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'Why Did Men Separate Us Into Madonnas and Whores?'

How did it come about, the creation of women into two kinds of women?
Today it is so prevalent (although Matriarchy is coming, old stuff is
still here) that people more or less assume that the hooker on Cherry
Street is one kind of woman morally speaking, while the Lady of the
Manor is a Lady whether or not she practices virtue. The hooker on
Cherry St. may be a saint and Lady Jane a demon, but society does not
see it that way. This demarcation was created~~~~~for what? For the
convenience of men. Huh? What convenience? We have forgotten where
this came from, but getting back to the root of thing will help us
eradicate it.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, there were no rules against sex.
You don't need sex morality rules(except for serious
trangressions...we are talking normal sex here) in a Matriarchy. Huh?
What were they, a bunch of swingers? (heh, heh, heh, the regular
snickers in Patriarchy, always laughing about the thing they
repress....I can hear the canned laughter in the sitcomes now.)

In other words, all power lay in the hands of women. Women got
pregnant and were the parent. A male might or might not be
acknowledged as the Dad. Because property rights were in the hands of
women, this property was handed down to daughters. Women made the
rules - created the laws and the schedules. Men more or less obeyed,
and everything went smoothly.

It was when men took over that they NEEDED to create sex rules in
order to determine PATERNITY OF THE CHILDREN. The rules were created
not to stop men from doing sex with anyone and everyone - but to
prevent women from doing sex with anyone and everyone. That way hubby
knows that Jr. who he's feeding with his hard-earned money and leaving
the house to, is his Jr., and not the guy's down the street.

An elaborate set of rules got put into place, with much force,
threats, violence and brainwashing; women were beaten and hypnotized
into submission. Call it religious, social, cultural norms or
whatever. It was all created and with great effort perpetrated by
males and women who in time, supported them. Just look at the
faithful of Protestant and Catholic Churches, for example. Here you
have women preachers, on the television pulpit, otherwise intelligent
women like Joyce Meyer, saying,

'Woman must submit to the man.'

Now most of the women who will read this article know that this is old
hat, outdated, dumber than dumb, and yet many women in power, like
Joyce Meyer, are still proclaiming this lie. (And these women are
looked up to by truth-hungry men and women who want to do right!) It
is a dirty shame!

It is now time that the Wiccans step forward! I can't wait till the
day when we have some sort of freedom of speech for women. I imagine
a network...... (half of all television, it seems to me, is propoganda
for males - be it Trinity, EWTN, the Sports channel for their dumb
sports, the hunting channel for their evil carnage, the movie channels
for their male-hero worship crap, and a lot of other nonsense made to
sell businesses owned by males).....I imagine a network created for
Women's Spirituality. There would be all the Goddess-worshipping
women with their own shows, preaching their gospel, whatever it is.
There would be Mary Ellen (of TheContemplatives@...) with her
show, about her clans and sharing love and wisdom by the campfires.
Another show would be a Matriarchal yogi, another one I would run
about Our Holy Mother being an Incarnation of God. Protestant and
Catholic Women who believe in total equal rights for women in religion
could have their shows. In between we run entertainment that
glorifies the lives of women: Women saints, appearances of the Virgin
Mary, women of history, women of today, women getting into politics
and government and so forth. We are talking real freedom and speech
and not a network to support sappy 'women's interest' shmaltz - which
basically comes down to decorating houses, cleaning houses, buying
appliances, taking care of small children, romances, supporting hubby
and all the traditional things women are supposed to be limited to.
We are not limited!

What is a woman? What is a Mother? She is the designated ruler of
the planet. The head of the household, the family, the Church, the
government and the world. She needs to take charge, NOW!

But this madonna-whore myth is one of the basic Communist-style lies
men have put upon the human race. And because of it, a lot of
complicated behavior happens. Now why does it work for men?

