Sunday, 23 November 2008

When are Women Going to Take Over the Planet?

William, Beata, Thomas, all Friends of Matriarchy,

I noticed William and Beata's discussion regarding women not getting along.

Ok, so let me just tell you my straight out feelings. I have worked for
female empowerment most of my life and have succeeded on a few levels. I
did things that galvanized women, gave women a template, stirred them up,
freed them up, whatever, I did much and will continue doing work till the
day I die.

Now I am not the sort women like because they are threatened by me, envy
competitiveness to them are factors. They do not want to work with me
because I am a Leader and they do not accept women leaders, in short, THEY
do not get along with a strong, outstanding woman and it is their problem,
not mine. I will continue with or without them, and without them has never
hindered my work so far.

I do not have to work with other women to get my work done, like close
buddies, nor do I have to sleep with them. All I have to do is set an
example, be a strong powerful woman who fights patriarchy and destroys its
concepts, its assumptions. This is done by all kinds of work; education,
proselytizing, defeating lies, just being out there in the gender wars and
winning. This I can do and few women ever help - Beata and Suzy Q have been
the only women who helped me in fighting.

What I have come to realize is that what I do I can do alone or I can do it
with males and females, so far most of my best helpers have been males, to
wit, William Bond and Thomas Andrews, and other devotees and friends like
PB, Rick, Achim, Mike Trotman, appear then disappear, appear again to help.

I can do it any way the chips fall, either alone totally or with friends.
It's more fun with friends, but this is not mandatory as I look over my
life. Key figures enter the picture, assist me here and there and go away,
and it always gets done.

Now as far as male or female, I will tell you straight out, I look at the
SPIRIT, not the flesh. Yes, eventually it will be a women world, but right
now it isn't. I can't find women who have the panache to fight for
matriarchy, I can find men quicker. These men have the spirit of

I do not expect the men mentioned to be doormats or slaves, without will,
without dignity and autonomy. They are created by God as individuals and
have to answer to God for what they do. Frankly, I do not want to be their
dominatrix. I would not mind being in some cases their spiritual leader or
spiritual partner. As spiritual leader, I am capable of guiding these men
for their own benefit, with great love, and the same as friend, we share
with love. The love part is extremely important. I will not be their
fetish queen, someone else can do that, I don't have time.

The way I see it, myself working with William and Thomas, is that we are on
the same page, we share beliefs, it is all for one and one for all. We even
made an agreement on that. These men are intelligent and self motivated and
they donot need to by my zombies, God, if they were it would be miserable. I
want them to be happy wherever they are, support and affirm them, and I want
them to do the same for me and do what they can for the Cause.

Again, William, I do not see the woman issue as you do. You keep saying if
women don't stick together and pull the cart together we may as well forget
it. They can't and we won't. They will not cut the mustard together for a
long time, yet we will get there, through more time than we would like.

The problem is, women are so screwed up for so many generations of
submission and domestication, they can't do what we want them to, stick
together and fight.

Here is an example. I had 6 geese, 2 female and 4 male. Once in a while I
took them into the woods to the pond, but they rarely went without me. But
this semi domestic white big guy goose came over and seduced one of the
females and took her to the pond, and then river. She was never seen again.
He came back and hounded the other males to go into the woods with him, and
eventually they all went out there because there were wild female geese out
there, and they thought it would be great.

All summer my domestic grey geese hung out with the wild geese and their
babies, having the time of their lives. But then autumn came, and it got
colder. The wild geese and their babies all flew away.

One of my females did not like it in the woods and she returned home. Now
she is my pet and stays closer than ever to me and I take care of her and
she wants to be petted like a dog.

I kept going into the woods to see my beloved geese, but month after month
one by one, they disappeared, they perished.

Now this is what happens to those who are domesticated - they lose the
abilities of the wild, they get fatter and their wings atrophy, and they
cannot go south, and they cannot fly away from the coyotes and fox, so they
are in great danger in the wild.

Yes, domestic geese were domesticated so we could use them for food. Woman
have been domesticated for use in serial pregnancies, sex and domestic
duties, and this went on for thousands of years.

Now you are asking these domesticated, weakened women to suddenly rise up
against their oppressors, and stand up to them and become independent. And
also, these women who have competed for men and resources are suddenly
supposed to buddy up and defeat men - right.

Now women like myself are an ANOMALY. How many women are like me or
Emmeline Pankhurst? Women like this are about one in 100,000 or less, maybe
one in millions. Pankhurst had better luck than I have with women
followers, but then, she was a respectable member of society and not as
controversial as I. I am the pariah, and that is why women will not join
me. They don't want to be spit on and wear the crown of thorns I do. Not
all women get followers or work with other women, some do what they do
alone. But women have followed my EXAMPLE. Look at the bodybuilding
situation which they finally admit I am the founder of.

Now women are the domestic geese and they do not have the ability I have, it
is as simple as that. If they went into the wilderness they would perish,
so they fear, and the fear stops them from action. Fear paralyzes, fear
makes one unable.

I have less fear because I am Anointed by God, so that is my secret weapon,
so I do what I do under the strength of that.

To sum up, women probably will not help me until I become completely
successful, but I will keep going ahead. Most women will not do great
things, for a while. They will do small things, like getting their degrees,
and bit by bit they will move ahead and in a few generations, many more
women will do great things.

What we wish would happen RIGHT NOW, William, will take a few generations.
Women will not follow one another until they see that women indeed are
controlling society, they are in all the high places, and their idea of
women will change and they will see what side their bread is buttered on.
Right now they look at another woman and they see a slave,

'She's just like me, fighting to get the resources men have.'

And so there is little respect, but they claw each other's eyes out for men,
they are sneaky and will be giving your husband or boyfriend sex to get him
away from you. Also, on groups, when women attacked me, they wanted me off
the podium, they resented the respect I summoned, but once rid of me, they
could not take my place. So they just do not want to see another woman's
head held high, they want to knock women out of high places even if there
are no women there, they hate women getting respect they don't have

So what am I going to do? Frankly, I am a bit fed up with trying to
cultivate women to my side, I am just going to work with who I have and
continue to promote the books, and somehow, some way I will get back into
the media and preach our cause. If no woman helps me it will not hinder me
one bit.



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