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Rasa Von Werder, William Bond

I would like to see us now enhance the solidarity we have for Matriarchy.
This means an EFFORT on our parts to stay in touch, kick up the pace, get
intimate, write letters and speak on the phone with one another. Know
another Matriarch? Befriend them, try harder to be close. It is in this
solidarity that we will enhance, inspire, motivate and galvanize one
another. FELLOWSHIP IS POWERFUL. Acceptance of one another, affirmation, is
love, and love strengthens our Mission.

LAUNCH Centers

Our DISCUSSIONS are like launch centers; they are sounding out, feeling out
and working out the plans, programs and ideas. As the other Matriarch
listens, both of us being positive in our approach, energy passes from one
to the other. This is growth, this is development and evolution.

SE, but we are all cyber situated. We are also in different states and
countries, most of us, so we cannot sit down at a round table and chew the
cud. And so, e mail and phone becomes the main thing we can utilize, and I
am calling for us to do that. I would also like to see us discipline
ourselves where if we are doing too much talking on groups not relating to
our agenda, let's pull in the reins and concentrate on Matriarchal issues.
Here are some of the things worthy of our attention:


1 Economic liberation for females. How will this come about? How will
excluding, where there was a son, even their own widows from inheriting the
wealth! Frequently neither wife nor daughter inherited wealth, but sons did.
I have heard that in most cases of the wealthy, they got their money by
inheritance. So inheritance is a key factor in the economic security of
males, from the past. Bear in mind THAT FEMALES HELPED THEM ACCUMULATE THIS
WEALTH, but females, as de facto slaves, did not benefit rightfully from
their labor and participation. Females also were instrumental in delivering
the sons to whom men left the wealth - MALES CANNOT REPRODUCE AND ONLY BY

In light of this, we see that FEMALES HAVE BEEN ROBBED OF THE WEALTH,
RESOURCES AND POWER which they were responsible for creating. And with this
wealth and power, males made rules and laws, and enforced same, for the
continued imprisonment and exploitation of women.

Today, less than a hundred years since education became legal for women (as
of 2003), women are getting more PhD's than males!

But the struggle isn't over, there is a backlash. The government is trying
to shove welfare women back into Patriarchal marriages, to spare the
taxpayer from footing the bill. There is no such initiative TO DEPRIVE
CORPORATIONS OF WELFARE FROM THE STATE. So corporations, go man go, get more
money. Poor single women, go whistle Dixie; find a man like the old days to
support you. Welfare people are taking a smithereen from the government
budgets, but big business and corporations benefit immensely. That's the
whole idea of the backlash - favor the rich, rob the poor. That is the
Patriarchal move against women, in spite of the gains women are making.

Therefore, the question needs to be addressed: How will females gain wealth?

My immediate answer? Leave money only to your daughters, disinherit your
sons. (Hearty and satisfied laugh.)

Education is at the forefront of gaining wealth. By that I mean not only
getting into the colleges with advanced degrees, but all sorts of skills,
information and business empowerment. There have to be opportunities for
funding, low-interest loans to women starting their own businesses, and the
private sector singling out women for grants or sponsorship.

2 Spiritual, Religious Liberation. Again, education is at the forefront of
such freedom. Consider that the religions in power today are no more than
Patriarchal Cults, forced upon the public from long ago at the expense of
our original religion, Goddess Worship.

What we have need of here is CULT DEPROGRAMMING, and that means, education,
information, break the hypnotic spell, inform and proselytize.

How shall we do this? Work on the internet, books, and promotion of same
through magazines, radio and television. We need people to work on this;
writers, publishers, producers and speakers. I have been chosen 'by default'
to run such a campaign as it seems no one else right now is qualified or
ready to hit the mainstream media trail.

The idea of a Mother rather than a Father God is imperative for our MORALE
and for archetype visualization. We cannot have Matriarchy with a man at the
head, from on high, making the rules and enforcing the laws of God. It has
to be Mother, and we must be able to worship Mother OUT IN THE OPEN NOT IN
THE WOODS. We must have churches that worship Her and give Her praise, and
children must be brought up in a MotherGod mentality.

