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Report on the Matriarchal Movement 2005-2006

Alliance for Matriarchal Empowerment (AME)

Members: Rasa Von Werder, William Bond, Thomas Andrews and Beata Murrell,
Chief Researcher.

1 What have we accomplished up to November, 2006?

2 What have we learned about the condition and scope of the movement?

3 How does Matriarchy relate to Feminism? What are the limitations of

4 What is our agenda?

5 What do we hope to accomplish in 2007 and onward?

6 Why there HAS TO BE a Matriarchal movement.


1 What have we accomplished up to November, 2006?

How it began

When I began thinking about a 'Matriarchal' movement, William Bond had
already been working on it since 1999 via the internet and in 1994
publication of a book called 'Gospel of the Goddess.' He was writing
articles and forming groups such as 'Matriarchy' and 'Women to Rule the

I had been inspired to do a number of Female Empowerment initiatives which
infiltrated the mainstream culture (bodybuilding, being a Glamour Queen and
minister at the same time, thereby breaking the Madonna/Whore division) and
preaching Female Supremacy on national television. But I did not give the
name to these activities as dimensions of 'Matriarchy.'

After starting the site called '', the University of
MotherGod Church, (online May 26, 2004) which has an obvious spiritual
basis, it came to me (this VISION and understanding was not limited to my
logical mind, but rather explained to me in dreams, a bigger picture from
our All-Knowing MotherGod) but that what was needed more than anything was
to push Matriarchy, for a number of reasons. One, William Bond was the only
one doing this work, and two; it is in desperate need of being done. I
realized that when anything is new, unproven, untried and in an infancy or
seed form, great energy and panache are demanded. I looked around and saw no
takers for the job except William and then I veered the University of
MotherGod Church in that direction. Obviously I already BELIEVED but now we
had to bring this concept to the public with vigor, covering the entire
spectrum of education and then promotion. (I had not immediately embarked on
Matriarchy themes full time, but was working more on the issue of UNION WITH
GOD - not a trivial matter. What happened was that I saw that all the
religions, great and small, were teaching the same subject in the mystical,
(but not the political patriarchal), realm. This knowledge was open and
available to any person who wanted to have a personal pathway to God. So
this problem was already adequately covered by millions of teachers, living
and dead. But looking about, there was scant little attention paid to
although extremely valuable, did not address the immediate Patriarchy vs.
Matriarchy issues and how they apply to daily living, nor the near and
distant future, of how we are transiting into Matriarchy.)

How it Got Going

Once I veered into Matriarchy, I was inundated by the usual cadre of
'Femdom' men, seeking sexual satisfaction. That was the first hurdle, and I
had to define the fact that these men, seeking their own pleasure, had to be
pushed aside as not only were they not helpful, but they would take up our
valuable time, energy and attention, de facto derailing the movement. They
don't see it that way, but I had to make a decision, and that was the
'Femdom' men are out.

The next hurdle now that these men were out was how could I find others that
were interested and productive toward the Matriarchal Mission? There were
not many out there who actually had a commitment, though there are quite a
few believers. But we needed believers who could volunteer labor, and that
was the hard part.

After a while two people distinguished themselves in faith and commitment,
and they are Beata Murrell and Thomas Andrews. Two others who give emotional
and intellectual support are Mike Trotman and Raleigh, and it is noticed
that all three men are my devotees.

The contributions of these people gave William and I a sense that we were
finally getting somewhere, were not alone, and it was family. This felt
good. I might add that I have always said I would rather have a small number
of committed persons to a movement than huge numbers of lukewarm, the
ambivalent being obstacles rather than helpers, demanding time and attention
to their own agenda and problems.

What Got Done?

Through the work of devotees such as Rick Hodge and PB in the beginning and
thereafter others, we began to amass research supporting Matriarchy. I was
learning just as was everyone else. This research really heated up when
Beata Murrell took the helm, and it has gone full force ever since. She is a
one-woman research army, doing more than all my friends had done before put
together. This research is fabulously important because we are all learning,
one, and two, I am gathering it up for insertion in some form into our

Our site, WomanThouArtGod has been a great accomplishment, being a beacon of
light for Matriarchy on the internet, a Lighthouse. Since January, 2006 it
has topped 50,000 visitors a month, culminating in the high point of over
91,000 visitors in September, 2006. We are influencing the culture.

