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How Patriarchy Manipulates Love and Hate to Suit its Agenda

William Bond, Comments by Rasa Von Werder

Rasa's answers below and what is being answered is numbered and answered at
the end.

Dear Rasa

To answer your questions.

The problem with patriarchal doctrine is the way it uses love. Men are
greatly encouraged only to love themselves; the result is that men are
incapable of
understanding the feelings of others. He might understand the feelings of
other men because they are
similar to him but Women's feelings are a
complete mystery to him. (1) So he comes to think of
Women as Aliens, something that comes from
outer-space. So because they seem so different from
him, he fears and despises them. (2) The same is true of the animal world.
Because men are so self-absorbed, they don't consider animals of having
feelings either. So it is easy for men to kill and torture animals without
any concern for them, because they have no understanding how they feel.

To ensure men only love themselves, patriarchy takes it a step further and
teaches men how to hate others. So men are encouraged to hate anything, or
anyone, slightly different from himself.

Patriarchal brainwashing does the opposite to Women. Women naturally have a
maternal and nurturing instinct, to care and love others. Patriarchal
brainwashing makes Women take this instinct to the extreme, through three
un-written laws:

1 Thou shalt, not love thyself

2 Thou shalt not love other Women.

3 Thou shalt only love men (3)

It is easy for men to dominate and abuse Women if she does not love herself;
simply because if she has no love for herself, it is not easy for her to
care about herself. So she can easy accept abuse from a man because she
feels she is not important. Patriarchy
also teaches Women to hate themselves so because of
this Women feel they need to punish themselves; this
then is the root of female masochism.

Because she lacks any love for herself, it is not easy for her to have any
love for other Women, because other Women are like herself. So if she cannot
love herself, it is impossible to love other Women as well. (4) And if she
has learnt to hate herself she will also
hate other Women as well.

But the maternal instinct in Women drives her to want
to love others. So the un-written patriarchal law is
that Women are only allowed to love men. (5) The result is that Women end up
loving her husband more than she loves herself. So if he gets pleasure out
of abusing her, then she is also pleased, because her love is
directed at him and not herself. (6) And if she has
learnt to hate herself she then feels it right her
husband is punishing her, she will also love her sons
more than her daughters because her daughters are like herself, whom she
does not love. She can even abuse her daughter through genital abuse because
if she
hates herself she will hate her daughter as well. But
she is allowed to love her sons because they are male
and so will channel all her love to her husband and

So the foundation of patriarchy is that men love
themselves and Women only love men. If both sexes don't do this, then
patriarchy is undermined.

Once Women begin to love themselves they will no
longer accept abuse from men. This can be very
difficult, because if she lives in an extreme
patriarchal society, she will have no support or help. (7)
So it is easier for her to accept patriarchal
brainwashing than to allow herself, to love herself.

The same problem can come about if men start to learn how to love others. A
husband who starts to love his wife will not want to abuse her, and if he
can show his love to his wife, it will encourage her to also
love herself. This will greatly undermine his
dominance over her. So he will no longer be a true
macho man because he is incapable of dominating his

So we can see this happening today in the Western world, where Women are
increasingly learning to love themselves and men learning to love others,
and this is why patriarchy is declining. (8)

Matriarchy doesn't have to be the opposite to patriarchy. We do not want a
society when Women only love themselves and hate others, while men only love
Women and hate themselves. This is something out of a
male Femdom fantasy.

As men learn to love others he will start to hate himself, because he can
see clearly the harm his sex is doing to others and the world. This is what
is fuelling FemDom fantasies; he wants Women to punish him, simply because
he is a man. This is also why many patriarchal men resist loving others,
because once he does this, he realizes how 'evil' men are. This is why many
men who have FemDom fantasies are also still very patriarchal. The Femdom
fantasies are expressing the unconscious disgust they feel for themselves
and the male sex as a whole, but they dare not consciously acknowledge this,
because it is too painful to them. (9)

The same is true of Women, as they learn to love themselves, the more they
find it impossible to love men and even learn to hate them, because they
also can now see clearly the harm men do to others. So it is not surprising
that a Woman who has learnt to love herself will see all men as wicked and

What is needed is that both sexes love themselves and
love others at the same time, so that their love is
balanced. Hate can only appear when there is no love. If we only love
ourselves then it is easy to fear and hate others. Or if we only love others
it is easy to hate ourselves. But if we both love ourselves and others, then
hate cannot achieve any foothold. (10)

I believe it is natural for Women to be the Dominant
sex because patriarchy has had to put so much into
changing natural human behavior, to ensure men became the dominant sex. (11)


1 This is called having no empathy. This is an emotional zombie. Why do I
have sympathy for men - because I made an attempt to understand them, and it
was not easy. If I did not do so I would hate even more of them, but as it
is, I did explain I hate only the wicked ones. This is a totally natural and
acceptable feeling toward those who are headed for hell and want to lead
others there. I do not hate their souls - I explained that I want them to
repent before they die and make it to heaven. But the word 'hate' means to
strongly dislike, despise. This is precisely what they deserve and God
Herself feels the same as I do. She will watch them go into their
self-imposed hell as soon as they die, by their own karma and decision. And
She tells us not to feel sorry for them at all.

2 Thank you for saying that men despise women, as they do not admit it, do
they? But their behavior belies their feelings. Their hate is toward
innocent, helpful beings whereas the hate of the righteous is toward the

3 Thou speakest wisely, William! I am so glad we are having this chat and
bringing this sort of thing into the open. It needs airing and I think women
and men need to hear this!

