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Observations made on the lives of Vivekananda, Yogananda, Ramakrishna
and Jesus Our Lord

Prajna, you
have basically declared me to be a phony and not a 'Sat Guru,'
because great gurus do not go out seeking devotees?

I give you the example of Jesus Christ and all his followers. I
started out as a Christian and now I am a Yogi who is also Christian
and Matriarchal. I do not follow an absolute Hindu path - I agree
with what Jesus taught and demonstrated. He said,

'Go into all the world. Freely you received, freely give!'

Jesus was an intense, aggressive gatherer of souls, and all his
Apostles, and all his disciples through the ages are filled with ZEAL
and a powerful missionary spirit!

I differ with you also about Sat Gurus, as I know for a fact, that
Baghwan Nityananda walked everywhere seeking souls who eventually
found their way to him, sometimes years later after the initial meeting.

With gurus, it is to each according to their taste. Some like to stay
in one place, like Ramana Maharshi and Ramakrishna. Some like to
travel, like Vivekananda, Maharishi, Raj Neesh, Paramahamsa Yogananda
and so on.

To each their own! Everyone has a different personality! Myself I
spent years in solitude, now I am seeking the lost sheep who need to
be initiated and enlightened. Does that make me a fake?

Now Karin, I am terribly sorry I have mostly male devotees. You say
it is because I have busty blonde models all over my site. HaHaHaHa.
They are probably, some of them mixed up in the flesh and indeed they
are not all holy celibate saints. Some are in ego and flesh, and I am
attempting to bring them higher. I must add however, that I do have
some advanced holy men. If you look at the posts of CJ, Achim, Adam
Smith, Raleigh, and others you will see devoted, highly spiritual
souls. Others have had meaningful dreams about God
and myself. They are growing, they are struggling, I am helping.

As to the situation of my having all males, only one female. Why is
it that opposite sexes attract? Is it my
fault? Or did God create this chemical attraction of the two sexes,
so that male likes female and female likes male? (It seems to me that
a female has to be a sexless, out of shape, totally unattractive
speciman to be liked by other females, because of the competition factor.)

Might I add some important points here. If you would look upon the
lives and devotees of the following saints it would open your eyes.

Vivekananda, a handsome young soul, had primarily female devotees.
These women adored him and did his bidding, assisting in establishing
the center all over the world which were needed. One special lady was
in England. When Vivekananda had to pass on the mantle of his ashram
in India, he left it to a woman. Women were responsible for the
success of Vivekanana's mission. Narendra himself said that the women
were more qualifield than the men - so he favored them. But
understand at base, these women loved him because he was enlightened,
sweetened by the fact that he was a dynamic, charismatic and handsome

Let us examine Paramahamsa Yogananda, one of the most famous who came
to the U.S. I was privileged to go to three of his centers in Los
Angeles. One was an ashram where I prayed and a veggie restaurant
where I ate. A 75 year old former devotee of his waited on me. (this
was about 1970) I visited his lake shrine center dozens of times,
finding much solace there. My point? Some people said Yogananda had
a 'harem' of devotees. He was truly striking. Yes, he had all women
and they established the mission. You tell me why.

Now take a look at Ramakrishna. He was gay. No women were allowed
once the disciples had control. The only woman to get to him when he
was on his deathbed, to bid farewell, was an actress dressed as a man
(she was famous for playing the young Krishna). Occassionally,
prior to the disciples gaining control over his environment, women
visited Ramakrishna, but he seemed to have a distaste for them. One
female who touched his feet in devotion made Ramakrishna cringe. The
exuse for this is that 'she had led a sinful life.' Nevertheless,
Christopher Isherwood's book ('Ramakrishna and his disciplines') tells
us that he was visited regularly by a hopeless alcoholic after the man
had spent his night in a brothel. (Why the double standard?)

As far as Ramakrishna's wife, he preferred to worship her from afar
rather than giving her a good tantric shag. Does that mean he had no
sex desires? He seemed to be attracted to 'his boys' and once thought
about acting out a sex ritual for Lord Krishna. The Incarnation o
fGod rewarded him by breaking his arm, so RamaKrishna claimed!

What have we here? We have chemistry, we have flesh, which is perhaps
at variance with the spirit, but somehow, works together for the good,
to all who love God.

There is an interesting amendment to the harsh report that Rasa has
'all male disciples.' In December, Rasa garnered her first female,
and what a find! Juana, who is an advanced and holy soul, decided to
give Rasa a chance. Rasa assured her that even the Great would
receive something. In a series of ecstatic miracles Rasa first
appeared to Juana in flames of love, initiated her and called her to
the mission. She cut her with a sword and they became blood sisters.
Then she turned into a man, implanting the 'divine kiss.'

Next, Rasa appeared again in majesty and this time did not bother with
changing her gender. She made ecstatic passionate love to Juana under
the image of female, and Juana said she could never be the same. (See
the series of visions on the site, under 'Juana devotee':

The anointing of the heterosexual Rasa reached Juana in a way that
proves God transcends gender and can bring ecstatic 'tantra' love to
devotees as male or female - take your pick.

Submitted by Rasa Von Werder

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