Monday, 20 October 2008

Is Matriarchy Coming?

Feminists are a bunch of assholes. I used to belong to NOW and go to their

meetings, so I know.

They are hung up against sex and all they know is being like men - truly.
They just want to take over men's jobs. They are lost in a time warp, and
Matriarchy will overshadow them and leave them behind.

Women - what are they? Nurturing or strong, tough leaders? Women can be
all of the above. They are first nurturing and caring, but they must also
be strong and tough to protect their children, and the whole world. Women
will be leaders soon, you will see them show all sides, the warm and caring,
and the strong and ruthless toward the wicked. You cannot be soft with
those who destroy our planet.

There is nothing to be ashamed of to nurture and love.

In our relationship with God, the more we love God the more we hate sin, and
the more we hate the greatest enemies of God - the demons. And so, we fight
in warfare against Satan, and all his pretensions and his lies. We soldiers
of God are not weaklings, but Mighty in Spirit, providing we have received
that Spirit in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

I long to see the day when women and men stand up for MotherGod and all the
helpless and weak and show their Mighty Anointing which God has given them!

I for one am planning to go out into public one day soon, and preach, cast
out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, and bring forth the Anointing of
the Holy Spirit. It will be wonderful.

Weaklings cannot accomplish anything, but strong people can do the work of
God and salvation, and working for Matriarchy needs strong leaders, not
timid cowards.


From Willliam Bond:

Elise Sutton in the web site calls her web site "A

Guide to Loving Female Authority". Another web site with the same idea

is - which also promotes the idea of caring

and loving Dominant Women.

Now for many people the whole idea that a Dominant Women can also be

loving and caring of others is a complete paradox. After all we live

in a world that tells us that dominance and power comes though force,

aggression and even violence, to the degree that even Feminists

believe this.

A few weeks ago I went on a Feminist E-group and pointed out that

Women would be far better rulers of our world than men, simply because

Women have a powerful maternal and nurturing instinct. So governments

dominated by Women would be more likely to create a caring and loving

society. This concept was rejected by these Feminists who accused me

of sexual stereotyping for claiming that Women were more nurturing

than men! They even went as far as claiming that Women's nurturing

instincts were caused by cultural expectations and were very hostile

to any idea of Women being loving and nurturing.

We have the same idea in the Femdom community where we have fantasies

of Dominant Women being cruel and sadistic, and reject any idea of

Dominant Women being caring and loving people.

The reason why people believe this is because of patriarchal

brainwashing. As Mao Tse-tung once claimed, "power comes from the

barrel of a gun". In other words power comes through violence, and he

should know, because he became the dictator of China through violence

and warfare.

This then is the message patriarchal puts out all the time, that power

comes through force, aggression, intimidation and violence. Therefore

if Women want to have respect and power in our world they also have to

learn how to be aggressive and even violent. This then is why

Feminists completely reject my idea of Women being more nurturing and

caring than men. Because they have been brainwashed into believing

that loving and caring people are `weak' and powerless. But is this true?

In is certainly true that our patriarchal society has no appreciation

or respect for caring people. A Woman who has a child who wants to

look after it has three choices. Either to have a husband who will

earn the money to look after her, and sacrifice any chance to have a

career herself. Keep her job and put her child into day-care, and not

see her child for most of the day, or live on benefit and in poverty.

So in this way the patriarchal society gives no support and penalises

any Women who follows her maternal instincts. The same is also true

of Women who want to have a career of caring for others, like being a

nurse or caring for old people or the disabled. These jobs are

generally low paid. Yet at the same time men who are generals, or

arms manufactures or arms salesmen or violent drug barons are very

well paid and rewarded for what they do.

So the message the patriarchal society gives out, is that caring

people are suckers and losers. So it is no wonder that Feminists and

Femdom Women try to reject the whole idea that they are caring and

loving people because they do not want to be losers. Because they are

told that the only way they can be winners is to suppress their

maternal instincts and learn to be as selfish and aggressive as men.

Yet this is true only while we believe in patriarchal propaganda, if

we start to question patriarchal brainwashing then we find

patriarchal's Achilles's heel. The weakness of patriarchy is that it

can only offer people, "blood, sweat and tears". While men rule our

world we can only look forward to continuous, warfare, injustice and

widespread poverty. This is because the competitive nature of men

creates a world of winners and losers, where the winners get

everything and the losers get nothing. In spite of the wealth

generated by modern technology, the gap between rich and poor has

grown throughout the world over the last 40 years.

This then is why patriarchy has to discredit the nurturing side of

Women. Violent alpha males are secure in ruling our world while the

people are unaware there is an alternative to patriarchal rule.

People accept patriarchy for no other reason they are unaware of

Matriarchy. Unfortunately most Feminism and Femdom people don't

understand this, and still try to behave like patriarchal males. As

they think this is the only way to gain power. Not understanding the

power of the Feminine.

For instance Margaret Thatcher when she became Prime Minister of

Britain was not a good role model for Female Leadership simply because

she acted and behaved like a male politician. The result was that the

British people had very little interest in having another female Prime

Minster after she had gone.

If we had female politicians who didn't suppress their maternal

instincts and demonstrated that they cared and loved the people,

instead of seeing these nurturing instincts as a `weakness'. Then

they would gain far more votes than female politician attempting to

act like men.

At present in the Western world there is a danger of a power vacuum

where most voters have become disenchanted with patriarchal political

parties, as they see them as corrupt and uncaring. The result is that

the majority of people are not turning out to vote, simply because

they see all patriarchal political parties as being as bad as each

other. This could change if we did have caring and loving Women who

became interested in politics or even started their own Matriarchal

political party. If Women are willing to do this, then we will begin

to see and understand the power of nurturing and loving Women.

Once the voters realise that it is possible to vote into power

genuinely caring and loving people, then they won't want to vote for

patriarchal politicians anymore. Because nurturing Women in power will

naturally nurture the whole society creating a caring social order.

But to do this requires Women to realize the power of their nurturing

instincts as see them as a strength and not a weakness.

William Bond

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