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Michael says:

There's no denying what you say: all the wars are perpetrated by a few
emotionally malfunctioned males, the prime perpetrators in the modern age
being the capital accumulators.

Rasa: What a good phrase!: capital accumulators.

Michael: And 95% of all violent crimes are committed by males. Etc. etc.
What a filthy mess of a world. Can we really embrace Hillary as a beam of
light in all this? I think of all those other female leaders that the
patriarchy has produced: Golda Meier, Margaret Thatcher, Madeleine Albright,
Jeane Kirkpatrick, Condoleezza Rice, dicks in skirts.
--though Hillary should be somewhat better than that list.

Rasa: Yes to them, yes about Hillary. They were, are dicks in skirts.

About Hillary: As a symbol and also you say she will not be as Patriarchaly
bad as the others, she is the only female who can become President, and who
can I think cut the mustard of all the pressure that will be put upon her.
She does display warm, nurturing feelings when she speaks as well as tough,
strong traditionally masculine (but completely natural to women) feelings.
She can fight, she can persevere against the maniacs who will bring her

But what about the future? Will there be maternal women coming forth who
enter a society that has been SOFTENED UP (not in the sense of weakness but
in regard to virtue and caring) by the stronger presence of women
everywhere, SUPER EDUCATED WOMEN who are graduating at a much greater rate
than males (5 million females in college to 3 million males in U.S. and as
of 2003 women got more DOCTOR degrees than males FOR THE FIRST TIME.same
type statistics across the board for all countries, including Third World
countries, and this with just a little less oppression, they are NOT FREE
YET AND THEY ARE BEATING THE MALES!...statistics are on my site and in my
books 'Can Female Power Save the Planet' and 'It's Not Over Till the Fat
Lady Sings').there is a Power Shift. How long can Patriarchy continue when
in the entire world women are getting better educated than males?

Consider and I ask this of you:

Chomsky says that we in America are physically free (for the time being
anyway) and therefore, the assault on our minds has to be all the greater;
we are programmed with mighty force. But when you have an EDUCATED CLASS of
women aggressively increasing, while the male educated diminish drastically,
how long can the LIES AGAINST WOMEN as well as their instincts continue to

Is it not the intellectual class that does the 'programming' on the rest of

Chomsky said that sadly, many of the 'lower' classes, when squeezed into
places like Harvard, are then 'socialized' to accept the norm. Basically
they betray their own class and sell out to the rich.

So the intelligensia's job is the job of propaganda against the lower
classes. Is my guess correct?

They create the books, they appear in the media, they are looked up to as
the ones who know.

Now, how are you going to continually program a University student against
herself? How long can it go on that she is told she cannot rule the world,
males have to do it, and that males have to plunder the treasury and commit
atrocities? (For one thing, women, such as myself, could see around us most
boys were inferior to us, but when the grades got higher the teachers gave
them handicaps. This is well consider college classes where
there are many more females...the males now do not look indominable) About
male rule and atrocities: This goes completely against the basic instincts
of all women and most men. The men were easier to play along with it,
because in spite of the evil they saw, they could close their eyes to it to
some degree, as male machismo and instincts allow them to fight and compete.
There was also booty for men, the chief booty being control of women. Poor
men were complicit with rich men in order to enslave women as slavish women
benefits ALL MALES.

So males were amenable to programming of a sort that said,

'Look, we are the men, be a man and control your woman.'


I am asking you, Michael, can this hypnosis of sexism and evil continue to
keep students in a trance when most of them are women ? These women are
STUDYING and THINKING and DOING RESEARCH and they will see things males
buried or overlooked - accidentally on purpose. (That was my job in the
Matriarchal Movement, to uncover evidence so treated. My volunteers did
most of the digging, I wrote the articles and sent them out. One of the big
secrets I promulgated was that males were going extinct. It is
indisputable. The world's leading geneticist writes a major book on it,
'Adam's Curse,' - this man (Dr. Bryan Sykes of Oxford) had a book on the New
York Times best seller list. And yet, the technique of 'erasure' as
explained by Dr. Mary Daly, is employed. So I unerased his explosive
findings.ditto with the amazing research of Dr. James Prescott, whose
discoveries were swept under the rug, he blacklisted toward further
employment, the findings on the 'Origin of Violence' - they WANT violence!)

This is what I ask you to see - not the evidence of the power of
malfunctioning males which is so overwhelming, but the vision of the future
which is evident and inevitable.

You cannot have a woman display compassion and caring working beneath an
Oligarchy of Satanic forces. (Satan, definition: He comes to steal, kill
and destroy.) First the demons have to be swept out - they are LOSING THEIR
GRIP. Patriarchy is losing its grip. Let us rejoice at the evidence before

Beloved Michael, discussion with you can benefit the Matriarchal Movement
tremendously because you are a professional, articulate, genius of politics.
We believe but we cannot explain everything in the sharp and cohesive way
you can, we are seeking your great Mind and Heart to help us!


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