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Image: Do not send them off: Military USES people to serve the needs of the illuminati. They own you. You become their GUINEA PIG for all sorts of NEW WEAPONS (Atomic Bomb testing) including chemical and biological weapons (agent orange) which will sicken and kill you. Vaccines are the newest most deadly and commonly used form of biowarfare which is employed against EVERYONE including American infants . I just learned it was 100 million Africans they injected with aids, not as i previously read, 50 to 70 million. This is the sort of thing they are doing to people, and so be aware that you are nothing but a thing to be used once you enlist. On top of that, you will be ordered to kill innocent people, and unless you are totally brainwashed and mind controlled (which they also do to you), this will produce sins on your soul.
 Dr. Mercola's Comments:  
The story of marine David Fey reads like a crime novel: 
Secret shots? 
Incomplete, and fake, medical records? 
Deadly illness?
But while it’s shocking, and sad, to think that the soldiers pledging their lives to defend the United States are being used as guinea pigs for unknown vaccinations, it’s nothing new.
How Many Vaccines Does the U.S. Military Require?
This information is not easy to come by, but the following table was derived from Air Force Joint Instruction 48-110, Army Regulation 40-52, BUMEDINST 6230.15, CGCOMTINST M6230.4E, dated May 12, 2004 on
Immunizing Agent 
Basic Training and Officer Accession Training
Adenovirus, Types 4 and 7
 Air Force recruits receive adenovirus vaccination only when there is evidence of active disease transmission. Coast Guard Recruits only receive this when specifically directed by the Coast Guard Commandant.
Influenza (Flu Shot)
 Navy and Marine Corps officer and enlisted accessions receive the influenza vaccine year round in basic training. Other service recruits receive this shot in basic only during the designated flu season (October - March)
 Measles Mumps and rubella (MMR) are administered to all recruits regardless of prior history.
 Quadrivalent meningococcal vaccine (containing A, C, Y, and W-135 polysaccharide antigens) is administered on a one-time basis to recruits. The vaccine is given as soon as practicable after in-processing or training. This vaccine is required routinely only for recruits, although its use may be indicated in other situations based on transmission potential and risk of contracting meningococcal disease.
 Measles Mumps and rubella (MMR) are administered to all recruits regardless of prior history.
 A single dose of trivalent OPV is administered to all enlisted accessions. Officer candidates, ROTC cadets, and other Reserve Components on initial active duty for training receive a single dose of OPV unless prior booster immunization as an adult is documented.
 Measles Mumps and rubella (MMR) are administered to all recruits regardless of prior history.
 A primary series of tetanus-diphtheria (Td) toxoid is initiated for all recruits lacking a reliable history of prior immunization in accordance with existing ACIP guidelines. Individuals with previous history of Td immunization receive a booster dose upon entry to active duty and subsequently in accordance with ACIP requirements.
Yellow Fever
 Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard only
Routine "Booster" Shots while in the Military
Influenza (Flu Shot)
 Annual, during "Flu Season" (October - March)
 A primary series of tetanus-diphtheria (Td) toxoid is initiated for all recruits lacking a reliable history of prior immunization in accordance with existing ACIP guidelines. Individuals with previous history of Td immunization receive a booster dose upon entry to active duty and subsequently in accordance with ACIP requirements.
Yellow Fever
 Navy and Marine Corps only.
Alert Forces 
Hepatitis A
 Air Force Only
 Typhoid vaccine is administered to alert forces and personnel deploying to endemic areas.
Yellow Fever
 Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard (Navy and Marine Corps receive all receive this, regardless of "Alert Status").
When Required by Host Country to Enter
 Cholera vaccine is not administered routinely to either active or reserve component personnel. Cholera vaccine is administered to military personnel, only upon travel or deployment to countries requiring cholera vaccination as a condition for entry, or upon the direction of the appropriate Surgeon General, or Commandant (G-K), Coast Guard.
High Risk Occupational Groups
Hepatitis B
 There is no requirement for routine immunization. Plague vaccine is administered to personnel who are likely to be assigned to areas where the risk of endemic transmission or other exposure is high. Vaccine may not be effective in the prevention of airborne infection. The addition of antibiotic prophylaxis is recommended for such situations.
 Rabies vaccine is administered to personnel with a high risk of exposure (animal handlers; certain laboratory, field, and security personnel; and personnel frequently exposed to potentially rabid animals in a non occupational or recreational setting).
When Deployed to Area Where In-Theater Commander Accesses a Biological Threat 
Small Pox
 This vaccine is administered only under the authority of DoD Directive 6205.3, DoD Immunization Program for Biological Warfare Defense. 
 This vaccine is administered only under the authority of DoD Directive 6205.3, DoD Immunization Program for Biological Warfare Defense. 
That is an extensive list of vaccines by any account, and this table lists only those vaccines that are likely to be listed on medical records. In the case of David Fey, no one knows what vaccine he was given. Perhaps most incriminating was the lack of any vaccine noted on his medical records, which was then later filled in with “flu vaccine.”
Yet, when Fey’s mother called a military hospital looking for answers, they claimed the shot was confidential.
The unidentified military health officer who spoke in the video above was not surprised by the apparent cover-up. 
"We have a lovely term for that," he said. "We call it C.Y.A. [Cover Your A**] That's unfortunately an S.O.P. [Standard Operating Procedure] in the military."
Perhaps most concerning is the fact that men and women entering the military are powerless to reject vaccinations. They are expected to do as they are told, no questions asked, and this makes them prime candidates for having their rights violated.
What Happens if a Soldier Refuses a Vaccine?
In the military, vaccinations are not considered optional, even if they may harm your health. 
Case in point, one U.S. soldier in Iraq, Pfc. Leif Hamre, was concerned about the questionable safety of the anthrax vaccine. When he refused to take it he was given an Article 15 -- a non-judicial military punishment -- including being taken off missions, assigned 18-hour workdays, and reduction in his pay scale, in addition to being subjected to threats and intimidation. 
In some cases, soldiers can even be court-martialed.
In an open letter Hamre stated, “The tactics they have used to coerce me into taking the shot are unregulated, unscrupulous and downright un-American.”
And for soldiers who claim they have been harmed by a vaccine, the story is no different.
According to the unidentified military health officer soldiers are treated like vaccine reactions are “all in their heads.”
"I see the way the propaganda and information war is waged against America's sons and daughters and how patients are treated who claim to be injured from a vaccine," he said. "That's troubling. That should trouble America."
Getting Informed About Vaccinations
The issue of mandatory vaccinations of any kind is truly fraught with all kinds of danger, as well as basic ethical questions. Should anyone living in a supposedly free country be forced to be injected with questionable substances against their own will, for any reason?
The truth is that ALL vaccines are immune suppressing, meaning they depress your natural immune functions, which leaves you vulnerable to any number of diseases.
Individual vaccines also carry their own risks of side effects. The anthrax vaccine, for instance, has been potentially linked to:
Multiple sclerosis 
Lesions in your brain 
Autoimmune diseases 
And that is only a partial list.
I’ve compiled many resources to help you avoid unwanted vaccinations of all kinds, and I encourage you to do your own research before letting anyone immunize you or your children.
Always remember too that your first line of defense against any illness is not a vaccine -- it’s to posses a healthy, vibrant immune system!


