Thursday, 6 November 2008


Rasa Von Werder has built a church center, or virtual ashram, on the

Here let us explain what Rasa gives and what the church gives, and
what Rasa and the church do not give.

Rasa Von Werder is here to distribute and promote the great Love Power
of God, which resides within her body as Instrument of God. This
great Love Power is called 'The Anointing.' It is the Shakti
Kundalini, the Energy, the Holy Spirit of God. It is a connection
with God, a link, which works every time that an initiate or devotee
believes in it.

All those who have sincerely installed Rasa into their hearts have
received an initiation. They have had Chakra Awakening, dreams and
visions, great spiritual power and inspiration. This incredible God
Power brings with it all things. It gives a person spiritual, moral,
mental and physical strength. It helps one solve their daily
problems as well as cementing their relationship to God. Since this
power IS God, it is all things to all people, and enlightens and
enlivens on all levels.

This is the Power Rasa brings to people.

How does she bring this Power, this Anointing, to the public?

She pays, with her own money, for the sites and for the labor required
to put togther the sites. One very talented young man works full
time, reporting to her house almost daily, working hard on producing
the material that will bring Light and Love to souls. He is paid for
his labor out of the pocket of Rasa Von Werder.

Rasa Von Werder works full time, every day, in order to produce
original articles which appear on the site and on the groups. She
receives little support or donations from outside. She gives her
time, energy and money for this cause. Occasionally there are donations.

Rasa spends FULL TIME promoting the church, so that people would hear
about the Anointing and receive it. This is what Rasa has to give,
this is what empowers people, brings them closer to God and through
this power, helps them to love themselves and help themselves toward

If you would like to receive this MIRACLE POWER simply install Rasa
Von Werder into your heart, and the link is made! This is the main
part of the work she is doing.

Secondly, read the ANOINTED ARTICLES Rasa writes, as they elucidate
the truth about God, and about our planet. As God brings Light to
you, God also wants to lighten the burden on our planet, which is
oppressing innocent people. People need fairness as well as spiritual
enlightenment. They need an opportunity in life, and the church
articles move toward this as well.

Those who believe and who become devotees are part of this church.
Whether they do anything for the church or not, by the Anointing being
transferred into them, they become members of this Body of the Church.
Rasa is the 'vine' and they are the 'branches,' all ONE.

There are those all over the world writing to Rasa, asking about the
church. They imagine it is a big physical organization, with a
university, many employees and huge resources. And so, people far
away want to be employees of the church and receive benefits. If not
a salary, they want physical things that cost money. This is not what
the church can do. The church does not give you fish, it gives you
the rod and reel, (spiritual power) and you catch your own fish.

Rasa is looking for people to promulgate the church, to spread the
Anointing. They received the Anointing for free, and they can promote
the Anointing so others can receive it. This is God's work. The
church is not a building, nor a certificate, nor a license, nor a
diploma, nor a beauracratic domain. It is a living, breathing,
spiritual organism which stands by itself in the spiritual and
physical world.

For those who join the church and become devotees, please enjoy the
reality that is here. If you wish to serve the church, the Anointing
that you have received will grow. It will expand because of your
purity of heart and your charity. Remember to have Faith, Hope, Love,
Trust, Confidence in God, and what you have been given BY THE
ANOINTING will give you everything you need!

Rasa Von Werder

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