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I find it rather amusing that people think they need an island to find, or
to convey to others, the concept of 'self realization.'

Finding out the Truth of Oneself and God can happen anywhere, anyplace. It
can be at home in your apartment, while doing the most mundane and ordinary
things. One does not need an ashram or a church or an island.

Most facilities that are created this way get a few people who are serious
about finding God, but only a few. The hordes of people in ashrams and
churches are not all serious about the subject of Self Realization.

People it seems to me go to these places to find fellowship with other
people. But this is an endeavor you must walk alone - no partners need
apply. It is a lonely street, just you and God.

And so to buy an island and to have lots of people to pile onto it 'seeking
God' is amusing to me, as it is a dichotomy in terms. I have an island and a
large wilderness, and I have Realization, but people are not burning the
highways to get to me. They want to be where other people are, not here,
where God and I live, with lots of empty space. This is not what people are
looking for.

Most of the yogis who became successful were surrounded by those seeking
ordinary and mundane things. Most, at best, the lower levels of realization,
not the ultimate. I think if they had 1 - 2 or 3 disciples that were totally
serious and committed, that was it. For others, it was a beginning which
would end in Realization, which takes many years.

People are even seeking sex in ashrams. I was told by a friend who was
there, that a famous Guru had well-to-do appointments where 'everyone wore
red robes and you could basically have sex with anyone.' So this is self

All the outer trappings of this path are deceiving. It can happen anywhere
and just staying where you are can be the most effective way. I found God in
a sixth-floor walkup in Brooklyn, taking a few months off from work to pray
and meditate, keeping silent, alone, celibate, totally isolated. After some
months, I saw God face to face and many other miracles happened. Of course,
this came after years of preparation.

Do yourself a favor, my friend. It does not take ashrams, churches, money or
exotic gurus to find Self Realization. You can do it if you are willing to
live within discipline, enclosure and mortification, right in your own back
yard. All those outer trappings can deceive you and make you spend more time
and lots of money. I did it alone, and so can you. But few will follow.


From: "Gary Falk"

Date: Wed Apr 12, 2006 3:06 pm

Subject: Advaita Summer School in Brasov dukeofdharma

--- In, "hiladur2" wrote:



> Yes Gary I sure will but it will be expensive.I will sure need my

> own island to prepare them for the great journey of Self Knowledge.

> You can come too to assist my work and relax a littlebit ,so can I

> lean on your support,president?

> Hiladur,not yet Island-owner.>>

Dean Hiladur, in order to get the money to buy you the Island you so

richly deserve, we will be holding a 6 Week Course in PURE ADVAITA,

this summer at Transylvania University of Brasnov, where they have

one of the finest Pure Nondual libraries in all of Central Europe.

Now, I WILL be coming to facilitate only!! YOu are going to be

designing and DELIVERING the course in PURE ONENESS, although if you

need a few young perkily titted yoginis to assist you in ANY way, I

will MAKE SURE that they are completely "there for you."

But we must keep it purely nondual and totally uncompromised, our


This is not your grandfather's Advaita, folks. This is the Advaita

your grandfather could only DREAM about.

Please tell the sincere seekers that apply that YOU will be handling

EVERYTHING, including the giving of spiritual names, if you so wish

to grant any, and ALL private interviews will be conducted by YOU.

I am only going to be there as YOUR assistant but of course if anyone

has a REAL sticky question or is getting a little annoyed that they

aren't "getting it" if you wish I will step in and do my best

impression of the Niz and throw them right the fuck out with NO


You are MY True Dean. Even Ramakrishna was not as overjoyed at

seeing his beloved Naren, as I am at the thought of spending the

entire Summer at the TU of B and wandering the Carpathian Mountains

as you give darshan (no deeksha, absolutely NOT!!) to the flowers,

the seekers, and the birds.

The Advaita Summer School at Transylvania University of Brasnov

commences July 1 and goes through August 15. Make your reservations

now, because seating is limited.

Call or write Dean Hiladur, Jnana World University and he will screen

you for spiritual maturity and go over the financial obligations with


This could be the start of something BIG.

Maybe we can establish a permanent presence at TU of B, and then when

we set you up on the Island you can commute to the University when

the weather is bad and teach there.

BTW, I hereby appoint you my official Dharma Heir so in case I die

today and I may, who knows? there will be no hassling over who's

gonna take over and honor my legacy.

I also want you to make sure that Steve gets a nice position in the

church heirarchy.

I know you will do the Right Thing b/c your the Right Guy.



President, JWU

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