Young Soldier Dies Weeks After Receiving Mandatory Vaccinations  

A 22-year-old soldier died of a mysterious illness after receiving several mandatory vaccinations, including anthrax and smallpox. 

According to the girl’s father, doctors thought she had a cold or a minor reaction to inoculations, but then her condition worsened and she didn’t respond to treatment for pneumonia. 

Two days before her death, she could not breathe unaided and had an extremely high fever, weakness, headaches and nausea.

Although an Army spokesperson said there was no indication that vaccines were involved in the girl’s death, her father was told that she might have had the immune disorder lupus, which could have been caused by the smallpox vaccination. The true cause of death will not be known until an autopsy is performed.


U.S. Military Is Using Psychological Warfare on American Public 

Although this news item is lightyears away from the whole health care paradigm, I believe it's worth sharing to give you a clearer look at how the U.S. military plans to step up its information operations and is learning how to fight the war on terrorism electronically by manipulating the flow of information.

The basis for the report is the Information Operations Roadmap, a recently declassified document (free PDF report link below) acquired by the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

Part of this "roadmap" is the dissemination of propaganda through various channels, including military briefings with journalists. What should alarm you: An acknowledgment in the document that information intended for foreign audiences as part of the military's psychological operations -- including public diplomacy -- is being reported by the media as news to Americans too.

