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Beloved Jen,

Indeed I heard about this but now you give us the details!

I am overwhelmed with disgust & anger at Freud & all the males who have done
this to women, but now it can & will be undone. We must never forget WHAT

I do admit now, I have had some revelations (you & I discussed it over the
phone) that there is a part of this Matriarchy that has NOTHING TO DO WITH
MEN & we must meet in private, have consciousness raising, share, raise the
vibes together, rejoice together & call on MotherGod as one corporate entity

I am NOT leaving men out completely. They will have their share in the
MotherGod gatherings & worships, but they CANNOT & WILL NOT share in all of

There are some things women have to share with each other because on the
instinctive level, there are some parts of us that are sacred to the woman
only & have nothing to do with men.

When women gather they affirm each other AS WOMEN. When men interfere, such
as Freud here interfering with Dora, it becomes a political act, an act of
adjusting to Patriarchy or at least some of their instincts, & this is
wholly at cross purposes with us.

How we have been abused, how bothered, how trampled on! Now it will end, we
are part of ending it, thank God

These are the prayers of trillions, for thousands of years, being fulfilled
now, in our presence, in our ministry, in our mission. We are of course not
the only ones, but I feel we have an important part.

Look how many other women are making a bold and realistic contribution to
Matriarchy? NOT MANY. Look about you. How many vital, living websites like
mine? How many women on YouTube preaching and teaching? Only a tiny
handful. ZBudapest just got on, the RoseMaidens, and myself. There are
other women speaking of feminism, women's lib, similar issues, but not
Matriarchy and female superiority. (The Muslim women speaking up just make
my hair stand up on edge - take a look under 'feminism' & Muslim women on TV
on YouTube!) and all of it put together does lift my energies. (I do urge
everyone to look at the YouTube entries pertaining to this, especially the
ones I noted)

I do agree fully with the original findings of Freud & I would like you Jen
to explain to us what hysteria means or used to mean. Is it Post Traumatic
Stress and anxiety attacks? I get them myself, & in my early years, never
recognized them for what they were. It has only been in the last 10 years
or so that I understand what PTS is & this has relieved my mind much,
because when it appears, if you know what it is, it is not so frightening -
although you suffer just the same. Indeed, it is childhood trauma. For me
not sexual (that I know of although we do not know what they did to us
before the age of memory!) The early traumas make the biggest impressions,
but early could be childhood & adulthood as well, I believe, - is this
correct? Can traumas be instilled later Jen?

With this kind of track record for males, do you see why I don't want them
to go near children & 'take care' of them? I just got a letter from a male
devotee fretting about my strong stand on this & he thinks you & 'Snap
Dragon' agree with him that males can be good caretakers of children, when
properly trained. He recommends all sorts of courses and teaching tools.

My point is that so many of them are so bad, why take the chance? It is
like taking a chance with a boa constrictor taking care of a mouse, do you
get my point? This male, as usual, was defensive because he believes he is
a good caretaker of children & they are safe with him. Yes, children are
safe with a few men here & there. However, the good men like my devotee
should wake up & look around them & at the statistics. This man himself
lives in fear of men around him, the mentally ill, abusive, violent males,
the predators. He has trouble sleeping at night where he lives for the
noise they make, & hates to go to his rooming house, & yet, he would leave a
child with a male when they are this dangerous? Why does he want to risk
children? Consider also that it isn't just the roughnecks & the down &
outers that are dangerous, the millionaire, the doctor, lawyer, educated
male is also abusive & predatory. Here you present the facts during Freud's

MotherGod has been speaking to me a lot these days, & I am seeing males in
an ever more clear light. I used to be so softhearted toward them, so
lenient, so kind. I have to wake up to the dark side of them, the
ugliness - it is not a nice picture to look at.

