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My dear friend,

To know where is GOD, first we have to understand the word GOD, what
is the real meaning of the word GOD.

What kind of people were they who have invented the word GOD and

In India the word GOD (Bhagwan), was used for the Individual person
Male or Female human being,who have uprooted all the ill-will,
hatred, animosity, anger and all such negativities from the depth of
their mind, and whose mind has become PURE .And now this pure mind is
filled with eternal compassion, eternal Sympathatic Joy, eternal
freindship and eternal equanimity.

And so all the human beings on this earth have the power to become
God, if they with the help of a technique like VIPASSANA
( all the ill will, animosity,anger and hatred
from thier mind and develop four qualities that are Compassion,
Sympathatic Joy, Friendship and Equanimity and make thier mind pure.

So unless one becomes God (Bhagwan), one can not find where is GOD.

So Become GOd by developing the qualities of God for example Jejus
or Gautam Buddh and so on.

May all be free form ill will, animosity, hatred, anger.
May all develop Good wil and Love, Peace and Harmony.
May all be Happy and Liberated

Start your day with Love.
Fill your day with Love.
End your day with Love.
This is the way to Peace.

May Peace, Peace and Peace praevail every where.

Strive to be Happy


--- In, "Rasa Von Werder" wrote:
> Rasa Von Werder
> October 23, 2005
> Please answer these questions on this site or the one listed
> It is for an article I am writing and for discussion to edify many.
> 1 If God is in Infinity and therefore beyond us, how can we know
> 2 If God is infinite can there be such a thing as one perfect
> religion or best religion for everyone?
> 3 How do you decide which religion or spiritual discipline is
> bad or not so good?
> 4 Should God be symbolized as Spirit/Energy, as male God, Mother
> or how? What is the best symbolism to you and why?
> 5 Almost all religions, certainly most, espouse love. Why then
> so much evil ocurred in the name of God?
> 6 If you are God in the yoga/Buddhist sense of the word, then
> you still pray? Or just work on being God or finding the Self/God
> within? Should you work only on nonduality or should you work on
> dual vision also?
> 7 Which is more important, finding your own Enlightenment, or
> others? If tending to others interferes with your meditation and
> presence, should you ignore them or should you tend to them, even
> though they disturb your inner state?
> 8 If God is within each person (as well as all creation) why is
> so difficult to find? Shouldn't this be easy?
> 9 What is the purpose of mystical experiences; visions, voices,
> dreams, revelations and such. Are they good in any way or bad?
> 10 If you had to spend the rest of your life on an island with
> how would you like them to be? Describe the kind of people you
> bear spending the rest of your life with on an island.
> 11 When you see God face to face how will God look? When you die
> go to Heaven, what will you see? Explain what you think you will
> Thank you for answering.

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