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How to Worship MotherGod

Worship MotherGod or Our Planet is Doomed

How to Worship MotherGod

1 Chose an 'ideal' of MotherGod whom you believe in and love. My chosen
image right now is Our Lady of Guadalupe.

There are thousands of images of MotherGod such as Isis, Kali, Saraswati,
Durga, Ashereth, Lakshmi, Hecate, etc. She is the embodiment of God both
eternal and imminent, both infinite and within us this moment, as well as
manifesting in the Universe as Creation.

2 WHOLE PERSON: As I sit before Our Lady of Guadalupe, I first greet her by
kissing my hand and putting it near Her tilma and each body part which I am
going to worship. I also greet Saint Juan Diego.

I consider Holy Mary from Her Sacred feet to Her Divine Head, and I address
every part of Her body. (These chosen ideals are all female, representatives
of the Feminine Divine, all having physical body representations and may be
worshipped in a similar manner.)

3 FEET: I start from Her Feet and work upward, addressing Them as thus:

'I honor Your Feet, Holy Mother, which are Peace when needed, or righteous
war when God has to stand against the enemy. They are always on the right
path and walk in the right direction.

4 LEGS: 'I worship Your Legs, Holy Mother, which are Your vehicle of
transportation, taking You where You have to go.'

5 WOMB and BIRTH CANAL: I worship Your Womb and your Sacred Birth Canal.

Your Holy Womb gave birth to Our Lord Jesus, gestating Him for nine
wonderful months, and then delivering Him and all other children through the
Holy Birth Canal.

What Sacred, what Secret inviolate time within the very Body of Holy Mother!
What nourishment, development, growth and protection your Sweet Body gave to
Jesus and gives to all your children!

This Womb is also the symbol of the EGG of MotherGod and Her creation,
holding all children of all species, and the secret data which each
individual life contains, known by God, which will produce its life and
fruit after transiting from egg into atmosphere.

6 HANDS: These Sacred and Holy Hands held Baby Jesus and all infants, even
us grownups who are ever Your children. These hands caress, pet, comfort,
and prepare food. They work to help others.

7 ARMS: I worship the Sacred Arms of MotherGod which also hold the Infant,
protect in Her strength, carry the Child Jesus and work to help the family
and all of humanity.

8 SHOULDERS and BACK: What hardships these Shoulders and Back have carried
for the sake of Love, what Crosses. I worship this Sacred part of MotherGod,
for She has suffered for all of us.

9 BREASTS: I worship Your Sacred Breasts, Holy Mary, which gave Milk to Baby
Jesus and to all children. They contained all that He needed, and all that
children need, within the time of their infancy.

These breasts mean giving love, caring.

These wonderful Breasts are also the symbol of MotherEarth and Her bounty of
Living Fruits of the Planet. All that we need for sustenance is present in
the Breasts of our Planet through grains, seeds, fruits, herbs, etc.

10 LIPS: Your Sacred Lips speak Truth, oh, Mother God, and I hear You. Your
mouth also takes in what it needs of the nourishment of this earth, which
completes the cycle of birth and death, eating, drinking, and being

Speak to me your Words of Life!

11 EYES: I honor your eyes, Hly Mother, which see and understanding in the
Highest Vision. Your spiritual vision sees Truth and Reality.

Your Eyes are all-seeing, objective and subjective, total comprehension,
Truth, Reality and Honesty and Perfection.

12 NOSE: Your nose is a symbol of great Discernment, MotherGod. You know
right from wrong in each situation, and you teach it to us.

13 EARS: Your ears hear the Word of God and teach us to do so - to ever hear
the Word of God and block out and resist the words of the devil.

14 WHOLE BODY: I honor your entire physical body, Holy Mother, as Creation,
the symbol of Creation and Creation Itself.


I submit to you, Holy Mother, my entire body, my mind, my heart, my soul and
my Spirit. Into Your Holy hands I commit all of myself, trusting in You.

I hold nothing back of myself and ask You for direction and guidance each
day. Please allow me to hear You as the still, small voice within, to
channel You, to obtain from You guidance, nourishment and direction. I wait
upon Your instructions and wish only to please You by being completely one
with Your Will.

Just give me the grace to obey You and to improve each day against my lower
nature. Let me not give in to my sins and faults but resist them and the
devil completely each day. Let me surrender more and more each day to Your
Power and Your Grace, holding on to nothing of the world and its flesh. Let
me be free, liberated and worthy to enter into Your Kingdom.

Prayer: 'Our Mother, Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom
come, Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our
daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass
against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

PART III: Worship of the Sacred Head as the Seat of Divine Wisdom

1 INTELLECT, MIND AND BRAIN: I worship your Sacred Head as the Seat of
Divine Wisdom, dearest Mother.

Your knowledge and understanding are eminent and all should bow at Your feet
for what You know and convey to us. You see Truth at all times. Your
Sahasrara is shining with the effulgent Glorious Rays of Divine Energy.
Consume us by It.

2 MEMORY: Your memory is all things past, and present and future. Give us a
part of this. In You there is no Time, only Eternity. Help us tap into Your
Sacred Memory. Help us to know we must be better, to keep improving.

3 WILL: Oh, Holy and Sacred Will, I will to obey You! I will to become a
saint! I will to follow all Your paths and directions, and that of none
other. Only give me strength and Your grace to obey You in all things, and
that will be enough to sustain me, and give me joy and happiness.


Oh Heart of MotherGod, You are the Source of Divine Love. From This, Your
Heart, flows the Ocean of Eternal Love, Charity, Mercy, and Compassion.

Fill me with the Taste of Your Love and the Power of It. Let me be as You,
defeating all my carnal and egotistical drives by the Power of Your Love,
defeating all my fears and anxieties, all my vices and sins, my failures and
my constant attachments, by increasing my Love for You to such a degree,
that it will burn out all other attractions.


Prayers of supplication

1 I ask You oh Divine Mother, to grant to me and to all who are worthy, all
the Virtues and all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I ask that you give blessings, favors and boons to all of good will and
heart, to myself, and our spiritual family.

I ask for protection and guidance to the whole human race.

I ask for these favors at this time for myself and those who need Your
help.........(fill in personal needs and prayers for oneself and others)

Part VI

Prayers of Gratitude

I thank You, Mother Most High, for Your benevolence in creating the entire
Universe and all the good in it.

I thank You for ending Patriarchy and bringing forth Matriarchy.

I thank You for the personal favors and gifts You have given me and given
others through me.

Part VII

Invoke Her Power Against Enemies

Holy Mother, I invoke Your power against the enemies of God and of the human
race, the enemies of our Planet and all its inhabitants.

I invoke Your power to smite the demons and their friends, to let them
perish, to make them scatter, to make them flee, to remove them to the Pit
of no return, to disable them completely and make them stop harassing the
human race, the Planet, and all its inhabitants. Bind them up and cast them
out into the Bottomless Pit forever.

Thank you! Amen.

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