How will we introduce public MotherGod worship churches? How can we get
people to open up storefronts for Her, and the wealthy to buy up or build
churches and give Her praise? Where are the theologians for MotherGod
worship? What about starting worship in our homes and invite the neighbors
who believe? (Before this can be stirred up we might need a bit of public
teaching, preaching, and education rises up as the main issue once again.)
We need to discuss these important facets.

4 Family and Relationships. Right now we have scarcely any conception of
family except that which is Patriarchal, any concept of man and woman except
macho and feminine. But there is an alternative, and that is Matriarchal
families (should be extended) and female-led relationships.

How are we going to get men to check their false macho at the door and give
in to this? They have fear of ridicule and humiliation, of being 'hen
pecked,' 'pussy whipped,' and 'shown up' by a woman. For a man to admit he
wants to be dominated or led by a female is tantamount to asking to be
called, 'sissy,' 'wus,' 'shmoe,' and so on. How do we surmount this shame
put upon males willing to accept female leadership? Even for males to have
'equal' partnership is considered a 'big deal' and I have noticed that this
works for the PROFESSIONAL CLASS, but does not apply to the wealthy or the
poor and working class. The wealthy have (they think) TOO MUCH TO LOSE. They
have millions and billions, and they want to keep charge of it, so they
control the woman. (I have observed the behavior of wealthy males with my
own eyes, and they are repressive toward their mates, while the mates follow
along for the financial benefits. They dare not stand up to the man insofar
as who is the leader IN PUBLIC.) Now the poor - the males have so little
social status that the only way they boost themselves up is to pretend they
are stronger and superior over their woman and kids. If the woman would ask
them to submit to domination, they would feel like the last thing they have,
their balls, were being removed, this includes ethnic groups especially; the
men that are made to feel small by wealthier white men. We have then this
male mentality problem, male self esteem tied in with domination of women,
vindicating themselves by being able to dominate a woman or two.

The safest place to promote Matriarchy would be with the professional class,
the doctor/lawyer man and wife, who seem evenly yoked and well informed,
have terrific self esteem and security.

We come back to once again, education. Unless Matriarchy and female-led
relationships are promoted and preached loud and clear, we will not be able
to deprogram minds.

There you have it; the things we must focus on and discuss, and if you can
think of other issues, please bring them up.


Now that we have raised up the issues, the next case is what can you
personally do to further Matriarchy?

Can you write articles or promote the articles of William Bond and Rasa Von
Werder? All you have to do is cut and paste and send these out to group -
all groups, Yahoo, MSN, Live Journal, My Space and blogs. On the top and
bottom put the URL's of William and Rasa, their groups and Rasa's website,
WomanThouArtGod, and you are promoting Matriarchy. If you have other
Matriarchal leaders you like, do your best to promote them and their work.

Can you do research relating to Matriarchy, and post the articles and links
on groups? Look up Matriarchy, female supremacy, great women, and feminism,
books that educate on female empowerment issues, and disseminate such
information. This will open eyes, educate, lead to healthy discussions on

Do you see anyone you like on the internet that is Matriarchal and could use
some help? Those who have websites, such as I, have expenses. We need
donations. Write letters of praise and thanks to those who promote
Matriarchy. Most of us get more criticism than praise, I assure you. William
Bond has told me that during most of the years he has been posting his
articles on the net, there has been a lot of flak. I get probably five nasty
letters for one good one. Write friendly letters to those who promote
Matriarchy and you are a help - moral support.

This is a start. You don't have to do a lot, but do something. If you can do
a little, it is a beginning. And those who are already Matriarchal, let's
work on solidarity.

Rasa Von Werder


Should Women Rule The World?