The American media first became aware of the practice last year when the Pentagon paid a private company to plant news stories supportive of U.S. policies in Iraqi newspapers. Nevertheless, military propaganda still makes it back to America and military analysts say that shouldn't be happening. However, analysts have no clue what those boundaries should be or how to establish them.

Just a reminder, this article did not appear in American newspapers but in the British Broadcasting Corp. Web site, and that current U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld signed off on it.

BBC News January 27, 2006 Free Full PDF Report

The military has long been considered the "perfect breeding ground" for these types of so called research. No one dares to question their commanding officer, or anyone in authority, they say jump and you jump, you dare not even ask how high



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  Patty D [ Joined on 06/07 ] [ Posted on August 6, 2008 ] 17 Points  

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I went into the Air Force in 1976. We were given so many vaccinations over the next several months, it was unbelievable, but naive young lady that I was, I never questioned anything. I'll never forget being in basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, in the summer, temperatures into the 100s. I developed a "viral infection" and could not maintain my body temperature even in that heat. It was so bad that I was given special permission to wear a sweater OUTSIDE. I remember none of the doctors I saw seemed concerned. This coldness lasted several months. Fast forward to 2007. I write articles for a newsletter and was researching the mutant adenovirus that began at military bases and was killing people. Lo and behold, I discover that I was probably given an "experimental" adenovirus vaccine that was DISCONTINUED due to side effects and lack of effectiveness. I have to wonder if this is what caused my strange symptoms. I also had a daughter in 1981 who was autistic. Did all the vaccines I received in the military cause her autism? I was healthy when I entered the Air Force. When I left 6 years later, I had already developed several problems which still plague me to this day. This article does not surprise me at all. The military has been used as guinea pigs for secret research for a very long time. 

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  seg [ Joined on 11/06 ] [ Posted on August 7, 2008] 5 Points  

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The military has long been considered the "perfect breeding ground" for these types of so called research. No one dares to question their commanding officer, or anyone in authority, they say jump and you jump, you dare not even ask how high....I can only imagine how many people have fallen prey to this type of injustice......It really, really is a shame and disgrace to treat human beings like this, especially the ones that are sworn to defend your country to the very end.......  

  Phantom O' Banjo [ Joined on 09/06 ] [ Posted on August 7, 2008] 4 Points  

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  Savvy User  

Patty I would say you are right! Your health status today is related to those vaccines. Thanks for your service........

  tjharmon [ Joined on 07/06 ] [ Posted on August 7, 2008] 2 Points  

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 I am a disabled person with degenerative disk disease . Have had one surgery on my lower back (two level fusion). The doctors want to do another surgery on my neck. (three level fusion) but I will hold off on that as long as I can. I live with pain every day and at times I want to give up, but I have a very understanding and supportive family. I was also affected similar to Patty at Lackland AFB in basic training in 1972. After our vaccines, I came down with a fever and was told I had the measles. I fought to stay with my flight (group) and was sick the whole time there.I thought that it was odd that I got the measles when I had already had them as a child. I eventually was sent overseas to Turkey but once again more vaccines and more illness. After leaving the military I have been unhealthy and fight to keep what health I have remaining, I have gone from doctor to doctor trying to find out what was wrong but with no success . I had to quit my job as an electrician 2 years ago because I just could not do it any longer, at times I just want to leave my body. If I did not have such a supportive family I don't think I would be hear today. I am still looking for answers. 

  chovihani [ Joined on 08/08 ] [ Posted on August 6, 2008 ] 3 Points  

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I'm surprised he still wants to stay in the marines, he and obviously thousands of others have been short-changed by the people they trusted and for what? To be treated like a lab rat. It is unforgiveable to do this to anyone, hopefullt it will come to light what they have been injected certainly wasn't flu vaccine. 

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  DDL [ Joined on 08/08 ] [ Posted on August 9, 2008] 5 Points  

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I have a friend. An Army Ranger, 28 years old, who is rapidly, before our eyes, dying of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. What happened to this young man is also a tragedy. The conduct of those who administered his death serum, and then lied about it, is despicable. The remark "I'm surprised he still wants to stay in the Marines" written by someone shows how little we understand, about what "honor" means. I believe, honor, on an academic level, is what you are dealing with. Even if the honor is only perceived, to some young men in America, it’s what they believe in. These men possess a vision of fairness, equality, camaraderie and self respect most of us can never understand. Philosophically admirable, but very impractical, when almost everyone they have to deal with, including their officers and doctors, are back stabbers. It all started when this young man sought to challenge his predilection for service and turned to the Marines for satisfaction. Where else could he have turned? A career in Medicine? Politics? Law Enforcement? Prison Guard? News Media? Law? Farming? Trucking? I think not. The same phenomenon that made this Marine who he is, which is difficult at best, to understand, manifests itself in a chameleon like kaleidoscope of ways, on society in general. It’s the best kept secret and most effective weapon for those who walk among you and would control you. The same technique that works on Marines also allows everyday people to be manipulated or subjected to horrific catastrophes, and still remain grateful. It’s the thing that makes us feel empathy for those who have hurt us. It's the very technique that keeps our government safe from domestic retribution. 

