Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Sierra, I am praying every day & my mind is getting illuminated, expanded,

as to the big picture, the why's of it all. The males (I KNEW THIS WOULD
HAPPEN) are getting hysterical because they know women are superior, they
know we are more powerful, they know they are dependent on us, & the only
way they can keep their so-called sanity & dominance is by destroying our
egos, our confidence & through lies & threats. They have kept us under
control this way on & off for thousands of years - this is all unraveling &
they feel it.

I KNEW MotherGod had chosen me for this work, to SPEAK OUT the Truth which
other women don't seem to want to do (because of the insults, threats &
perhaps some genuine danger) & I was WILLING to bear their outbursts & vile
words. I have been through many flame wars as everyone knows, but I knew
this would be the most intense, & I am ready. There is no discussion,
except for a couple guys who tried to wear me out with argument (one of the
designs of Satan is to waste our time) & for a week, I talked with them, but
my inner voice said,

'No talking, just lecturing.just state the facts again & again, they are
trying to pull you into an emotional battleground, where you can feel their
barbs & insults & use up your time & energy & receive some of your Light
which they will dissipate, but just keep posting more Truth periodically, &
let them gnash their teeth & sweat & paw the ground, do not answer their

As I obey this voice, I notice that I remain above them, impervious to their
barbs, & I can see it all from an objective & above-there level. They want
me PULL ME DOWN as they have pulled women down for ages.

Now my Sister here is the truth: the conflict between male & female is
irreconcilable. It's either them or us, the big picture. There are
INDIVIDUALS here & there who will help, indeed, but overall, it is THEM or
US. It cannot be both ways.

There is no equality, it is either them dominating or us, & God chose the
woman to lead the family & world, not the man. His 'leadership' has been
the work of his instinct to multiply & enslave women for that purpose, &
Satan has been his mentor - he is not only working by instinct but he is
DEMONIZED. He has sold his soul to the devil, & Satan rules the world
through him.

This clearly explains what we see in history including the Inquisition. It
was worse than I thought, check out YouTube on Inquisition. If you read the
books & research that I have, including 'Men, Women & Rape' an account of
what men do to women & children civilians during wartime, you will know
demonic is the only way to explain them. The acts that they have done to
humans, especially women & children but also including men they hate, can
only be described as demonic.

I ask Sierra & all friends to look up 'feminist' on YouTube & look at what
is going on there. Look at the comments, look at the majority of videos are
males bashing women & feminists. Where are the women? Still hiding, still
afraid. They have been beaten, bloodied, silenced so long they are in 2007,
afraid to speak on the internet!

In the last week I have been called more names than I have been called in
the last two years & also threatened. This tells me something:

I am being effective. I am making a mark, & they are frightened. You would
never imagine how vile they are until you see their reactions by my simply
speaking the truth from a book of a geneticist, not even my opinion, the
studies of a scientist! Look at the comments on the OTHER feminist groups
where I posted my comments & you will see.

Why they are in denial of the Burning Times. Understand, & if you believe
anything I say, please accept this. Males are on the path where they are
COMMITTED to our enslavement. This has been worked out - the Patriarchal
template of feminine enslavement - over many, many years & I am explaining
it on the YouTube, how it was done. I am using Syke's book as a point of
departure because he is very good in his descriptions, covers all the high
points, & I will add my own interpretations of things as I go along to
augment what he says. Using his book gives the facts & arguments more
credibility than if I just spoke off the top of my head. I have heard all
that he says elsewhere, many people know these facts, but he puts it all
together nicely.

Why they deny the burning: Because it does not help their agenda of
enslaving us to talk about it. Even the very best of males are not females,
they also benefit from Patriarchy to some degree, although they also suffer
from it. Each group of people who are oppressed must fight against their
own oppression, so if females are oppressed, it behooves them to do
something, not await the 'nice guys' to do something about it. It is not
their responsibility, to be honest.

Here are the facts:

1 Males KNOW we are superior & they have to use great force to hold us
down. That is the CORK William speaks of.

If female superiority is spoken about aggressively, they get very nervous.

2 They KNOW they, as a corporate entity, have severely
abused us & continue to do so, & will never stop until they ARE STOPPED.
(MotherGod has stopped them)

3 They know women have been BROKEN by beatings, torture,
threats, fettering with children, Patrilineal inheritence & other weapons of
enslavement, but they not only don't care, they are PLEASED with this,
because it makes life easier for them

4 They KNOW they have programmed, hypnotized & fooled
women with religious lies & lies about sexuality through their churches &
they are DEATHLY AFRAID that the Truth is coming out & all they can really
do is strike back at the women (& men) who speak it

5 Their violence toward people who speak out, such as
William, Rasa, feminists, Matriarchs, etc. is an indication of how
insincere they are, they are on a course of wanting only to destroy, for
when a person speaks out the Truth, they attack with vile insults. This
would be, consider, if a black person came forward & named the atrocities
done to them as slaves & as Jim Crow victims segregated without civil
rights, & instead of a white person saying 'I'm sorry,' they would spit out
insults, kick them & threaten them, deny the truth & tell them to SHUT UP -
that is what is happening to us on the internet.

Since I have embarked on this tougher, stronger course of speech, I am less
tolerant of those who are irritating me with arguments about the exceptions,
the 'nice guys.' These guys are really irrelevant to the arguments, & I do
not want to be worn out by constantly having to reference the exceptions,
although they are there. It is a given that there are exceptions, as Martin
Luther King Jr. acknowledged there were many whites who cared about blacks &
wished them well. This is a given, something we take for granted. I do not
want my friends & devotees to jump up & torture me about the exceptions
every time I speak or write an article!

There is also another side to this I must face & ponder, & it is that this
is a gender war, & that at some point, we women have to gather without men,
& men cannot be a part of all that we do. To have one man enter into a
gathering of women changes the entire equation & spoils it. When women
gather they must have safe space, & they cannot think about men & their
problems or needs or egos. Each woman is an extension of the other women, &
for this empowerment to take place, there cannot be any distraction or
interference. I have not yet found enough women for a gathering with me,
but I suppose I must keep trying, however difficult it may be.

Our well wishers & devotees, however saddened they may be by this, will have
to live with it.


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