Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Men are getting a "mirror" image of themselves from each other and they are terrified by what they are seeing!

So says Shaman Melody who speaks Truth

From: Melody Hart

To: Rasa Von Werder

Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 12:23 PM

Subject: Re:Horrah! Rasa, print out this letter and . . .

I admonish you SisterGoddesses to start keeping a
Goddess Anthology of all of our Goddess-Centric
poetry, visual artistry, all of our writing so we can see
ourselves mirrored, shadowed and echo-d in each other.
"Until you get MAN off your eyeballs, you can't SEE
nothing." - Alice Walker, The Color Purple.

WE are getting "MAN" off our eyeballs and GODDESS
on our eyeballs, SEEing each other and all femaleBeing
as the GODDESS, OURselves.

YES, Black Nubian Queen Mother Goddess, I know
who you are, WE are Isian, that "sacred nation" of
women with WINGS!

Isis is the Amazonian Warrior Goddess archetype
with powerful maternal Mother GOD energy that
integrates the warrior-lover-erotic-spiritual . . . .
luminious "divine" feminEssence in our bodies, wombs
and femaleBeing.

WE could go through our online archives and "regather"
our Goddess Sisterhood "just between us self-realized
Goddesses . . . . . emails, our photographic sexy and
naked images and publish a really HOT collaborative
Goddess Realization Anthology.

That's the kind of Goddess Collaboration I am longing for
and see beginning to happen on the internet!

The internet is "GODDESSING" . . . . . with "virtual"
Goddess Temples . . . . . emerging daily! OH! my
GODDESS, "how Great Thou Art! . . . We are all ONE
in Goddess Power, the Power to break the Power
of the Patriarchial GODSPELL that has held all humanity
in it's mega trance since it emerged out of the ancient
Matriarchial . . . Mother God . . . . Archetype, the primordial
Ancesturess/ Matrix of OUR "female" "image and Likeness".

The Misogeny is soooooo all pervasive that if feels as
if we are in a "plaster cast", or worse, the diabolical
IRON Maiden male invented to suffucate/ asphysiate
women just like us.

All their instruments created for woman/Goddess
dismemberment are evidence of their propensity for
EVIL Genius!

The atrocities of the Inquisition have never ceased,
only become more sophisticated. The "women's
holocaust" has lasted 5000 years and still IS.

And, "this too shall pass".

RASA's archived research and teaching is a virtual
goldmine of women's empowerment information,
knowledge and wisdom.

SHE deserves our utmost respect for her tenacity and
courageous exposure of the whole anti-woman anti-life,
anti-Truth, anti-Mother God . . . . "lying story" as
ZBudapest calls it.

Patriarchy is ONE collosal . . .. Lying Story.

Sisterhood IS Powerful!
I never had any "sisters" in my parental childhood home
and never birthed any daughters, two sons I birthed into
BEing. I am starved for Motherly, Sisterly and Daughterly
Love, affection and mutual bonding.

So mote it be! Matriarchy is NOW! It always "was" ,
always IS because it is US, our very existence. It is
MENARCHY, the natural phenomenon of the Menstural
Cycles. WE are the "daughters of the Moon, the Menses,
the Muses and the megaMother, the ALL Mother.

Remembering . .. ... ancient . . . . rememberings . . . .
of before Patriarchy . . . . was . . . forseeing when
Patriarchy is no more . . . . . It will go the way of the
Dinasaurs , , ,, those terrifying predators who are now
only dry bones!

The death rattle is in the throat of the whole Patriarchy.
It is gasping for it's last . . . breath of Life!
Let us rejoice! And be glad for our part
in it's soon demise!

In the meantime, what are we going to do with our
HOT erotic fire? "Desire"? It remains to be seen. Yes?

RASA . . . . . researching those horrific YOUTube
videos for you to send to any ignoramuses harrassing
In David Icke's presentation that I saw today he calls
the "men in the Black suits" . . . . who are the pawns of
the shadow Government/ Illuminati, "secret male societies",
":different faces, same assholes". HaHa

Men are getting a "mirror" image of themselves from each
other and they are terrified by what they are seeing!

Even more terrified than we are "seeing" them "seeing"
their own collective enmasse "stealth", "treachery" and
the whole Patriarchial "Evil Empire" in all of it's dark
secret . . . . . corruption.
Will Rasa be interviewed by top radio hosts Alex Jones and Jeff Rense?

Dear Alex Jones,
The female half of the human race is not being represented in the dissident/conspiracy movement; there is no female voice being heard,& this leaves out a vision that is vital to the salvation of our planet. Matriarchy is the only way the planet can be saved, the future lies with the woman. Males are going extinct – they will not be here in 125,000 years and it will be a woman-only world, they will reproduce without men. No one in the movement is speaking of this but me,- the males don’t want to if they are aware of it, - the women are afraid. There are all sorts of statistics in the area of education, health, suicide, that indicate the crumbling of the Y chromosome is having a devastating effect on males.
There is much work to be done and this has to be done BY WOMEN. The men think it’s the same’ ole game of one man vs. another, good men vs. bad men, but it has gone beyond that. Women must take control over the young males, as babies, as children, and as men, and recover the BONDING Patriarchy has destroyed. Males must recognize women as MOTHERS and LEADERS and they will gain GUIDANCE and STRENGTH from this – other wise the dog-eat-dog man vs. man race continues, with women shoved to the sidelines without a voice.
My book is ‘Can Female Power Save the Planet’, Rasa Von Werder at Amazon (there are previews of 5 of my books at Lulu.com) You may look INSIDE this book at Amazon
I am asking you to interview me.....all the best....Rasa

Mr. Rense,
I am concerned with your admiration of misogynist Henry Makow. I would be willing to fully discuss the issues he brings forth, which is basically portraying women who fight for their rights as a bunch of ugly dykes, and that women need to submit to men for their own good, to gain their protection. This is so paternalistic and sexist as to be laughable; the man is obviously fueled by his emotions and not his reasoning ability, if any. I am surprised you and Ben Fulford agree with him, to think that males this intelligent and well informed could fall flat in this one area.
There is no voice on your radio show representing the feminine point of view, which is half the human race. I ask you to remedy that omission. Are you males living alone on this planet? Is it all about you? What does the female mean to you, an incubator and sex machine? A nurturer to take care of your needs, while she shuffles between bedroom and kitchen? Or can a woman have the full capacity of a human being in her own right, a leader and a rational, intellectual, empowered entity? I challenge you to have me on your show.

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