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The Twelve Things I Hate the Most about Them

Rasa Von Werder

1 Women help Patriarchy stay in power.

2 They are their own worst enemies.

3 They kill girl babies and castrate adolescents.

This is not done PHYSICALLY in Western countries, but how much of this is
done mentally and emotionally? How do Moms kill/castrate their own

* By destroying their self esteem, telling them to be submissive to men for

* Making the SON feel more important than the daughter castrates the

* Shall the mother teach dominance to the daughter? Why not? It has to start
somewhere - why not this generation? Start the new race of dominant females;
of course, we will need a support system for this to back us up - clubs
(women's clubs) - institutions - religions, the whole nine yards, such as
men have had.

4 I hate women's passiveness, fear and anxiety of coming forward and doing
the right thing, fear of ridicule and criticism, always waiting for men to
do the fighting for them, afraid to take charge or responsibility, afraid to
take chances. Women are cowards!

5 I hate their lack of initiative and activity toward the good. They tend to
be eternal whiners who sit on their hands and rehearse what is wrong but
when I suggest we go out there and do something about it, they have many
reasons why they can't. Whine, whine, whine, vent, vent, vent is all they
want to do. Then when they are done crying on my shoulder for hours, wasting
my valuable time, they retreat back into their closets to hide from the
world, where they can be forever safe. At least men take chances.

6 I hate women picking on other women, especially targeting those who do
something. Instead of joining active, hard-working women such as me - they
emerge from their shadows to nitpick and criticize - then retreat back to
their anonymity. They can't do anything but talk and they resent any woman
who does more, and feel it is their sacred duty to knock her down. They are
squeamish regarding the success of other women - it makes them uncomfortable
because it casts a bad light on them. (Why aren't they, the wankers, forging
ahead?) They'll give you a hundred reasons why the winner is bad and why
they themselves cannot go into the 'open' and why they cannot cooperate with
the active woman.

7 Female and male 'academentics' are absurd. These dilettantes feel they are
above all - in their ivy covered towers, studying the 'don't knows'. They
peer with notebooks and microscopes at aboriginal people, and those in the
poverty class; street people who do not have offices but must do their work
outside and in cars, those in the adult trade they want to study and do
statistics on.

I know they are wankers as when I have reached out to them - the females -
they have given me the cold shoulder. They think of people in my former
professions as guinea pigs, hamsters to be put in cages. Everyone but their
perceived 'upper' academic 'class' is not for friendship but for study and
written about to make money. They see the poor as 'us and them' - we of the
exalted minds and moral propensities - while they of dubious mental acumen
and morality. Contact 'them' for blood samples, studies, invasive
interviews, record their orgasms in your white coats and write papers for
fame and fortune. Live off the disadvantage of the poor, the downtrodden,
and the desperate by studying them and selling books on the information,
just see them as 'things'.

I contacted a woman who is well known for Matriarchal Studies in distant and
exotic locales. She gave me the 'bums rush' and wrote a curt, insulting
letter. She said she 'saw my site' and 'did not agree with my ideas' and
would not 'cooperate.' She could recognize Matriarchy in strange Asian
countries, but not Matriarchy right here under her nose.

There is an uppity attitude from academentics. They really think that
filling their brains with a lot of information (which they pay for) and
getting a piece of paper for it makes them superior!

8 I hate women's all-encompassing fear of ridicule, scorn, humiliation and
criticism. They are paralyzed by fear and so they never say anything
publicly that is controversial, that would put them at risk. Although there
is something to be said for safety and one should never be careless with
their life or limb, a woman who wants to help has to bear the attacks of
others. There will always be opposition in doing good and speaking out
against wickedness. The idea is not to do nothing but to strengthen yourself
for attacks and trust in MotherGod. But women are cowards.

9 Women have hatred instead of cooperation with other women; they do not
support other women. William Bond says it well when he says that women love
men and hate themselves and other women. It is easy to 'love' men when they
are willing to give support, whereas women are not. But you must at least
try to reach out and help them when they are doing work for female
empowerment. I reached out to many women, with mixed results - for the
cause. Some I interviewed others I was a friend to. Only one woman reached
out to me in two years, Elise Sutton, for an interview. I give her credit.

