Friday, 27 February 2009

Is Matriarchy the Natural Order?

By Charles Lightwalker

Ever hear of a King Bee? All social animals are matriarchal. It is the alpha female of all species who lead the herd, pack, troop, flock, school, gaggle, or whatever, if only by virtue of their choosing the alpha male. We Cherokee were matriarchal until Europeans forced the change to patriarchy. The Iroquois Confederacy nations are still matriarchal to this day. I believe that they may be the only matriarchies inside the U.S. today, but I may be mistaken. So-called chiefs may be male but they're chosen by the Clan Mothers of the tribe. And the Clan Mothers are the only ones who can fire the chief. In fact, the Mohawk Nation, just six or seven years ago, had a corrupt chief who was stealing money from their national treasury. He refused to accept the Clan Mothers authority in his dismissal from the post of chief. When they were told of his defiance the Clan Mothers alerted all the other grandmothers to bring their children and grandchildren, and gather at an appointed time outside the chief's office on the Monday morning following his Friday dismissal notice, to see how they handled the defiant culprit. The Clan Mothers were all waiting inside the chief's office when he showed up like business as usual. They beat him real good inside the office, then dragged his sorry patriarchal punk-ass outside into the street and beat him some more in front of everybody gathered there just to make a point about who holds the power in the Mohawk Nation. The Creator is Female because here on Earth, as we Cherokee know, All things are born of Woman, and as above, so below. It cannot be any other way.

Charles Lightwalker is a Metis Shaman. Metis meaning mixed blood, Charles is Cherokee, French and English bood line. For more information on Charles visit the web site:

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