Saturday, 28 February 2009


The newsletter of the Atheist Society (Australia)
Vol 1 No. 4, Feb, 1994

To avoid any criticism that we atheists do not pay enough attention to women, this entire issue is dedicated to them. Indeed, every true Atheist is concerned primarily with WOMAN, for there is no God greater than Her, none more powerful, none the cause of more self-sacrifice, none more dehumanizing.

WOMAN is, and always has been, the single greatest enemy of truth and rational thought. The very fact that it is inconceivable to even suggest such a thing nowadays bears testimony to the fact that WOMAN is the controlling force behind men almost as much as it defines every woman's existence.

Religion itself is but an expression of WOMAN. Christianity no longer worships a hard, masculine, dignified God, but idolizes a weak and effeminate Jesus of its own creation. Buddhism no longer reveres Enlightenment, non-attachment, and liberation, but promotes a sickly and pathetic form of "compassion". Islam: sheep.

Religion is an illusory foe, and to fight against it is to box with the empty air. Religion does not exist in a church or in a set of ideas or beliefs, but in WOMAN. That is, it exists in a fanciful imagination that has no connection whatsoever with reality. WOMAN is a pre-conscious entity that is unable to place any value at all on such things as truth, reason, integrity, and principles. It is unable to do so because it has not been designed for the task. Only if WOMAN evolves into something more, much more, can we ever demand truth of Her, and Her many religions. Please try to understand the importance of what is being communicated here. It is said that women should not be criticized because they are a Natural Force, and beyond criticism. But if Natural Forces are allowed to run rampant, there is great destruction. It is not man which is the cause of so much violence in this world, but the WOMAN in man. Were it not for Her, reason and truth would reign supreme. A "balance" between the masculine and the feminine is always ninety percent in favour of the feminine. Do not settle for part measures! It is not possible to say enough about women in just this one issue, so be prepared for much more in future. In order to convey the greatest amount of information in the smallest possible space, I leave you with a collection of Oh so masculine sayings and aphorisms. I am aware that many men will be upset by this attack on women, but I simply don't believe that sex is worth paying for.


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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

Shouldn't it be 'sub/dude'? I think that wood be much better. No, maam, men R the missing peAce, just like women - you cannot have one without the other God bless you. Meet me Upstairs, miss gorgeous, where I'll kiss your adorable feets and be your servant. I love you. Think. Know. Grow PAST---> this whorizontal earth ruled by the Liar. Be at peace.