William Bond opened a popular new group (Jan. 2006) called, 'Matriarchal
Links,' and Beata Murrell's group, 'Matriarchy International' (Aug. 2005)
has widespread acceptance and respect from the community.

And last but not least, our Alliance's work comprised the first book from
the movement, Sept. 14, 2006, called, 'Can Female Power Save the Planet -
The Fate of the World Depends on Women.' This is the opening salvo on a
series of Matriarchal books, combining our efforts, which we plan to get
published in the coming year. The next one is all but done and two others
waiting in the wings.

2 What have we learned about the condition and scope of the movement?

We have learned, for one thing, that women would rather scratch our eyes out
than help. Beata Murrell has been the only 'non competitive, non jealous'
female I have found on the internet willing to help our Cause. There may be
others, but they have not come forward yet. We have learned that women are
more afraid than men, to come forward with what is basically a combative
movement and stance, but being afraid, it would be nice if they would rather
leave us alone and let us get on with it rather than creating impediments. I
think we see that the two main obstacles are other people - femdom men, -
and competitive women. These stand in the way by causing conflict and
dissention, wanting their voices heard and wanting to lead us away from
where we are at. They think they know better than we know, and insist on
pushing their way into our lives and work, and we can't get rid of them fast
enough. The Patriarchal men and women have not caused us any trouble yet
(except for silly e mails that don't affect us at all), because we are not
yet in the mainstream promoting, but that will come, in big boulders we will
have to move, and we do welcome the challenge in an open playing field where
we know Goddess will win.

3 How does Matriarchy relate to Feminism? What are the limitations of

We are totally grateful to Betty Freidan, Gloria Steinem and all the women
of NOW - National Organization of Women, for all their fantastic work, but
the movement as it is has always had its limitations. What good it has done
has without a doubt, entered the cultural mainstream and changed the world,
and it is time for new voices.

These new voices are neither the usual academics nor even the scholars out
of Universities, but it is the voices here and now of our Alliance, namely,
the next step of visionary acumen.

The limitation of NOW has been that one, they seek equality, and that is out
of the question for a gender that is proven across the board superior (we
understand it had to start somewhere, but it is time to move on), and
second, they have not been a multi-cultural, multi-racial, all-classes
movement, but have represented a small minority of females, the professional
white down to the middle class. They have not shown any kindness, empathy or
understanding to the women who are totally marginalized; the poor, women of
color, and members of the adult trade. In fact, they have been an impediment
to women in the adult trade, saying along with patriarchy, that this is
something that should be avoided because it is exploitation of women,
thereby depriving support and solace toward the women who have chosen this
work out of necessity. They have also, in the past, thumbed their noses at
poor black women working as maids and domestics, again citing exploitation,
and giving no alternative. The college academics heading the feminist
movement simply have not understood the needs and sufferings of the grass
roots, underdog females, and that is a very great limitation indeed.

And third, this is a BIG ONE: they have also presented no alternative to
Patriarchal religion except inclusionary language and inclusion of females
in patriarchal ministry. That is well and good, but it does not encompass
Female Spirituality. As women are entering into patriarchal ministry they
are encountering three thousand years of theology filled with lies against
women, supporting male domination. Our entire mainstream culture is
inundated with and originally informed by theories and ideas of a Father God
and male messengers, with male voices declaring male supremacy. How do
female ministers handle this?

There has to be another way, beyond female inclusion into patriarchal
religion, and that is the way of MotherGod.

4 What is our agenda?

More than anything, we are about EDUCATION which gives vision and
empowerment, and this knowledge has to be PROMULGATED. We are doing this by
studying research, meditating and having discussions, writing articles and
putting them onto internet and books. Then we hope to get out into the
media, as visible as possible, and face the Patriarchy where it is at.

5 What do we hope to accomplish in 2007 and onward?

Within the next year we hope to galvanize our efforts into books and
promotion of books. We would like to remove all the obstacles and
impediments standing in our way - basically people who are wasting our
time - and we would like to form a stronger Alliance. We need to get past
those who lack understanding or have internal problems to center our sight
on the Mission, fully and totally. This will take effort on our part, to
center on that Singularity of Saving the Planet through Matriarchy.

