Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Rasa to Glenn: I have read your responses and I don't know if I can
shed any more light on my position by answering again. Right now I am
concentrating on a new article that might interest you: 'THE FUTURE OF
MALE-FEMALE RELATIONSHIPS.' MotherGod has been filling my mind with
understanding the last couple days and I have to start writing soon.
This ability that I have is because of the Holy Spirit or Absolute Who
empowers and anoints me. I was chosen by God to bring understanding to
the world concerning Matriarchy and before I can inform the world God
has to inform me. So I will receive from God and pass it on.
One thing Glenn. You are responding out of fear. Pure fear. You did
not fear when women and children were oppressed. You cared not, you
worried not. You are worried for your own skin, your own feelings and
livelihood. I am happy about what is to come because God has returned
to earth as the Feminine Divine and She will make all things right.
You fear 'slavery' of men but you did not fear when the slavery was
upon women and children. Did you write articles or letters protesting
the treatment of women and children over the years? I think not. Your
reaction to my stand is based on your own personal wishes to remain
the superior sex and have all the priviledges and rights, and kudos
and luxuries, of the superior sex.
In about twenty years women will be earning double of men, on the
average. This is just one of the things MotherGod has been informing
me on. Now I must get to work serving MotherGod and humanity.
I do not hate you, men or anyone. I love everyone, have no bitterness
or revenge. Each person must meet their fate. The wicked will meet
theirs, the good and rigtheous will be blessed. If you are on the side
of good you have nothing to worry about.
Much Love, GuruRasa

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