He keeps woman in control by fear and by reprisals. The fear is loss
of reputation, loss of acceptance from others, ostracism and hatred
from her fellow humans. And so, women who deviate from the 'morality'
as taught by men - which women must follow but men don't have to - are
punished. Once this is set in place, women must maintain their
respectability or be outcast to some degree. Nobody wants to be an
outcast, everone complies - if they can afford to! These are the
'good half' of women who make suitable wives and therefore, get the
'goodies' of men - the money, the houses, whatever. They live in a
world where everyone looks up to themselves and declares,

'What a good soul am I!'

They love themselves and have self esteem. Life is good - because
they have been 'good.'

But now here is a problem. And it is for men. They have forced women
into being 'nice,' but they need 'bad girls' or 'whores' to have fun
with! And so a second set of women is created like so. Women who do
not have the support of their families or financial help - have to go
into 'lowly' professions. Some are maids, janitors, minimum wage
earners, but some enter - you guessed it - the sex trade. Now once a
woman enters the sex trade and is BRANDED as such she is a pariah, an
'untouchable.' Of course, not all sex-trade workers are alike. If
you did a few things here and there, like nude modeling, or some
stripping, or dominating or some semi-sexual stuff, you are a partial
but not total outcast. But if, God forbid, you had to walk the
streets, then you are doomed - forever. You become unsuitable
marriage material for any respectable (wealthy) man and so, you are
probably not going to have all the comforts of life.

This works perfectly for men because the marriage-material women are
fenced off into houses where they breed, cook and clean and serve male
needs, while the whore-style women are in their ghetto ready to serve
sex. The men are free to GO TO the whore, and then GO HOME to their
wives, but the wives cannot GO ANYWHERE but have to stay in their
prison of respectability. Each woman is in her own place, serving
male needs, and never the twain shall meet. This works very well for
men, but not so well for women. (But of course, they don't have the
slightest concern over that.)

It is THROUGH RELIGION that this Patriarchal puke is taught and held
in place. Religion is Patriarchal religion. It is the rules and laws
made up by men, to serve their version of God, and to meet their own
personal needs. And so, if you study the old Testament, you have the
basis of this. These old fogeys were enforcing male interests and our
present day Western culture is based on that. Jesus tried to change
it - but they didn't let Him. (They asked Ghandi what he thought of
Christianity and he said he loved it. But it has never been
practiced. So true.) Now after Jesus died, and the males stole it
from Magdalene (His chief Apostle) and the other women - they had
their way with Jesus' gospel. They twisted it around, as usual, to
usurp women and serve male needs. There is no resemblance to what
Jesus taught to modern-day Christianity. None whatsoever. Jesus did
not have hate, sexism and hypocrisy.

Now on the bright side, I will add, and you have no doubt noticed,
that all the shitgut of men is exploding out. It is falling apart.
The institutions by which they ruled are either drastically changing
(big corporations now MUST hire women and the previously shunned) or
they are going OUT OF BUSINESS (The Catholic Church,.... oh how I long
to buy one of their old Cathedrals for worship of Mary as God!) The
marriage institution is no longer sacrosanct. Women are having kids
without benefit of it - they are suffering - but they are free and the
pain is short term. Their children survive and respect women! The
so-called whores are having a better time of it. They are not treated
as badly as before - it is being realized that 'The Colonel's Lady and
Rosy O'Grady are sisters under the skin.'

What women are realizing now - I am far from the only one - is that we
have been deprived of the basic right of the combination of our
spirituality and sexuality. We were once magnificent creatures, free
as the birds. Our images were on the altars, and they were sexy. We
were worshipped, we were honored. Instead of being pursued for our
beauty and body parts as 'sex trade workers' and 'whores' to be used
and then cast aside (denigrated, denounced, pitied) we represented all
that humanity craved - the Source of Life. Men worshipped our breasts
as food givers, our vaginas as the birth canal, our hips as the
holders of new life, and our whole bodies were sacred. The words we
spoke were listened to! We were obeyed!

To Be Continued

Rasa Von Werder
September 5, 2005

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