My friends, take a look at YouTube under feminism & feminist. About 70% or
more are MALES tearing up women, downgrading them & ridiculing them, calling
feminists vile names & just basically peeing & scating all over great women,
calling them names like 'whore' 'stupid' & worse. I have been posting on
many of these video comments, my stuff, & about 10 males have attacked me
with filthy words. No woman has said anything at all to thank me for
posting about the demise of men. I am helping women, they don't even
respond, because they are so afraid of the men.

But the strong stand I take, you see, will teach these women how you have to
talk to these abusers. Take a look on YouTube, open your eyes my friends.
Take a look at the filth they pour out against women, the illogical, raging
filth, & you want to leave little children alone with them?


From: m.tara21

To: Rasa Von Werder

Sent: Monday, September 24, 2007 8:10 PM

Subject: Sigmund Freud, roots of psychoanalysis

Beloved Rasa, devotees and friends:

I came across something the other day that I would like to share here, a
passage from a book on recovery from trauma, a topic I am studying in school
now. While this is not "new" information (it had perhaps been hidden, and
not necessarily intentionally, although maybe so in some cases), the
discovery of it is quite relevant and important to matriarchy and
traditional views of the "hysterics" of women.

Love to all,

"His case histories reveal possessed of such passionate curiosity that he
was willing to overcome his own defensiveness, and willing to listen. What
he heard was appalling. Repeatedly his patients told him of sexual assault,
abuse and incest. Following back the thread of memory, Freud and his
patients uncovered major traumatic events of childhood concealed beneath the
more recent, often relatively trivial experiences that had actually
triggered the onset of hysterical symptoms. By 1896 Freud believed he had
found the source. In a report on eighteen case studies, entitled THE
AETIOLOGY OF HYSTERIA, he made a dramatic claim: 'I therefore put forward
the thesis that at the bottom of every case of hysteria there are ONE OR
the earliest years of childhood, but which can be reproduced through the
work of psycho-analysis in spite of the intervening decades. I believe that
this is an important finding, the discovery of a CAPUT NILI in

"A century later, this paper still rivals contemporary clinical descriptions
of the effects of childhood sexual abuse. It is a brilliant, compassionate,
eloquently argued, closely reasoned document. Its triumphant title and
exultant tone suggest that Freud viewed his contribution as the crowning
achievement in the field.

"Instead, the publication of THE AETIOLOGY OF HYSTERIA marked the end of
this line of inquiry. Within a year, Freud had privately repudiated the
traumatic theory of the origins of hysteria. His correspondence makes clear
that he was increasingly troubled by the radical social implications of his
hypothesis. Hysteria was so common among women that if his patients' stories
were true, and if his theory were correct, he would be forced to conclude
that what he called 'perverted acts against children' were endemic, not only
among the proletariat of Paris, where he had first studied hysteria, but
also among the respectable bourgeois families of Vienna, where he had
established his practice. This idea was simply unacceptable. It was beyond

"Faced with this dilemma, Freud stopped listening to his female patients.
The turning point is documented in the famous case of Dora. This, the last
of Freud's case studies on hysteria, reads more like a battle of wits than a
cooperative venture. The interaction between Freud and Dora has been
described as 'emotional combat.' In this case Freud still acknowledged the
reality of his patient's experience: the adolescent Dora was being used as a
pawn in her father's elaborate sex intrigues. Her father had essentially
offered her to his friends as a sexual toy. Freud refused, however, to
validate Dora's feelings of outrage and humiliation. Instead, he insisted
upon exploring her feelings of erotic excitement, as if the exploitative
situation were a fulfillment of her desire. In an act that Freud viewed as
revenge, Dora broke off the treatment.

"The breach of their alliance marked the bitter end of an era of
collaboration between ambitious investigators and hysterical patients. For
close to a century, these patients would again be scorned and silenced.
Freud's followers held a particular grudge against the rebellious Dora, who
was later described by a disciple as 'one of the most repulsive hysterics he
had ever met.'

"Out of the ruins of the traumatic theory of hysteria, Freud created

TO POLITICAL TERROR, by Judith Herman, M.D.

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