Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Rasa Von Werder

Adam Smith has dreamed that coins are being melted down and changed
into ornaments. I interpret the dream and I call it the
'Transfiguration in Christ' dream.

Here is an important point. When Adam becomes Christ, when he becomes
the image of Jesus, what does he become? What does Jesus represent?
This is of utmost importance.

When Adam becomes Jesus, he has become 'the sacrficial lamb' or in
other words, his love is of the highest love there is, true spiritual
self-sacrificing love.

Certainly, when we become Jesus we do not become the historical Jesus
in the flesh. We become WHAT HE CAME TO TEACH US. He came to show us
'the way, the truth, and the life.' And so, when we follow his way,
we become, within our own bodies and souls, what He taught us. In
Adam's coin dream, this is represented. Adam has become a true
sacrificial lamb, and the angels are telling him NOT TO FORGET IT. Do
not forget your identity, who you are! You are just like Jesus!

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