For the future, we need to address the rebuilding of worship of a MotherGod.
Although this might seem, on a practical basis to be less important than
economic advantages, it is the foundation of our inner life, and without
this inner life, Salvation of the Planet will never occur. The Salvation of
the Planet comes from a SPIRITUAL rather than a LOGICAL point of view; it
comes from more than cold facts but the concern of love, which is the
greatest logic of all. This sane and practical love covers all bases, from
the safety of Gaia Herself to all the life upon Her. Economics can move from
hand to hand, as it always has, and it can even move to women having the
advantage. But if women do not have a viable Feminine Divine to latch onto,
they do not gain inner strength nor hand this down to the progeny. A new
vision and theology of the MotherGod has to be formed and promulgated,
usurping the lies of the patriarchal fathers. This just may be the area
where we encounter the most resistance, as IT IS ULTIMATELY THE MOST

6 Why there HAS TO BE a Matriarchal movement.

The Matriarchal movement covers all bases of Female Empowerment, World and
Planet Salvation including everything on earth, even men. If this is on the
side of goodness and justice, then what is against it? Why don't we have
Matriarchy right now, and what are the forces against Her?

Matriarchy is the natural and righteous system but it has been destroyed by
patriarchy through force, delusion and lies, a sort of mass intimidation and
hypnosis. My personal point of view is that Satan entered the planet and
allied with males, bringing the culture of death to our horizen. If
MotherGod, or God Almighty, was not now ready to end this siege, none of us
could do much. (Women tried throughout history, even during the Greek and
Roman times to rise up but without success) But She is ready and She has
done a lot, and we are simply going along with it. Patriarchy is DOOMED and
the writing is on the wall, but the WORK of explaining what is happening is
left to us humans. Our job, as a movement, is not in making it happen - it
is inevitable - but in explaining what is happening and assisting humans to
adjust and go with the flow. Our work can facilitate and SPEED UP the
'feminization' of our society.

The head, or intellect, of Satan has been CRUSHED, as predicted so long ago
to that stubborn serpent, but he goes out kicking and screaming. I think of
all the exorcisms I have done, where I 'bind up the strong man' and order
him to the Pit, and render him powerless by 'pleading the Blood of Christ'
or applying the merits of Christ to his demise. IT IS SPIRITUAL POWER THAT

If we look at all the movements and the great women who fought patriarchy
from the Industrial Revolution on, Emmeline Pankhurst being the toughest,
and then onto the second wave with Betty Freidan, we must understand that
these women did not personally CAUSE the change but they COOPERATED WITH
WHAT MOTHERGOD WAS DOING. We must understand that the inner, intrinsic,
mystical power of SOFIA or the FEMININE DIVINE which IS God, (the REAL GOD,
there is no male God) has risen up against the demonic system known as
patriarchy. HEREIN LIES OUR POWER! Herein simply by aligning ourselves to
Her we gain Her power, we BECOME Her. That is why no one on the wrong side
has a chance, whatever God they are pleading, they will fall down in defeat.
HOLY SPIRIT RECOGNIZES ITS OWN. Those Christians who oppose women, feminism
and Matriarchy are either confused and in ignorance, or else they are
cooperating with demons. The really aggressive, politically minded ones who
were putting together things like 'Promise Keepers' are truly wicked; they
seek naught but patriarchal power, the culture of death.

It is interesting if not amusing to me the hysteria of the backlash, which
portends to me that THEY KNOW THEY'RE GOING DOWN. Guys like the religious
right who promoted 'Promise Keepers' were told to face their wives AND TAKE
BACK AUTHORITY OVER THE FAMILY. This means that they know they have lost it!
Now that they know they have lost it, they are in an absolute panic to get
it back, but how can they get it back when the power of God the Mother has
taken it away from them and what has she taken away? She has taken away the
arbitrary control that male used to have over the family and the female!
This domination was pure evil, and it wrought trauma upon everything that
lives, but this Serpent now knows his days are numbered and he is
frantically, trying to influence agencies of power that still seem male
controlled. He is on a losing venture as male power is going down and Satan
is going down.

We will now reclaim MotherGod worship and the sacredness of planet Gaia. One
of the central issues is the relationship bond between Mother and child.
Males have literally ripped the infants out of the arms and off the breasts
of Mother, removing from them security, psychological strength and well
being, turning people toward depression, addiction and violence. This suits
Satan/patriarchy because now they are suitable subjects for prescription
drugs and war mentality. The sacredness of the Mother/child bond eclipses
all other relationships, more important than that of husband and wife, it
will be shown. Mother is the head of the family, the leader, and the symbol
on Earth of MotherGod. For a woman to be the ultimate Mother does not mean
she is tied down from the bedroom to the kitchen, there has to be adequate
care for children, such as extended Matriarchal families and when not
available, bringing children to the workplace when toddlers, and later, the
finest feminine-run and regulated child care.

