Wednesday, 17 December 2008


There is a secret men have to the strategy of child abuse that
directly relates to controlling women. I have not heard any pundit or
social commentator speak of the following - that the abuse of children
goes beyond sexual gratification. It is, at base, part of the
strategy to break down and control women and men when they are
children, in order to modify their behavior when they grow up.

First of all, this abuse cannot easily happen in a matriarchal
setting. It has to take place in secrecy and privacy. When
matriarchy exists, with women all around providing care and protection
of children, men cannot have their way. The nuclear family, the first
step in abuse, separates the physically weak and places them with the
predator, who is strong and ill intentioned. It takes women and
children away from protection and puts them in an area of
vulnerability. Thus isolated, the predator can have his way with the
defenseless and the frightened.

But to get to my point. Is all this merely for the sake of sexual
gratification or is there something more mysterious and sinister
inside of it? Indeed, I see that there is a method to the madness of
men. (As always, I apologise to those men who are righteous. If the
shoe does not fit, don't put it on.) Let us take a strong, hard look
at what happens in abuse and how it modifies the behavior of children
as adults.

On a deep level of the unconscious what the man wants to do is destroy
the independent strength of the child. The child is put into a
position, when it cannot defend itself or make a decision, of bonding
with someone who does not love it, but wants control. This control
happens through breaking down the psyche of the child and wounding it
for life. Even when the child grows up it has a bond, however evil,
with the father, grandfather or uncle who chronically abused it. No
matter how hard the child tries to forgive and forget, it has been
programmed to have a link, a fear and a bond with a patriarch - a male
parent - instead of a nurturing female parent. The child, in infancy
and even in later years, cannot reason out of a psychological dilemma.
It is outrightly hypnotic. An abused child forever sees a male as
the one it has bonded with - however heinously - and an emotional fact
has occured that cannot be easily erased.

How does a child feel with its parents? Both the Mom and Dad are seen
as Godlike figures of authority. The child also desperately needs
love, which means psychological nourishment or affirmation. In the
case of a benevolent Mom or Dad, this is provided. The child then is
reared toward independence and liberty on its own two feet. It is
free to make sane and logical decisions as soon as she/he grows up.
The mind, the psyche, which was loved, nurtured and affirmed has a
strong basis to face life with.

The child who has been sexually abused by males in the home is in a
different place. This Godlike person or persons who abused it -
usually Dad and it starts, average, at eighteen months - has created a
heinous rather than a nurturing bond. Something unsavory has taken
place but the child, at a young age, cannot know this. It can know
physical pain as in being raped by a large organ into a small orifice,
but it does not understand the psychology of it. The child feels pain
and that is all. At a later age, say seven, eight or nine, a child
might be able to understand the psychological ramifications of some of
this, but not as an infant. During the abuse the child, even when
pain is inflicted upon it, bonds with this evil Dad, and that bond is
not broken when the child grows up and knows it was abused.

What is the strategy in all this? Beyond sex, it is patriarchy doing
what it knows best - stealing, killing and destroying. It, as I
said, destroys the independence of the child and makes the child see
male instead of female (Mom) as authority (through a sick bond), and
that prepares the child to live in a patriarchal world. In our world
the male domination continues and the child has been prepped for it by

Once again as in the past I stress that the nuclear family is the
hotbed of abuse for children and Moms, and the matriarchal setting,
with many women around, is the safest and best place for women,
children, and boys.

To recap what I have said, men abuse little girls and boys as a way of
controlling them for a male domination world. It isn't only for
sexual gratification. The culprit is patriarchy, the solution is

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