4 What a great explanation of why women hate other women! They hate
themselves, therefore other women as well. They first off kill baby
daughters by the millions in India and China (through straight out murder,
or leave them on top of garbage piles or just neglect them so they starve,
etc., whereas boys are protected) - where once you had Sati (widows burned
alive for the off chance that the one in a million poisoned her husband, all
had to die!) and foot binding, with full cooperation from females, in fact,
females encouraging and participating in the torture and destruction of
females. Females brainwashed into hating themselves and other females,
conversely brainwashed to love and respect males! This is sick! Do not tell
us now, William, to start loving males. We have to STOP loving males except
for the odd herring who loves God more than sin.

5 I am impressed with how you came up with this because I have observed how
hateful women are to other women and it seemed to me a total lack of respect
for womanhood. On one level it is cattiness, but yet, more than that. You
now expose the truth. Conversely and sickeningly I have observed how females
suffer and sacrifice for males for the little bit of support they get,
taking all kinds of shit and selfishness from men as if it was our sacred
duty to support them no matter how disgusting they are. Likewise females
look to their sons as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and in some cases
neglect and abuse females but affirm and support the males. This happened in
my family except that my two sisters were also supported, but my brother was
supported by Mom as the most important (and needy) child. I was sacrificed
as the lamb that could be killed in order to 'feed'/support the others.
Obviously, not physically killed, but mental, emotional, physical abuse and
neglect, treated as a slave and scapegoat for the rest of the family, is
likened to killing. Of course, this worked to make me strong and prepare me
for a life of hard work, the ability to take pain while yet moving on
positively. I do thank God for what I went through as it made me strong.

6 This is a frightening disclosure and I believe it is true! How many times
women are in some way abused, used, exploited, and they will not hear of
changing it, and will even work against the one who would liberate them.
They have accepted this abuse as the proper way of life and cannot see a way
out. They have made peace with abuse, have accepted it, and this is a
dangerous and sad place to be at.

7 A good point, that a female such as me, who is not a masochist toward men
and does not hate women, is considered an outsider. I have no support from
women to speak of and I do have some from men, but of course, the majority
hate and fear me if they know what I am about. But in spite of that, God is
on my side and that spurs me on and strengthens me.

8 What is interesting to note is the strongly religious Protestants that you
see on Trinity Broadcasting and other venues. They are teaching 'love' and
yet this love allows them discriminate against females, because their
version of God says it is alright; that females are not supposed to have
equal rights nor full ministry. The male is supposed to be de facto head of
family and supposedly, she needs his permission to preach. They could not
carry this off unless women agreed to it! And you see women sitting in the
pews, thousands of them, with bibles in laps, agreeing to these lies!

By the way, they are also saying that Satan is attacking religion and
causing it to decline. Satan has always been against God, but what they are
referring to now is the REAL God, MotherGod, stepping in and standing up to
their lies, entrenched in Patriarchal religion. It's not so easy to fool
people any more, in this day and age. Women won't stand for it any more and
many have revolted. Their religions are declining.

9 Interesting observations. It suits me just fine that men will learn to
have disgust for themselves as I do for them, and surely God does. This
disgust should lead to REFORMATION. First comes light, then conviction, then
reformation, forgiveness and salvation. If a man loves his soul, his eternal
life, he must face what he has done if not as the big alpha male, as the
little shmuck who benefited from the slavery of females. He was given better
jobs, more pay, and more consideration in business, more opportunities, and
respect from society and individuals, all because of that wanky penis
hanging there. Even the average loser benefited from the alpha males turning
women into slaves. Right now we are benefiting financially by the
corporations going overseas and exploiting the Third World workers, and I do
not like it one bit. I feel although I am getting cheap items at Wal-Mart
and K-Mart, nevertheless, I speak the truth and I do not condone
exploitation of the poor. Males, however, never spoke out for women, except
for extreme cases like the husband of Emmeline Pankhurst. These were
probably one in 100,000 the rest going along happily for the ride,
benefiting in the delusions and the wickedness of what was wrought.

10 Here you have not answered on how to manifest this love. What is love?
You just finished saying women have been taught to love men and hate
themselves, and now you are saying we should love ourselves and men as well.
How do we manifest, precisely this love for wicked males - the ones who
cooperate with Patriarchy and want to keep it going. What do you expect us
women to do? This is precisely what I have asked you and you have not
answered. It is easy to say 'love everyone' but I need specifics here. The
religious people are saying the same thing, but what they mean is to love
their own kind, the members of their sect, and hate others, or look down on
them. Many such wankers have written me and preached their Patriarchal
sermons, and when I stood up to them, they wrote me off as a lost cause and
took off. There was no love there. In this case I would call love TOLERANCE
OF THE RELIGION OF ANOTHER. I do have such tolerance, except for the
Patriarchal part of it. The mystics transcend the Patriarchal lies, and they
find Union with God in any religion by proper adherence to the inner
workings of grace.

11 The geneticists will agree with you, as I am now in the midst of studying
the great Bryan Sykes of Oxford, and the interesting Steve Jones of
University of London.

They both say that males are biologically/genetically and in other ways,
inferior to female. I have finished hearing Syke's book and he concludes, in
the end, the following, (from memory, words might not be exact :)

'Mitochondria and the female have finally vanquished their ancient
adversary, and Gaia can resume Her broken sleep.'

Professor Sykes is the one who discovered that we can extract DNA from
ancient bones, and he also traced back all of humanity to seven females
which is documented in his best-selling book, 'The Seven Daughters of Eve.'

He believes that what males have done on this planet is akin to the work of
'a runaway train.' From his point of view, the male Y chromosome is mad with
greed and selfishness, and stops at nothing to acquire his ends. He has many
strong epithets against males which I will collect in a big review I am
writing on his work.

So many of the top scientists and futurists are coming forth and declaring
the war between the sexes is over, and female has won. Many such revelations
are on this site:

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