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Again and again I think,

'Why can't they see it? It is so obvious, but they cannot see it.
How can I show them. Ok, got an idea.'

Now imagine a fox wanting to build henhouses. Very eager to do it,
all foxes get on the committee eager to start building right away.
Indeed, they will do it. But what then? Eat the hens! Chase them
and get them hysterical, so their eggs are filled with spots of blood,
make their lives a nervous wreck. But yes, foxes want henhouses.

Next case. Pedophiles want to build orphanages. Oh, yes, eager as
can be. And want to work in them to. Are they doing it out of the
goodness of their hearts?

And boy scouts? Lord Baden Powell, a known boy lover. Yes, he did
some good. I read somewhere that pedophiles have helped children.
But not out of the goodness of their hearts.

What is the analogy? Femdom. Men want to have sexual relations,
kicks, thrills with dominant women. They want fetishes. So every
time they see 'matriarchy' they see 'dominant woman.' What do they
see? Autonomy, freedom for women, independence? No, of course not,
they see,

'Dominating strong women who will cater to my emotional, physical and
sexual needs.'

And so of course, femdom men are eager for matriarchy. But is it out
of the goodness of their hearts? Are they committed to the cause?
Will they enhance the women or only burden them?

Women all around me I see believe in these men and I scream as loud as
I can,

OUR SIDES.' (Even if these guys are small in number. We only need a
few good men!)

'Femdom and matriarchy' are two opposing things! Matriarchy is female
automony, femdom is females serving males sexual needs!

It is like practicing fasting and building a restaurant. They are at
opposite ends. In matriarchy the idea being that women are free to
say no to men, to refrain from sex if they wish, to not think about
men at all if they want to be left alone. In femdom, it all centers
(one again for the trillienth time) around men.

For those who say patriarchal men are pigs as well, ditto there. But
in their brothels you do not see a sign that says,

'Sanctuary for worshipping women through sex.'

And you do not see the women on the streets with badges that say,

'Priestess of the God For Hooking Church'.

The patriarchal sexpots do not pretend to be doing it for God. It is
just sex. The femdom world has this fake cover, this masquerade of
spirituality. It is a mask that I want to rip off to show its true

It is perfectly obvious these men want sex, not the worship of
MotherGod, nor the worship of Her representatives, the female. All
that talk of worship is body worship, boot worship, rituals that give
sex thrills, and has nothing to do with MotherGod.

If you look at those who are representing God on the internet - and I
will give you one example - you will see their groups are 'going
dead.' (Mine would also be dead were it not for aggressive campaigning.)

My Satguru, Swami G, is the best there is, an incarnation of God. She
has knowledge, power, wisdom, all the best of all spiritual, and all
this, in the body of a woman. Now any man could worship her, reach
Enlightenment and be a good boy. But they are not breaking down her
door! In fact, recently she lamented that she might close down her
groups for lack of activity. There you have it. Worship of a woman.
Do they really want it? Do they really want spirituality?

A month ago William Bond opened up a group for 'matriarchal links.'
The membership of the group skyrocketed. I was amazed how quickly it
grew! We all put our links in, myself as eager as anyone else. And
we all benefitted with increase of membership on all our groups. Who
are these men and what are they seeking?

Sex. Sex and more sex. Sex thrills. Domination. Fetishes. Body
worship. Surprize, surprize? They call themselves slaves, but I
don't buy it. If you think these guys are really slaves, I'll sell
you a bridge. You are the one who will end up being their slave,
giving them what they want either for free or for money.

Now we beg the question - what then is the proper way to present
matriarchy to the world?

Matriarchy is about female empowerment. You build confidence in women
by telling them who they are. Who they are is the superior sex. This
is all proven by facts, on my site.

We have gathered and compiled everything a man or woman needs to
believe in the supremacy of the female. It is an complete compendium
of female power, total proof. That is the first step.

Then we need to present a theology, which gives a woman and man, how
to worship God correctly in matriarchal fashion. That has already
been done, on our site, Woman Thou Art God. It shows the feminine
divine in all aspects, the Christian, Wiccan, New Age, and Yoga. You
can take it from there, whatever religion you practice.

Third, you can show statistics and proof of female power already
emerging in the world, that matriarchy has begun. It is a small
plant, but growing fast, as the sunshine of freedom hits our girls.
They are getting degrees 60% or more over men, outstripping them in
all areas of education. Men are falling behind from high school up.
What happened? They stopped holding the cork down.

Statistics of male inferiority abound. All documented on the site.
The site is perfect. It is all you need to prove the logic of
matriarchy. We have hundreds of articles and images to edify and
motivate including the documentation on existing matriarchal societies.

All we need now is promotion, marketing. Our sites are getting 2,000
people a day. That means 60,000 people a month - last year almost
half a million individuals visited our sites.

We have a real, bona fide, matriarchal church, not a wanker sanctuary
of femdom. We have a church that honest, sincere people could join
and promote. It is all here.

All we need to do for matriarchy is to promote this church! It is REAL.

If after having seen our site, women and men want to hanker after
femdom and its fakery, that is up to them. My prediction, you are
going on a dead-end street. No one of this world will take you
seriously. They will not buy what you are selling.

The biggest wedge that patriarchy put into the minds of women was
through religion. They convinced humanity that the male God wanted
women to be subordinant to men and men were the representatives of
God. In that philosophy came terrible delusions and many still carry
them. We are removing darkness through this church. Minds are
getting enlightened to the real facts, and the truth is setting people

This Truth cannot happen through femdom. Femdom is another form of
the delusion; femdom is centered around service to men. You cannot
free women and enslave them at the same time. You wouldn't want to.

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