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Giving up the World & Flesh ~ Joining the God Within

Why give up the world and flesh? For one thing, they have thoughts and

feelings connected, that if you hold onto this as you pray and meditate,
they will assail and assault you.

You will be as if in a zoo of wild animals, which are your thoughts and
emotions, and they will wreak havoc with your serenity. These concepts are
at war with you.

You will have the lions of lust, who will growl with hunger and
frustration - you have to defeat them before any hope of contemplation.

The tigers of anger over past hurts will pace up and down in your mind,
devouring your tranquility if you do not quiet them down prior to sadhana.

The bears of bitterness will be all about filling you with dread and
negativity - again thoughts of your past - if you do not renounce human

You cannot move ahead in prayer with these enemies within always
interfering. The way to get rid of them is renunciation. You defeat them by
forgiving, forgetting, renouncing need for human love, respect, recognition,
all the love, comforts and applause of the world. After you renounce take a
look at what you want, and it is God and God alone, God Who brings peace.
There cannot be peace unless you are in this place of renunciation, it is
impossible, the desires for the world and flesh beat you up afresh every

My devotees court great danger when they date men and women who are not of
God - even internet affairs can destroy your mind and soul. Any sort of
communication where the person becomes one with another - you partake of the
spirit that they have, and if the spirit is bad, you can be pulled into it.
You can be dragged into a pit, demonized, thrown into darkness. For the
same reason you seek me as Guru so I will bring Light and Love, you must
shun the person who brings you darkness and hate, hidden underneath their
'beauty' is actually a monster.

It happens in steps, one step at a time. Friendly chit chat or
conversations, flirtation, then promises, then demands, then traps, then
loss of liberty, then you cannot get out, and here comes damnation. By this
I mean your spiritual life is snuffed out.


All the Avatars, Gurus, Saviors, are merely TOOLS for you - from Jesus to
Rasa - the Satguru is NOT trying to control you but bring you to the God
within YOU. This is the teaching of true yoga - Jesus, Krishna, Rasa, and
all the rest are links and tools for that which must be done.

Furthermore, don't you know you must become Jesus? Or become Krishna or
Buddha? How do you do that? By assimilating the qualities, virtues of the
Guru, the zeal, love and obedience. From this you start to get Powers. When
you unite with God it is not a far off abstract God, it is the God in the
middle of your brain and this God is your God!

No Guru worth his or her salt tries to manipulate you to do anything except
enter the Kingdom of God and the benefits therein, and the Kingdom of God is
within you! Jesus said it, if you hear it is here or there, do not go, as
it is within you.

My devotees are so afraid of the little I ask, they act as if I am asking
for important work and monumental sacrifices when I ask for such small
things. Why is that?

Those who refuse to help do so because they are attached to the world and
the flesh and want all their time and energy for it. They look to Rasa for
security and strength but do not want to give the small bag of inedible rice
that the poorest devotee brings Lord Krishna.This holding onto your
resources for dear life, while reaching out to Guru for help, is a
contradiction in terms. For on one hand you say

'God - help me'

While on the other hand you say,

'I will hold on to all that I have, in case I need it.'

In the law of Israel, the Lord asked for 10% of all that the people had,
from their gross product. This was the legal accounting by their laws that
a loyal public owed their God. Many Churches demand a tithing of 10%; the
one time I mentioned something like that they all disappeared for about two
months, returning when the 'coast was clear.'

The giving up of world and flesh is something all must do to grow and
blossom in the Kingdom of God. You cannot have two masters or compromise -
To compromise results in spiritual lukewarmness, to give up means spiritual

Who is strong in the Kingdom of God? Who is weak?

The man who holds on to the world and flesh remains weak and in danger of
losing the salvation that he has. The man who gives up the natural and
physical for the sake of God becomes strong.

You think this is impossible? You have not tried it. I have done it again
and again, as it is a thing that tends to return.

When I renounce the love of people I let go of all the bitterness and anger
of what they have done to me. I am free of harboring their negative remarks
and deeds in my head. If I hold on to human love the things people have
done - usually evil - plays back again and again in my mind, resulting in
turmoil and unrest.

Now in the quiet state of renunciation, when a person assaults me again they
cannot touch me, as I have given up needing their love. What do I have
instead? Am I in some kind of pit devoid of love? Not at all; the grace of
God fills me up. I become aware of the love of God in me and around me,
which I formerly blocked out by thinking of human love.

Human love is the biggest obstacle to spiritual! Jesus warned of it!

Consider all the pain you have undergone from humans, from family to
'lovers.' Think of the neglect, cruelty, selfishness, backbiting,
backstabbing, betrayals and so on. If you continue lusting for human love,
you will get more of the same. It will never end, most people hang on to it
till the day they die.

For me as Guru the greatest test now is watching devotees fail me. They get
so much grace, but they refuse my discipline. They want to receive yet be
free of any obligation. (This has been changing lately, thank God!)

I watch my devotees who I suffered for just walk away without even a
goodbye, and I must not get mad!

I also see other devotees wander away where I told them not to go and they
are devoured by wolves. I bring them back to life and they stray again, and
again. I restore them and fear they will disobey again to their own peril.
But I can't give up on them.

Then there are those who are on a seesaw between flesh and spiritual. They
think it is alright to be there and have it both ways - but Jesus said,

'Get BEHIND me, Satan!' (Which means you DO NOT LEAD ME!)

Where there is a man or woman of the flesh after you, Satan soon follows.
These lovers from Hell can put a 'cloak of darkness' over you, they eat up
the Light you are getting from God and use it for lower things. They
consume this Light like a wolf consumes its prey, and then they turn around
and tell you you're no good, you're a loser, you're wasted, you're done for,
inadequate, and you better go get straightened out. Yes, leave them right
quick and get right with God, never to return.

In the end the worst part is, you will hate yourself. You let yourself in
for it, you got trapped, and then you were denigrated, humiliated, put down
and rejected if there was no more to be got from you. Now you will look in
the mirror and say what a fool I was, I fell for it, now I am done for,
desolate and drained, feeling stupid and all alone again. All this because
of the flesh, a person of the flesh wanted you and you fell for it. What is
the remedy? Stay in the spirit. Do not associate with the ungodly, the
enemies of God and your soul. Just keep telling yourself they are wolves in
sheep's clothing - and yes, women of the devil are wolves just like men!

So it's back to GuruRasa and the joyful road to restoration. Prodigal sons
and daughters are always welcomed home, I see you from afar, and break open
a jar of fatted peanuts, with a good glass of beer, imbibing in your honor
and congratulating myself you are OK. God has won again!

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