William Bond

I believe that women should rule the world and what is more I have written a
book about this! It's called "Make Love Not War", which is now available
on-line from PublishAmerica at-

If you want to order through a bookshop, my book ISBN is 1-4137-1639-3

My book questions assumptions that men have always been the dominant sex. As
I explain that male bias in scientific and academic studies, ignores the
contribution of the female.

I discuss the archaeological findings of the Neolithic age, which shows that
the first civilizations lived for thousands of years in peace and were
probably ruled by Women. I write about the field studies of the matriarchal
bonobo ape and other primates who live in female dominated societies. I also
write about the scientific Gaia hypothesis that shows the whole of life on
this Earth is one organism. This is a very feminine idea as opposed to the
"survival of the fittest" and the "selfish gene" theories, invented by
competitive-minded male scientists. It seems that sexual bias can even shape
how we view evolution theory. I also discuss the "Aquatic Ape" theory, which
is strongly opposed by male scientists because it gives prominence to the
female in our human evolution.

I also question the assumption that it is impossible for human beings to
live in a compassionate and caring world. As I explain that this is true
only while men continue to rule our world.

The differences between men and women are to do with our primitive
instincts. Male animals have a powerful instinct to compete. We can see this
every spring when animals like deer, bulls and rams go in for "head banging"
to see who is the strongest. Human males have a similar instinct and when
men rule the world this competitive instinct goes to the extreme and causes
war, genocide, fear, hatred and poverty.

Men do a really terrible job in ruling our world. They like to boast how
brainy they are. Yet they show this intelligence by inventing and producing
more effective weapons in which to kill people, while putting in very little
intellectual or capital investment in solving basic problems like crime,
violence, warfare and poverty. They then make the excuse that these problems
are unsolvable. Yet if we are clever enough to put men on the Moon,

(Rasa: If we can send one man to the moon, why can't we send them all?)

why are we not using our intellect and problem solving skills to solve the
causes of human suffering? The reason is that men insist in using macho
solutions to try and solve these problems.

So the solution to warfare is to spend more money on arms and soldiers so
others won't attack your country. The problem is that all countries do the
same thing which creates a climate of fear and distrust. This was taken to
the extreme during the cold war when both the USSR and the USA had enough
nuclear weapons to destroy the world many times over.

Women on the other hand have a powerful maternal instinct. This makes women
from an early age want to care and look after babies, children and animals.
If women were allowed to rule the world, then the maternal instinct would
drive women to create a caring and loving world. Because women would not
have a interest in competing against other countries through warfare or
allow children to die of starvation, like millions do every year. They even
wouldn't want to see children brought up in ignorance and poverty which
again in commonplace in our world. This is why women would do a far better
job in ruling our world, as their maternal instincts would drive them to
find solutions to basic problems, like conflict, violence and poverty.

Human beings do have the intellectual skills to solve the problems of human
suffering. We just need to stop using macho solutions to these problems and
allow Women to rule the world and use feminine solutions to the human

You can read more of my writings at -

William Bond


From Rasa:

William I agree with all that you say and I think we have to pull together
all the Matriarchs/female supremacists and start the big push, galvanize
people. I am especially keen on gathering together the women because it
seems to be that on My Space we have ample opportunity for that, so I am
inviting (through assistance from Gold) mostly females.

Females have got to see that they are superior, that they must take
responsibility, and get out there full speed ahead, filled with piss and
vinegar, their intelligence and aggression, and take charge. If we don't,
the world will continue going downhill as no one is going to put the brakes
on these men but us.

Steven Hawking (physicist) said this:


Gold told me about a book today he is getting me by LEONARD SHLAIN, a brain
surgeon. 'THE ALPHABET VS THE GODDESS'. This book talks about Matriarchal
issues and he is on the same page as us. There are a number of advanced
persons who are seeing the big picture of what is at fault - Patriarchy -
and what must be done - Matriarchy. The fate of the world depends on this,
we are all agreed.

So, more power to us and our books and writings and promotion.

Infinite love,


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