Monday, 27 October 2008

Getting rid of DEMONS

Then again someone could have transferred a demon or demons to you! This is

not uncommon! I have gotten many out of people and myself.

A few weeks ago I was training at the gym and a black guy was behind me
using a machine as I used the leg press. I then moved to another machine.
I did not know this guy at all. As I was using the other machine, he walked
passed me to the right - other men were nearby within feet but he seemed to
want to walk past me, and he QUIETLY said something that I could not

I was not sure if it was to me, but no one else looked at him, and later
when I looked at him training far away he glanced at me with a smug look on
his face. I just dismissed it.

The next day as I sat at the computer a strange feeling came over me, so
strange, unusual and horrible that I though I was losing my mind! Never in
my life had I had such a bizarre feeling that I could not even describe it.

I quickly got my holy water, did an exorcism and it went away instantly.

It was a demon - the black guy transferred a demon to me by what he said
that I did not even hear!

Now I am a woman deeply of God, and yet he was able to put this demon on me!
Believe me, this is done millions of times by the malice and hate of others,
to other people, but to remove this all we have to do is take our Holy Water
we have blessed ourselves, water and salt, and pronounce an exorcism.

I do them every day for friends, benefactors, relatives, devotees and
enemies. But they are tricky and do not always go away unless the exact one
is named.

For instance, I had TWO DIET DEMONS and could not lose weight for THIRTEEN
YEARS until they appeared in my dreams, after I did exorcism, and for the
first time in 13 years, I lost the 25 pounds. I had even at one time gained
40 lbs.

Demons appear from all sorts of corners and for all sorts of reasons. Try
exorcising the DEMON OF SELF LOATHING! or SELF HATE, look for instructions
on my site under how to build a Church, under Christianity.

I love you.


PS For everyone, here are some of the ways demons enter us:

1 If we sin

2 Messing with ungodly occult stuff

3 Trauma, abuse done to us (demons aren't fair)

4 Getting close to people who have demons in business or personal

5 We can get the demons THEY GOT FROM OTHER PEOPLE ALSO. BE

6 By the will of someone who hates us, wants to transfer
wickedness or malice to us!


Like I said, EXORCISM is available and useful to EVERYONE. You DO
NOT NEED A PRIEST, you will have lived through a lifetime of demons before
you ever get one. You might even get some from priests...Go to my site

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