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Can Female Power Save The Planet?: The Fate Of The World Depends On Women by Rasa Von Werder) 

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“When a cork is no longer held down it rises up. This is what has happened with Women.”
Patriarchy is destroying the planet, and everything on it. Fortunately, patriarchy is at an end.
Changes have occurred, both inner and outer, to transform our society from a ‘conquest domination/exploitation principle into one of ‘nurturing/caring/justice.’ This monumental shift is so vast, that it is not easily seen in details nor at all moments. As we look at day to day existence, male domination is everywhere. But if we look at the big picture, at statistics, studies, astute observation, and by the insight of those who have been focused on the subject, it is obvious.
The book begins with the series of articles explaining that males exhibit the need to worship women, an ancient practice forbidden in patriarchy, now surfacing in secular forms. From whence is this need? Why do women show no need to conversely, worship males? This and more are all explained here. 
About the Author
Rasa Von Werder is the Foundress of the University of Mother God Church, Woman Thou Art God. Residing near the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, Rasa is a mystic contemplative, a prolific author and matriarchal activist hailing with a lifetime of experience thereof in many lesser tread walks of life.

IT'S NOT OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS - Mother God Strikes Back Against Misogyny 

by Rasa Von Werder

Over 100 illustrations and glamour/nude beauties, women winning is the subject here; flame wars, sex, battle for female bodybuilding, crimes & women bandits, female aggression; the males are going infertile and extinct, geneticists Jones and Sykes prove, the Y is getting to be a wasteland. Women knock out polygamists, Scientist discovers the living Amazons, Pankhurst’s early female terrorism, all symptoms that Matriarchy is coming, get ready! William Bond and Thomas Andrews help Rasa Von Werder gather the hard facts. ‘It’s Not Over Till the Fat Lady Sings’ is another blockbuster from Rasa Von Werder, a quick follow up to the successful ‘Can Female Power Save the Planet.’ most amazing, the bodybuilding- Progenitor development of Kellie Everts from age 19 to today, lifting weights in the nude to recent silky see-thru camisoles and boots, the progress of ‘love Goddess’ doesn’t quit…

(458 pages) Paperback: $32.95 Download: $19.24  


by Rasa Von Werder

‘The Secrets of Yoga and Christianity’ is a gift of two faithful souls, one a born Christian who practices Yoga, and two, a born Yogi who also knows Christianity. Together, they, Rasa Von Werder and Ashankah Yogi, explain what they know about the Source of our being, presenting the theology of each discipline in their creative wisdom. Ashankah, who is dedicated to a Universal application of religion and purports that Yoga is not a religion but a science of religion, was the perfect specimen for Rasa to address. Neither one of these souls is limited in their scope, but embraces all perspectives, nor does either shut out new possibilities, the Vision of God always expanding to their sights.

(247 pages) Paperback: $24.96 Download: $15.48  


by Rasa Von Werder

Not many understand the principles of God’s justice and purification. That which is imperfect cannot merge with Perfect Purity and Infinite Bliss. This is Truth, Love, Radiance, Beauty and Power, all the superlatives. If one does not meet the standard after repenting their wrongs, they go to the ‘Theater of Justice.’ Guru Rasa Von Werder began a ministry to Souls in 1981, being chosen by Our Holy Mother herself, to take charge of Errol Flynn. Rasa did penance and prayers for Souls on a daily basis and among them were great celebrities whose accounts she writes. The most recent prize Rasa assisted was Anna Nicole Smith, who ascended in 64 days, breaking all records, and still waiting for Heaven are Anthony Quinn and Richard Pryor. Some of the greats who ascended are Elvis Dean Martin, Sinatra, George C. Scott, Rudolf Nureyev; Dr. Robert Atkins, and believe it or not, Timothy McVeigh. Anyone can be forgiven.

(279 pages) Paperback: $16.95 Download: $14.95  

 Theater of the Mind - Dreams, Symbols & Meanings 

by Rasa Von Werder

GuruRasa answers, What is the purpose of dreams? Q 1 WHAT is a dream? A A communication system from the unconscious mind to the conscious Q 2 What are SYMBOLS? A The MEANS by which the unconscious SPEAKS to the conscious Q 3 What is the PURPOSE of dreams? A Dreams accomplish these things and more: 1 They SAVE LIVES and SOULS.................................... 2 Warn us of danger; physical, emotional and spiritual to ourselves and others 3 Tell us the true feelings, intentions or interior state of others 4 Reveal our own interior state, sins, virtues and gifts, phobias and desires 5 Explain mysterious situations or incidents 6 Explain WHAT WOULD BE if we did a certain thing 7 Explain the reactions of others to us if we met them or communicated with them 8 Explain what TO DO or NOT TO DO

(529 pages) Paperback: $32.96 Download: $32.95  


by Rasa Von Werder

Features great scientists, neuropsychologist Dr. James Prescott and Clinical Evolutionary Psychologist Dr. Dale Glaebach. James Prescott says the threat to world peace comes from nations having depriving environments for children and repressive of sexual affection and female sexuality. Dr. Prescott instituted brain-behavioral research, documenting early experiences of mother-infant separation induced varieties of brain abnormalities. Babies should be breastfed and closely nurtured for at least two years for proper brain growth & intelligence, lack of this brings violence, suicide, depression & addiction. Dr. Dale Glaebach explains how patriarchal religious anti-sexualism caused breast-feeding to become “redefined” as an asexual experience, which then causes sexual repression and stigmatization of women. Sexual fears plague a mother’s enjoyment, truncating breast-feeding when feelings arise. Evolution has given breastfeeding pleasure the same as sex TO INSURE SPECIES SURVIVAL.

(329 pages) Paperback: $24.95 Download: $19.9

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