go outside, to see the light of day. When they are
little chicks they cut off their baby beaks, often drawing blood and with
great pain to the innocent little things. When they go to lay an egg the
door shuts and does not open until the egg is laid and it runs into the
space for it. Sometimes a hen fails to lay an egg and she could be in there
twenty-four hours, with no food and water - maybe even longer. They are fed
the cheapest food possible, and I read where they encourage chickens to eat
off the floor and even consume their own defecation. When they cannot lay
eggs any more, a machine has been invented which sucks them live into a
place where they are destroyed.

Pigs are kept in stockades when they have babies and this for weeks at a
time, in a situation where they can scarcely move. I have seen it even in a
place that was supposed to love animals. And when they have finished their
poor lives, they are hung upside down and their throats cut while they are
conscious. What crimes did these animals do to suffer so?

What kind of love are we supposed to have for these men?

I might add here that this work is done in secret, and only the most
aggressive of activists get the word out about what goes on. Thank God for
PETA and people like that.

9 To those who get degrees in psychology and medicine - they are required
last I heard, to do heinous experiments on animals, other than that they
will not get their degree.

When you go to your shrink for 'counseling' or your doc for his kind help,
do you realize he was a blatant animal abuser, who tortured animals in order
to get a degree in order to make money? Do you want this man to analyze you
and to touch your body, supposedly helping you? How can we respect and love
these people?

10 Generally speaking, how do we love those (mostly men, but also their
partner dicks in skirts) WHO HAVE NO LOVE? They are subhuman; they are
genetic mistakes or disorders (respectable people are calling them this)
which evolution is phasing out. How do we love zombies with erections whose
only agenda is personal aggrandizement so they can inseminate more women and
live in power and luxury? Add to that those men who are not powerful but
they will destroy others for the crumbs off the rich man's table. How do we
love Cretans that can't even carry on a conversation, and have their hand on
their crotch most of the time?

St. Thomas Aquinas and others have said that the more you love God, the more
you hate its opposite, and men are the opposite of God - put into that men
and women of Patriarchy. I hate them because I love God, I love this planet,
myself, animals, all creation, and all males and females headed for Heaven
by way of love.

You have to hate the devil, and these men who I hate are in league with him.
They are not innocent victims of Satan, they are willing accomplices. They
know, without a doubt, that what they do is wrong, but they do not care;
they love sin. They love lying, stealing, cheating and killing, that is
their stock-in-trade. This is by way of definition, what Patriarchy is. How
do we love them, William?

At some point, a decision has to be made. You have a perpetrator and an
innocent victim on opposite sides. The perpetrator is hell bent on abusing
the victim, and you are in the middle, making a choice whose side you are
on. You can either passively feel sorry for the perpetrator, or refrain from
speaking out or doing anything to him - saying you must forgive all, love
all, etc. Or you can take the position of leadership and denounce the
perpetrators and stand up for the victims, no matter what the outcome. You
trust in God, She knows what She is doing, She will prevail.

Sometimes the way of love means that God has to take the creature, and in
the role of Justice, take away his or her life and send them straight to
hell for all eternity. This is my daily prayer - which God would take
Patriarchs out, end their miserable predatory lives, and send them to hell
as quickly as possible. This is how I show my love for God and all life, by
praying such prayers. It was me who took down the Catholic Church by way of
my prayers, God told me so. I rejoice that the Catholic Church has been
brought to its knees, disabled, hobbled, humiliated and brought to light.
They will never be the same'

'The prayer of a fervent, righteous woman availeth much.'

Pay heed, those of you who cannot or will not come into the open and work
for the cause. Why not pray? The thing you can do in secret, without being
ridiculed or accused or harmed, which will do much good, is pray. Pray with
emotions, with faith, with confidence, and pray a lot and you can make
changes. I don't want your wanky prayers, begging God for things and
personal help. I want prayers where you lay out to God whom you want
destroyed - the Patriarchs - and all the wicked, and demand of God in
justice and love that She take care of them! I have been praying like so for
years, and much comes out of it.

The other thing you can do in secret is give money. Why is no one giving me
money when I do such good work and spend so much of my own on it? I was
speaking to friend Gold the other day, and she said she gave generously to
the Catholic Church at Sunday Mass. Whom are you supporting? It is
Patriarchy, it is lawsuits to defend pederasts, and it is to misogynists who
deprive women of ministry. Wake up, Gold, and see whom you are supporting!
You probably think you are being loyal to Jesus, Mary, and the saints, but
hear this - the Catholic Church hides behind these figures, but have done
monumental damage which we must not support! Being a cradle Catholic, it
took me a long time to smell the coffee, but when I woke up it was with a
start! I realized that my time was better spent not trying to reform them,
but just leaving and putting my energies elsewhere. You can frequently do
more with an institution by leaving it than by staying there.

Last Words to William Bond

William, you just wrote a good article on the Pankhursts - I learned a lot.
Before Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., they taught what it was to
provoke the authorities and the press. They made Elizabeth Cady Stanton and
Susan B. Anthony look like girl scouts. These Pankhursts were terrorists,
but as you point out, they did it with grace - they make sure, in spite of
the arson and bombs, which amazingly, no one got hurt! However, they did
burn postal mail, slash priceless paintings, burn down castles and mansions,
institutions and such, broke windows (albeit with strings attached) and
struck and spit into the faces of the police, provoking them into arrests!
They called for mass demonstrations, broke through police barricades and
stormed Parliament, harassing the Prime Minister and other MP's to no end. I
would like you to explain to me now how love worked in all this - from the
point of view of love, how is this justified. Although I do not plan to
follow in the footsteps of the Pankhursts I think I have a way of getting
the freedom of speech that they sought, and I will use it. By speaking
freely and strongly against Patriarchy I expect to get insults and ridicule,
and that will probably be my lot. I consider it a small thing for the joy of
running the mission. It surprises me that so few women, if any, are willing
to speak publicly on these Matriarchal issues, when one examines the lengths
to which the Pankhursts and their disciples went.

Channeling MotherGod

My Final Words, I ask MotherGod for Her Sanction and Words of Wisdom.
MotherGod, have I said anything amiss and can you add your wisdom and advice
to this article?

MG: You have written this piece under my command and inspiration. I wanted
you to vent your true feelings, and you have. Throw caution to the wind, and
speak freely and truly, and have faith that I will protect you. Yes, they
can attack and insult you, but they will not kill you. I have thousands of
guardian angels to protect you at any time, and many times in the past I
have deployed such angels for you.

Women are afraid to speak out, to vent their true feelings, and so I
inspired you to do so, so they at least can feel some relief by your action.
They feel the same, but even some of them will, of course, attack you for
saying it, as they fear the backlash. Let it go like water off a duck's

As far as the truth or credibility of what you said (concerning what
Patriarchal men and their women are like), it is much worse than that. Your
life has been privileged compared to that of women in Africa, India, Asia,
Third World Countries, and the like. Your life has been easy compared to
some heinous lives which have been wrought with persecution and violence and
invasion from the time they were born - and all of it due to Patriarchy.

Do not fear anyone or anything from now on. I am with you always. No weapon
formed against you will prosper. If they come at you with words, I will eat
them up. If they come at you with knives, I will turn the points back upon
them. If they come at you with guns, I will blast them away. Remember the
invisible power of God at all times and live within it, and fear neither man
nor woman who opposes you. Just do the work and I promise you, you will be

Rasa: Amen, MotherGod.

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