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The second issue I will address is the one called 'Boots and Leather,'
where we take a look at an aspect of femdom (female domination of
males.) Although the males say they are 'into' the boots and leather,
they are really saying they are 'into' the female who wears them.
They may get a mild kick out of handling the articles theselves, as
they remind them of the female, but they get a mega-charge from the
woman in them. This is, once again (as are all aspects of female
domination) looking to MotherGod as AUTHORITY. Anything that evokes
authority - be it a uniform that signifies one in charge - (or cigars
which at one time evoked men in power), when coupled with the female,
reminds the male of his Mom. Naturally, Mom was at one time authority
and discipline, whatever form it took. And that means MotherGod.

Now there's a huge language of articles connected with femdom. There
are whips, paddles, chains, locks, restraints, collars, - all
instruments of restraint, punishment and the like - which are
connected with Mother.
'Toilet slavery,' another aspect of femdom, naturally connects with
toilet training by Mom. (There is an absolutely fanatical following
for this 'fetish.')

The man who is attracted to femdom is attracted to femminine
authority, which at base is the femminine divine, which means God as
Woman. Now if we had legitimate Churches wherein the male could look
to women as authority they probably would not be so much femdom! He
could wait after Church and shake hands with the Pastor and have a
chat with her, and he could seek her out for counseling and volunteer
service. This would satisfy his longing to some degree. But because
there is no such outlet available, this whole underground movement has
been around for a long time, probably since Patriarchy got started.


There are of course, numerous 'fetishes' which can be body parts of
the female and any number of other things. There are as many reasons
why these get started as there are males. Usually it is connected with
early emotional/sexual experiences. Not all of these can be directly
traced to Mother, but many are. There are some that simply connect
with early memories and first loves, and even negative experiences of
sex or lack of sex. Then a fetish is created that the male can't
eradicate. Women don't seem to get fetishes, studies show, although
obviously they have interests and tastes.

I shall not elaborate on the femdom scene any more than necessary to
make my point. The point being that when a male is in femdom he seeks
play acting with little pain or discomfort) and all the things that
remind him of Mommy Dearest. Naturally, this is not a conscious
decision. It comes out of the wellsprings of deeply rooted and hidden
emotional needs.


There is a relatively new aspect of this 'femdom' scene. It is the
worshipping of females as physical power symbols. This sprang up only
after women became extremely athletic in sports - especially wrestling
and bodybuilding. Sometimes these tie in together, as women who were
worshipped as bodybuilders are now pursuing wrestling, and from there
come paid 'sessions.' Now in the wrestling sessions, you can imagine
what happens. A powerful woman turns on a male. They wrestle. He
gets sexed up. Where it goes from there is up to the woman. It may or
may not end up in sex. Whatever happens, the woman gets paid for the

In bodybuilding, it is truly an amazing phenomenon. Things have
happened in this muscle game
that no one could have imagined. First, beautiful women entered
beauty contests, along with the men who showed all their muscles.
(The women were given no money, the males a little money. I recall
the first Mr. Olympia contests where Arnold received $750. to win.
Today, the males get $120,000. The females, by the way, get only
$10,000. for Mz Olympia. A horrendous sexist reality.)

In the early contests, the women had to be conventionally beautiful,
like let us say, Rita Hayworth or Hedy Lamaar or some imitation
thereof. They had to have great but not amazing bodies. An average
thin girl with a good figure and pretty face could win easily. Now
you see a transition. In 1979 there are about two or three contests
where women flex muscles, and as soon as that happens, you don't have
to be conventionally beautiful and a different sort of woman has a
chance. You have black women entering for the first time and those
who excel in muscles, but might not be pretty. At first, the
prettiest muscle girls win the contests. Soon, that goes by the
wayside. Pretty gives way to more and more muscular.

Enter today - 2005. What is reality now? For quite some time a
hybrid female has emerged. She is drugged up like the male, she is
starving and dehydrated, and at 1 to 3% fat, she has no breasts. So
the majority of female champions have to have implants. (Because it
helps them win, a costly and dangerous operation considering how
little money these women are paid when they do win.) Her face, which
might have once been beautiful, is now a shambles. The skin has
thickened and has peculiar downward lines. It is covered in acne,
concealed by makeup, so her face is all bumps. The face of an angel
is now harsh and contorted. But her muscles? They make some blush,
because this is not a woman; she is a chemically altered female with
both male and female traits. Her voice sounds like a transvestite and
her clitoris is two inches long. The muscles, of course, are 'to die
for.' And she almost did.

Now thirty years ago, most people would have run away from this
creature. But we easily adjust. The men are lining up for worship!
What do they see in such a woman? It is POWER. What is power? It
is Mother, it is Authority, it is MotherGod!

These amazing women, who have suffered so much, given so much, spent
so much time and money, what happens to them? What glory do they get
and how much money? Does the business compensate them royally? Do
they live on easy street? No. In order to have the privilege of
competing, these women must support themselves. Most cannot hold down
regular jobs. All their time and energy is spent in the gym and all
that goes with competition. They have to do something similar to the
women in the sex trade - those God-awful 'sessions.' The lucky ones
have internet sites where they sell galleries of photos or live webcam
interactions. The others put up with the 'muscle worship.'

'What goes on in these sessions?'

I asked a friend who knows.

'They feel her muscles and worship them.'

'And then what?' I ask.

'And then whatever. Use your imagination .'

But my point here is, men are lining up for these sessions. The women
do make a decent living, but all on their own, not from the sexist
bodybuilding establishment where resources are reserved for men.


Before I move on with my discourse I would like to address a few
issues, because the naysayers are already wailing. People are saying
this 'body worship' and 'woman worship' has nothing to do with
MotherGod. It is all sex, addiction, perversion, bondage and has
nothing whatever to do with spirituality.

Now hold on! Please take a look at the big picture I am seeing, not
the one of the individual male and female exchanging what makes them
tic. In sessions on the surface only one thing is happening -
gratification for the male and money for the female. But this is not
what I am addressing. I am talking about what is happening in the
unconscious and not only on an individual basis, but a global scale!

The social reality that I am purporting is this:
MotherGod worship is natural - it is within the marrow of our bones.
We are bonded with Mother, who is the first and foremost image of
MotherGod. We come out of her egg, then gestate in her womb, and then
remain at her breast and her maternal care for years, intimately
associated with her. She is Mother, Goddess, God, for a long time.
For some, always.

Please put aside the concept of 'horny men - sex' for a moment and see
a human need - one that is as deep as the child within, and the need
for God. Each human longs for Home, for Center, for Absolute Truth,
Love, Power, Harmony, Peace. All these qualities are of God and also
of MOTHER. Now humans crave the SOURCE of all goodness, and MOTHER is
the symbol of that source. It has been outlawed - banned - reviled -
this symbol of Spirituality. It has dug deep into the trenches of
hibernation as a legitimate, mainstream Church.

In order to understand my reasoning you have to see the big picture,
not the small. This is a mankind that for thousands of years has been
MOTHER. Now think of that. Think of a mighty river dammed up and
that river is seeking a way to continue, to move on. That river of
MotherGod love has turned to alternative ways of worship - when
worship in Church is not available. It is the women that can be seen
with the eyes. These women now replace what once was MotherWorship
and although no one calls it that, IT IS RELIGION.

I know eyebrows will raise, but it is the big picture.

Rasa Von Werder
September 4, 2005

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