It’s the absolute reason this honorable young man holds no malice. God bless him. 

  Islander [ Joined on 03/07 ] [ Posted on August 7, 2008 ] 2 Points  

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I forwarded this video to my older son who served in the infantry. He says that the assertion that all vaccines are recorded in the shot record is a joke. His shot records were "lost" by medics twice, with the result that he got the SRP, Strategic Readiness Packet, 3 times in 1997 alone - a cluster of shots you get only once every 2 years or 30 days before a deployment. He got three of the anthrax series when he went to Korea as well. He says, "Are they experimenting on soldiers? I'm convinced they are, but probably only in small lots, and probably not mixed in with the general vaccinations. There's a lot of similar stories about marines and soldiers getting single shots in Desert Storm, and lots of indications it may be a partial cause of Gulf War Syndrome."

He adds, "The military is so messed up it's hard to describe it." From personal examples he's shared with me, I have no doubts whatever. 

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  stoic [ Joined on 03/07 ] [ Posted on August 7, 2008] 2 Points View stoic's Profile  

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"War Is A Racket" came out in '35. Author was an uber-Marine. Military has always been "messed up"....  

  _No_Name_ [ Joined on 04/08 ] [ Posted on August 8, 2008]  

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I was frowned upon for having several books about Smedly Butler when I was living in the barracks whilst in the USMC. They only thing we were supposed to know about him were the two Medals of Honor he won and the battles he got them in.  

  samurai [ Joined on 04/07 ] [ Posted on August 5, 2008 ] 1 Points  

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  Savvy User  

Oh Patty D,

Wherefore art thou? You might know something about this????? 

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  hum [ Joined on 03/08 ] [ Posted on August 21, 2008 ]  

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your president Clinton signed your lives away whilst he was in office, documents that legally gave the military exemption from both prosecution or responsibility for compensation and removed the serviceman's/woman's rights to informed consent specifically concerning biological/vaccination testing on members.

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  g_mac31 [ Joined on 09/07 ] [ Posted on August 20, 2008 ] View g_mac31's Profile  

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I went in to the Navy in 1988. I was a Navy Corpsman assigned to the Fleet Marine Force (Marines). In August of 1990 I was deployed to the Persian Gulf for Operation Desert Shield / Storm. when I was deployed to the region I was 190lb with around 10% body fat. I wore a medium uniform at the time. I could run 3 miles in around 21 minutes. In March of 1991 (8 months later) I left the Persian Gulf and returned to my permanent duty station at about 240lbs and about 25% body fat wearing a XXL uniform and was not able to complete a 3 mile run. By the way I was blowing black mucous out of my nose for around a 1 1/2 months after my deployment.

For the rest of my time in the Navy I was on the weight control program with constant harassment about my weight. I continued a vigorous exercise program along with a strict diet but continued to watch my weight increase.

In August of 2006 I decided that I needed to find out what the cause of this problem was by this time I was always fatigued and my weight was at 334lbs even with a strict diet and exercise program. I started seeing an endocrinologist and was diagnosed with Hypopituitarism, Hypothyroidism (chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis), and Hypogonadism which I am now being treated for and have lost a total of 40lbs and have increased energy on most days.. 

I decided to investigate further and found that there was a possible link since my symptoms started after I was deployed to the Persian Gulf Region. I currently have a claim filed with the VA and I am waiting for their decision. Fortunately there is documentation in my military medical records of my rapid weight gain and a drop in my physical fitness test scores. 

I feel like I will be lucky to reach the age of 50. I think it is time for the government to recognize that they are asking troops to risk their lives beyond the battlefield. 

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  hum [ Joined on 03/08 ] [ Posted on August 21, 2008]  

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 were you in any place likely that you were exposed to depleted uranium?





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