I now invite the other members of the Alliance to submit their take on the
questions I have presented, giving the answers from their point of view,
answering the points I have brought up. All submitted will go into a book.

```````````````````````````OUR GREAT BOOK! Here is an excerpt, and remember,
it has fifty beautiful images, many of the models Rasa photographed.

Link to buy the book on Look under Rasa Von Werder for future


With the new affluence and power of women in comparison to that of men,
there will be 'reversal of roles.' Women in jobs earning most of the money
will need men who bring creature comforts, moral and domestic support.

Statistics show that in five years there will be one million more women than
men with advanced degrees! The 'futurists' (male and female prediction
pundits) unanimously agree, 'The future belongs to women.'

In light of this, I would like to make a forecast of what male-female
relationships will be like. Will it be a simple reversal of women oppressing
men as men have oppressed women, (as men fear) or is it going to be
something different? I believe it will be 'something different.' Here's how
I see it.


Marriage will swerve into many different paths and present lifestyles not
seen before. Of course, some traditional-style marriages will remain, and
even male dominating female will still happen, but these will be in the
minority. The old-style marriage was based on the premise that male was the
breadwinner, and that he would provide for family. This will change. Women
will be chief providers, in spite of the fact that they will continue,
naturally, having children. For some years now women have been having
children and working, and doing most of the housework; it will not be too
difficult for them to assume big jobs, take time off for birthing and
nurturing, and be back to work within six months. The big change that will
free women up for work-and-family will be childcare facilities. Two things
will happen. Laws will be passed that the majority of businesses will have
to provide on- the-premises child care. Mother will be able to visit her
children at the nursery throughout the day - during lunch and breaks. If any
crisis arises she will be instantly notified by the staff and could attend
to it. Businesses will gear themselves to the importance of women and their
child rearing capacity. (Having children is not a hobby! It is the future of
the world and should be treated as such!) It will no longer be looked upon
as a 'handicap', but a prerogative of 'the special sex'.

The absolute concern or focus with women is children, and they will pull out
all the stops in the care of them. Safety, security at home and in deluxe
child-care centers will become a reality.

Second, with their newfound wealth (I predict that the average income of
women will be between 150% to double that of men within twenty years.) Women
will also have suitable private child care facilities. (No longer will women
be leaving children with Dad or other males, as they have woken up to the
fact that males are inadequate and dangerous babysitters.) These facilities
will be not like they are today. They will have sprung up by entrepreneurs -
all women and run by women - who will have 'luxury' and around the clock
care for children of all ages. Males will be outlawed from working in or
hanging about such premises. There will be all the comforts of home, plus
education and recreation opportunities. These centers will truly be
something enjoyable for the children and Mom's will not need worry, as these
will be strictly monitored. Older children will also be taken care of,
again, with all sorts of education and self improvement plus relaxation,
entertainment and rest. Many centers will have sleeping facilities, because
of women working late, being occupied or leaving town. Truly, this new form
of child care will be a God send for women. Why such centers now, not
before? Because women simply weren't earning enough money to afford them -
now they will. (We admit not all women will be able to afford such luxuries,
but many will.)

Affluent women will band together to create these new child-care centers.
However, over the long term, I see women developing clans and extended
family compounds, and then, with competent females holding down the fort,
children will mostly be left home.

Women will now be Self-centered rather than man-centered. In the past, man
was all-important as the one with the money. Now she will be the one with
the money and have her pick of men. Men will be vying for wealthy women and
they will have to cut the mustard to measure up. A whole new genre of men
will emerge who are relying on qualities and skills other than having money.
They will look good, sound good, be charming and accommodating, carry on a
good conversation and have impeccable manners.

The entire role and image of male and female will be rethought. Males are
becoming more feminine and females more masculine. (Tests show that men are
producing half the sperm that they did years ago... pollution is also
affecting boys, not girls, to make them more feminine.) Women will be more
dominant and demanding when they are freed up economically. The knowledge of
female superiority will hit the mainstream and the facts will be made known
and believed by all. Everyone in America (the rest of the world will catch
up) will know that females are superior and males inferior, in all things
but brute strength. Since males will no longer control information, media,
science, education and the medical establishment, the truth will be out for