Women are taking the easy way out, with each one trying to be the 'Queen' -
the Head Mistress of Superiority - supported by her band of merry men. We
can't all be cooks, or all Captains. There have to be helpers and privates,
but each woman wants to be the boss. She will not consider helping another
because that would be 'lowering' herself. She always has REASONS why she
cannot help the other woman - always sees her flaws and defects, always
pointing out the differences instead of the similarities or reasons for
solidarity. Sisterhood is power, and you can do more together than alone. At
the very least, to give moral support to one another buoys us up. I have
been FIGHTING ALONE all my life with NO WOMAN supporting me, fighting FOR
WOMEN. They are cruel to women, they hate women.

10 Women must wake up, worship a MotherGod for one thing, leave the
Patriarchal religions they are in, and realize other women are extensions of
themselves. No woman is an island, what you do or don't do affects other
women. If you are an example, your daughters and granddaughters will model
after you.

11 I hate the 'touchiness' of women. Women are the most difficult to
befriend and the easiest to lose. A male you can beat up 'with a baseball
bat', and the next day he will still be friends. A female you have to walk
on eggshells with, as the slightest transgression on your part, and you, as
a woman, are history. They don't WANT to give you their friendship, and it
is tenuous, and therefore, easily lost. I do have men friends for years on
end, many friends, always. They are not all wankers, and these days, many
are truly good souls. They listen to me respectfully when I speak about
Mission. But with women, each one thinks she is the center of the Universe,
and her needs must be met by all. This is INSECURITY, not strength. A baby
has to be affirmed, cuddled and praised, and waited on in order to function.
A mature, responsible person is capable of seeing larger issues.

12 To sum up what I hate most about women is their COWARDISE, inability to
take ACTION - their fear of criticism - their touchiness toward other women
and hatred of them, their INSECURITY and EGOTISM, their lack of INITIATIVES
toward empowerment. They are me-me-me oriented and want to stay in the
rocking chair, yet attack strong women who take action.

Males are the only ones I have been able to work with.

My Final Word:

Men are DIFFICULT, but you can always find one, here and there, for the
Cause, whereas women are IMPOSSIBLE.


Dear Rasa

I having been thinking about this problem of hatred.

I believe hatred is the foundation of patriarchy,
while people hate each other or hate themselves it
makes it very hard for them to contact MotherGod and
so they become victims of patriarchal brainwashing.

Yet we cannot overcome hatred by pretending it doesn't
exist. This is the reason why Christianity has
failed, because although Jesus did preach love, his
followers turn his teachings into doctrines and laws.
Laws are not the best way to change people's
behaviour: If you make a law; "thou shalt not steal"
and punish people for stealing, then thieves steal in
secret and pretend they are always honest. The same
things happen if you have a unwritten laws that say;
"thou shalt not hate", "thou shalt always love
others". People likewise always pretend to never hate
and pretend to love others, to be good Christians.

This means that hatred is pushed into the unconscious
mind where it is unacknowledged and never dealt with.
The result is that pretending to love has became
commonplace with Christians. So even when Christians
fight each other as in the case of Roman Catholics
against Protestants, Or when Christians massacred the
Cathars, the Witches and the native American and
Australian people's. They justify it through claiming
these peoples were 'evil' or heathens' or 'savages'.
And do not acknowledge their hatred for other people
different to themselves.

This is why we cannot afford to repeat the Christian
experience. The only way to deal with hatred is to
acknowledge it and bring it out in the open.
Therefore we cannot do what the Christians do, and
condemn those who do not pretend never to hate.

Another thing that Christians done was to condemn
those who openly loved themselves. But loving yourself
is just as important as loving others, because if you
do not love yourself, it is easy to accept abuse from
others. A truly balanced person is someone who both
loves themselves and love others at the same time.
The love for oneself doesn't have to exclude the love
for others and visa-versa.

When we are able to both love ourselves and love
others, we are then able to be at one with MotherGod
or the Great Mother. Love is the antidote of
patriarchy, because people who are balanced in both
loving themselves and others cannot become a victim of


Rasa - As usual, William has words of wisdom!

Sun Sep 3, 2006 5:46 am

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