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The First Conspiracy Was Against Women
Part 1

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Rasa Von Werder, Copyright 2008

It behooves me to tell you the vision of Mother God which She has given me, regarding the agenda and intentions of males from time immemorial, which they implemented when they had the chance a few thousand years ago. This vision, although Supernatural in my case, that is, empowered by the Supernatural, can be obtained by any sagacious scholar or academic who pays attention to the facts of both history and the present day with all its statistics and studies.

To know what a person wants, what he desires, you must simply see what he has done and what he is doing. So this vision is quite simple and logical, it merely requires observation and insight,– which all people should have but don’t. Perhaps the biggest reason people DO NOT see the vision I have is Satan got control of most of the media and he pours forth lies, so the people are confused and ignorant. But luckily, that has not been the case for me, for as I said, I got Supernatural help.

What Men Want With Women

What the Satanic domination of male against female is all about is that women are to be used as incubators for the production of people, these people being then used for the further ‘power and glory’ of males.

Remember clearly where Jesus was tempted by the devil,
“I will give you all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, if you will bow down and worship me.”

This is precisely what the male has done – he has bowed down and worshipped Satan for the goods of the world, their power and supposed glory, and he has sold his soul to the devil, and he is a bought slave of the devil and he is doing the works of the devil.

This is not to feel sorry for the male – he has done this of his own accord and will; no one forced him because we have free will, to sin or do good, and he has chosen this.

No sooner did the male bow down and worship Satan, he became possessed by the spirit of Satan, and he still worships Satan in places like Bohemian Grove and all the secret castles and societies that males have produced, and in their homes and in their hearts – they are paying homage to Satan every day to obtain his so-called power.

Now the question is, what sort of power has Satan to give, and what does God give, and why is it that Satan seems to have the most success on earth, while God stands idly by and lets it happen? This is a question many good people have raised, and aptly so.

To answer that question one could say,
‘Satan has his day, but God has her eternity.’

It is a matter of TIME and this to us seems so REAL but in physics it is but a figment of our imagination, a sort of illusion of ‘time and space.’ Although it seems very real to us, in other dimensions, it is not so real, where other things truly are real and not delusions, and the absolute Reality is God, and our life and consciousness in God; our Eternal Life.

So this spot in space and time is fleeting and momentary, it is chimera or illusion; it will soon pass and disappear, and Eternity will appear, where we will realize True Reality. At that time we will see who we are, what we are and what Truth is, and we will receive the rewards of our decisions, good or bad, and Satan and his followers will forever fall into Hell, and the saints will rise up to Heaven.

And so, on this earth, it seems right now that Satan, through the male gender, is ruling the world, that he has won, that he has controlled women and other men, through ‘alpha males’ and all the grief he has brought forth still goes on, with plans to increase his wickedness.

This is where we have stood for thousands of years, the good and the bad side by side, with evil having the upper hand, the good wondering when they will be released.

Now when I speak of Satan I must explain that Satan cannot work without bodies, he is discarnate and can do nothing without the body of a human letting him in and allowing him sway over itself. So that when a person lets Satan in, Satan has a voice, and a vehicle for work and domination, and he can produce all the things that have been produced on earth. Now the people who allowed Satan to use them have not been the female gender, except in individual cases but not as a whole, (it has been the Satanic male who has oppressed women, not Satanic women who have oppressed men) but overall, it has been the male gender through whom Satan has ruled, and he has usurped the natural authority and power of the female, creating chaos.

The Difference Between Male and Female

Let us go back to the ‘incubator’ idea.
What is it that women have that men do not? They have the Godlike power of reproduction. That is what males crave and covet, they want that power, because having not this power, they are wholly dependent on female, not only for reproduction, but for the services a human needs after being born, the nourishment of maternal love. Males cannot reproduce (except as parasites to women) and they do not have maternal capacity, so they are at a total loss.

In a natural world, the male lives under the dominion of female as a child, lover and helpmate. Inside this Matriarchal framework, you have peace and harmony. But outside of it, there is chaos.

The transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy is a demonic one, the Spirit of Satan enters the man, with the idea that,

‘I will give you the kingdoms of the world and their glory if you will bow down and worship me.’

Here, you must understand, is an analogy, a key, of how Satan tempts the male race. Jesus wisely refused his offer and banished him, as Jesus was a woman-lover, Mother-lover Matriarch – the condition of all virtuous males.

No man would be happy with ‘all the kingdoms of the world and their glory’ without also subduing and possessing women, for all the kingdoms of the world and their glory bring him the possibility of controlling women – which is the end all and be all of what men want – women, for as I said, they are wholly dependent on women for reproduction and love nourishment. Imagine a man living as a king, with all the money and ‘glory’ of being ‘powerful’ but no woman. The signature of a ‘powerful’ and ‘prosperous’ man has always been his access to and control of women, the harems, the orgies, the multiple children he could father.

This luxurious condition of having all the things of the world, most important of which is women, is what the spirit of Satan has tempted males with – the big carrot. This is how Patriarchy begins.

And it does not begin with suggestions or hard work, the Spirit of Satan drives men insane with greed and violence, and that’s how they get the kingdoms, glory and be continued

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