all to see. It will be so evident and plain that only the most backward of
persons could deny it. Such people will be dismissed as kooks.

There will be a variety of marriages. Women will change their outlook toward
themselves, life, family and men. They will see themselves as the center,
with children the focus, and males third. Some women will see men as equals
or close. Some will see them as helpers or associates, even servants. Some
women will choose not to have anything to do with males at all, but have
themselves cloned or purchase sperm from the male of their choice. They will
not want to be bothered with a male having legal rights to children or their
property. Some of these women who do so will date men - but not permit them
close enough for claims to be made.

Here are a few types of marriages and alliances that I see:

Woman the main breadwinner. Her job is demanding and she has no time for
cooking, cleaning and housework. She has enough money to pay for all that,
but in some cases, will find a man who can do these things. Men will have to
train themselves or be trained after the wedding to manage household
affairs. Some of these men might work, but their jobs will not be as
demanding or time consuming as that of the female. (If there are children
the female will leave them with luxury child care when she is at work. Women
have learned by statistics and testimony that men are not to be trusted in
this arena.) Because of the demand for this new type of 'skilled' husband,
new cooking and domestic centers will spring up - mostly attended by men.
Women have these abilities branded in by generations of doing, but men need
training. This will be attended to. In fact, men will go to such schools in
the hope of getting a 'better' wife.

There will also be 'charm' schools where men will not only learn grooming
and how to dress, but etiquette, respect for women and how to carry on a
conversation. (Studies show (Dale Spender and others) that males are the
pits when it comes to communicating. They talk a lot and listen little,
interrupt, and expect the woman to conduct the conversation around their
needs. They expect the female to 'support' or 'nurture' him in conversation.
All of this will have to be fixed.)

Women will seek men who are skilled around the house. Ability to cook will
be a plus. Cleaning and shopping skills gain extra points. Men will be
buying self-help books - which in the past were for women - now written for
men. 'How to Catch the Woman of Your Dreams,' 'Finding the Successful Woman
and Winning Her', 'How to Appeal to a Successful Woman,' 'Men Who Appeal to
Great Women - Their Secrets,' 'Ten Ways to Meet a Millionairess', 'Winning
and Keeping a Great Woman,' etc. These books will sell out and men will
secretly read and hide them like they read and hide pornography.

There will be a variety of marriages and not always based on sex. Some men
will be accepted by women strictly for companionship and might not get legal
rights as husbands. Men might be gay companions - or celibate for the sake
of spiritual attainment. Such men would consider themselves lucky to share a
house with a rich woman who would support them, in exchange for work and
companionship. It will become obvious to all that women are not as sex
centered as males want to believe. They can live very well without sex and
many have pretended a strong interest where there was none. It was all a
ploy - bait to get the male's attention.

Men will seek the hand of these nouveau-riche femmes for the lifestyle; but
they will have to measure up to it. Nice homes, good cars, class restaurants
and luxury vacations will seem great to guys who are making a lot less
money. Some will even love their women!

As said before, not all women will be with men. Some will want to spend
their time with women or hire servants. They will live for their family and
children, and men will be on the sidelines.

These changes will happen rapidly but in the long run, I see something else.
As women increase in their power, money will pass to more and more females.
Women will leave their money to daughters and granddaughters rather than
men - and women's resources will become mighty. The family structure will
slowly change from 'nuclear family' to 'matrilineal, matrifocal', family.
Whereas the quick changes will start in one to two generations, the
Matriarchy will be formed in six. The nuclear family was never the ideal for
female; it was concocted my males to suit their purposes. An extended family
of four generations can live better together than separately. As families
share expenses, work, and love, the males will feel happier also... After
all, belonging is one of the principles of happiness, and this will make
people more secure. No longer will males routinely separate females from
their family, isolate them and the children and then dominate, abuse and
neglect them.

MATRILINEAL (mat-ruh-LIN-ee-uhl) - Tracing kinship and descent through the
female line. (Compare patrilineal.) (

MATRIFOCAL - Mother-centered; often refers to a household with no resident
husband-father. (McGraw-Hill Cultural Anthropology)

Within these 'clans' or 'extended families,' the women will be front and
center. Girls will be groomed, encouraged to be the best of themselves. Boys
of course will be loved, but not at the expense of girls. They will no
longer expect preferential treatment and resources because of their gender.
They will be encouraged toward their greatest good, but it will be the girls
who are readied for leadership and responsibility, and rightly so.

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