Sunday, 5 October 2008

Would Our Government Try To Exterminate Us???

The most insidious lie is the lie that you tell yourself. I believe it’s better to know and make informed decisions, than to pretend that history didn’t happen, and cold hard facts don’t exist. It’s not enough that the American news media attempts to delude us every day, but now we’re attempting to delude ourselves. Now we’re pretending that the US Public Health Service didn’t organize, finance, and conduct a forty year (1932-1972), bio research experiment on African American males and their families to observe the effects of syphilis, as it ravages the human body. Those US public health officials subsequently denied their unwitting subjects lifesaving medications, that became available during the forty year span of the experiment. The infamous Tuskegee Experiment is now common knowledge, after the US president provided an empty apology to the few surviving victims, during a white house ceremony on May 16, 1997. Now, if the US public health service would conduct an experiment such as Tuskegee, then why is it such a stretch to conceive that the same government would later devise a modern, more comprehensive, more sophisticated plan to decimate populations with large concentrations of people of African descent, throughout the world. The HIV/AIDS virus was conceived, funded, and manufactured as a bio-weapon here in the United States of America. The avalanche of evidence leading to that conclusion is irrefutable. The following PBS video and articles, will provide all the evidence that any reasonable, logical, non-self deluded individual would require to reach that same conclusion.

Furthermore, the last article is a copy of US Patent #5676977, which clearly states there is a pharmaceutical cure for AIDS, that has been in use since the mid 1960s as a bactericide / fungicide to cleanse swimming pool water. This cure is easily manufactured, inexpensive, and commercially available. Now, ask yourself, Why Tetra-silver Tetra-oxide (Tetrasil) is not being used in the treatment of AIDS throughout the US, or across the Atlantic, on the African continent? Eerily, this is beginning to sound exactly like the chain of events leading up to the exposure of the now infamous Tuskegee Experiment. After reading these facts from several unrelated sources, you must again ask yourself the question: Would Our Government Try To Exterminate Us???

Robert O’Hara

Office: 708-262-3841


1. US Bio Weapons Research – PBS Video Program

2. Interview with African American Bio-Chemist: Dr Jack Felder

3. The AIDS virus: Made in the USA by Jerry Mazza; The Online Journal

Interview with Dr Robert Strecker: The Strecker Report

4. US Patent #5676977: Dr Marvin S Antelman, Rehovot, Israel 

Patent Number Search / Type 5676977 in Search Box / Hit Enter

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