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From: prakki surya
Date: Fri Feb 10, 2006 11:11 pm
Subject: Re: [Ashankah] WHY DEVOTEES FAIL dattapr2000
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Divine Message of His Holiness Shri Datta Swami
Q) Swami whether a very brilliant person in the worldly affairs is
blessed by God indicating his higher spiritual level for such
exceptional grace of God.
Swami answered this in the following way:
Suppose there is a talented person in running but he is running in the
wrong direction. In that case the talent is harming him more because
by that exceptional talent he is running fast and is going away from
the goal in a very short time. The person who is not talented is
slowly walking. The absence of talent in his case is very good because
he is not far away from the goal even after long time. Even a country
for its welfare needs people with good character who are not corrupt.
Even though the talent is less the public will be really benefited by
non-corrupt officials even though they are less talented. The public
will not receive the benefits from the corrupt officials even though
they are more talented. Their talent is applied in their selfish
growth. Ravana was a great scholar with exceptional talents. But the
world suffered due to him.
A devotee with good character and lesser talent will always be better
to give good results. God will bless him with exceptional talent
wherever and whenever it is needed. If the direction is towards God
the exceptional talent is definitely due to the grace of God. The
talent without divine knowledge results in destruction only at the end
Q) the greatness of a generous atheist over a selfish theist?
Swami told that Gita says that the bad theist is greater than a
generous atheist (Apichet Sa Duracharah…..). The reason for this is
that negation of God is - 100. All the other good qualities are only
+99. Therefore a good atheist results as â€"1. The gratefulness to
God is +100. All the other bad qualities are only -99. Therefore, a
bad theist results as +1. Ofcourse a good theist is +199. A bad
atheist is â€" 199. You should aim at + 199 and not just at +1.
Q) the cause of the fear?
Swami told that the cause of fear is only the ignorance about God. The
complete knowledge about God removes the fear completely. You can
neither protect yourself nor others. Any item of the creation cannot
protect any other item of the creation. The reason is every item has
production and destruction. Even the Lord in the human form has birth
and death but has no fear. Jesus knows about His future crucification.
He never feared about it before or during the crucification. He never
feared for the soldiers who came to arrest Him. He never argued about
His case in the court, because He knows that the crucification has to
take place by the will of God. Therefore when you have the knowledge
of God and the knowledge of His will, you will not fear even about the
death. The death proves that everything and everybody other than God
gets destroyed. There fore Jesus asked the people to fear about
themselves and about their children and not about His death. Lord Rama
jumped into the river with smiling face, Lord Krishna was smiling
while leaving His body. Sri Padavallabha and Sri Narasimha Saraswati
merged in the Krishna river with smiles. Therefore one will not fear
even for death if the divine knowledge is attained. Gita says that
death is only changing the old shirt. Where the divine knowledge
exists like sunlight, the fear vanishes like darkness. Even in the
last statement of Jesus no trace of fear appears as He said that He is
surrendering His soul to the hands of God. Veda says that the limited
knowledge is cause of the fear (Atha Tasya Bhayam….).
posted by: His servant
at the lotus feet of shri datta swami

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