Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Dear Kyle,

That was, indeed, a thoughtful response to my dream on Richard Pryor
in Purgatory. I will answer your questions.

The ministry was given me by God, by Jesus and Mary specifically.
Mary has a very active part in purgatorial work, and She appeared to
me many years ago to give me my first celebrity in purgatory (as an
infant, I did not know who he was till later) and it was Errol Flynn.
You can read the entire e book on my site on this.

Why I was given the ministry: For one reason, because I prayed daily,
fervently, that God would help them.

Secondly, because I practiced celibacy and another gift I had been
given during the betrothal with Jesus was that I would have 'spiritual
relationships with men.' And this followed along with that.

As far as why a ministry to purgtory? Why pray for them, why suffer
for them? When the mercy of God is enough. Because it is our sacred
duty. When you or I want help, we often seek the intercession of the
Saints in Heaven, do we not? Yes, and they help us. The intercessors
for the souls in purgatory are not saints, but we the living on earth,
the 'Church Militant.'

Rewards of serving purgatory: Incredible good karma! Profound
protection and answer to prayer. Incredible graces and spiritual
light because this is perhaps the greatest charity there is.

The urgency of helping purgatorial souls: Many are abandoned,
forgotten, and getting no spirtual nourishment except the agonizingly
long stretch of pain which is ahead of them. All but forgotten, it
seems like hundreds of years. They cry bitterly. I have been given
such souls from the arms of Our Blessed Lady. They did not want to
leave her! But I promised them they would be given back to Her, and
after I suffered and prayed for them, they were!

Ministering in dreams. The dreams are a tool but not the ministry
itself. The dreams are a vision of facts - receiving a soul, gaging
the improvement, and then seeing them ascend into Heaven in great
rejoicing. A dream does not release a soul, it gives me information.

Greatest pain in purgatory as well as Hell: The separation from God.
There is no greater pain anywhere, including the Earth. Separation
from God says it all.

Rasa Von Werder
Dec. 16, 2005

P.S. Why not give a soul in purgatory the recitation of a rosary for
Christmas, or receive Holy Communion for them ?

Fri Dec 16, 2005 7:29 pm

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