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How Did the Guru Get to be Guru and Avatar and What Can I learn From This?

You might say if I am an Avatar, I was born that way and needn't do a thing,
the Power just oozes through my pores and God fills me up every day like a
big reservoir and I should just dole it out to everyone. Hahaha.

How many Avatars have you know? You know Jesus Christ. He was God
Incarnate, an Avatar, the Form of God, and so was his Holy Mother. Now did
Jesus have an easy, cushiony life? Did He walk the earth impervious to
pain, criticism and threats? If an Avatar just oozes grace and has to do
nothing, why did He go into the desert to starve and thirst for 40 days and
40 nights, this in preparation for his ministry? Because Avatars have the
POTENTIAL, because they reached the Sahasrara in another lifetime (many of
my devotees have!) and they volunteered to return to earth and help
humanity. God told me there are thousands of them on earth at any given
time, but due to the hardship of life and the cold-heartedness, ingratitude
and meanness of people, most of them fold up and never manifest their
identity, they just sink into the flesh or stay on a plateau, not venturing
forth among the rabble, (the hardest thing for a spiritual person is to be
with people of the world) and you never hear from them.

Each and every Avatar, say Jesus, Krishna and Buddha, and many others you
might not know as Avatars, suffer immensely, even going through martyrdom,
(which can be emotional/mental rather than physical.) When I read the life
of the contemporary Ramakrishna he was in such despair at one point he told
Kali he was going to drive a sword through himself if She did not reveal
Herself to him.

People such as myself, who have a great Anointing, do not have it easy, and
in some ways, much harder. Yes, we are potentially stronger, but that
strength is not realized until we are tested. It is by our daily tests,
decisions and behavior that determines if we move ahead, stay stagnant, or
fall behind. Meet our tests, which are always virtue in the face of
temptation, generosity in the face of being greedy and stingy, and bravery
in the face of fright, and we move ahead. Then grace and Power increase,
and our path is opened wider. But if we make the wrong decision in the face
of hardship, we do not go forward and either stagnate or fall behind.
Sometimes we are even punished, yes, I have been punished severely for my
sins, and you will too.

Let me give a list of sins devotees commit.

1 One of the greatest transgressions of devotees is their
stinginess. Many of them cry poverty, because they do not have a good job
and are barely making ends meet, or are dependent on other people. This is
many of them. Now their fortunes change, and they get a really good job or
an inheritance, and when that happens they give nothing at all. That proves
they were deluding themselves when they said they would give if they had the
money. No matter how poor you are, you should give a tiny bit, even one
dollar a month. That is what my new rules says, and if you do not fulfill
it or asking for absolution, you will be cut off.

2 Lack of respect and gratitude, admitting that I am your
Guru publicly, to the world. Those who do show gratitude, and this is most
of them, do so only in private. Hardly any of them are willing WITH THEIR
REAL NAME to stand up for me and tell the world I am their Guru and they are
getting benefits from me. This is like being Nicodemus, who secretly, at
night, snuck over to Jesus to ask him about the Kingdom of God, and he is
the one Our Lord told,

'You must be born again.'

There are exceptions to these. They are few and here they are: Rick Hodge
(he is PROUD of having his name and identity up there!), Mike Trotman,
Thomas Andrews, Kathleen Otley, Steven Grube, Philip Jackson, Sergio Daneri,
Tony Stark and Helmut Mestel - others have given me their full names but I
only use their first names and cannot recall if they allowed their last
names to be used. They are: Maureen, Kevin, Errol, and the rest USE FAKE
NAMES. So about a dozen people allow their real names used, while the rest
want to hide, always for fear of others. Fear, so much fear, which keeps us
from growth.

3 Attitude, more than anything caps it off, is attitude.
If you look at your Guru as just somebody who is around, a figurehead, a
woman who is there but I don't have to relate to her in any way but maybe
argue about her posts, then that shows no love and no recognition for the
God that is within the Guru, the God that will reach you and fill you with
the Anointing, the God that has great power, through this vessal, including
healing and miracles. To access this power, you have to DO SOMETHING, it
does not flow to you automatically and at all times. I used to think it did
but then I noticed this. When I ask my devotees for a favor, such as
posting my articles, and they refuse, suddenly, all their dreams stop. Then
when I forgive them the dreams start up again! I saw this with Kun Kin and
others. That showed me that I control the Anointing and its flow, whether I
am consciously aware of it. If I am mad or disappointed to the point of
wanting to punish the devotee, the flow of grace stops going to them. I
recall seeing a kirlian photography result, which showed two people standing
next to each other. In one case, they liked each other, and you saw the
flow of energy moving toward each other, but in a case, where someone
disliked the other person, you saw the flow of energy gong in a circle and
moving away from the one not liked! This amazed me and now I know that I
control the healing and the shakti by approving or disapproving the devotee!
And I do not have to pray, it is done by my decision and feelings. When you
ask me for healing and are a sincere devotee, the Anointing automatically
flows to you, but if you are out of favor, it will not flow.

That is our lesson of today and I hope it gets through to you. If you wish
to become a devotee go to the page and read the instructions:

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