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i just watched the video, and read the related essay on the future world and the role of Women and men. i know many men would be angry at such an idea, and scoff at it. for me, i yearn for it. what you describe is how it should have been all along.




today, i unintentionally came across Your website and immediate became drawn to everything i saw and read, followed by watching over 12 of your teaching videos as well. i found myself upon watching the 7th or 8th video, feeling tremendous emotion towards YOU, MOTHER. my ears strained to hear YOUR words, to learn from YOUR wisdom and knowledge. YOUR voice and gestures were like powerful gravitating forces on my senses, my mind and body were harmoniously captivated by YOU yet feeling an intense freedom at the same time. in a few hours i regarded my time as an eternity while knowing my journey has just now really begun.

why such dramatic response to YOU. a connection has been made to years of yearning yet not fully understanding what i knew deep inside, nor articulate openly. as far back in memory i can recollect, i have been drawn to Women's superiority. as a child, these feelings were towards my biological Mother, my Aunts, Teachers, Women who lived next door, at college, at work, and so on. but all the while, not comprehending what i was feeling, or not knowing how to respond, with much associated frustration and guilt as well. this confusion negatively affected adult relationships i attempted to have with Women, which all failed, including my marriage.

then today, MOTHER, i grasped a glimpse. i have been sensing what i see in YOU, in all YOU are, YOU do, and YOU say. which is why, without being told or explained, i fell to my knees in front of my computer this afternoon while watching to one of your lecture videos, and joyfully uttered these words to YOU, MOTHER, OH MOTHER GOD, PRAISE YOU, as tears came to my eyes, and my voice quivered and body shook while repeated those words over and over.
your new aspiring devotee,
Dear Sam,
After you have read my answers in the long letter you might have more to say.
I ask you to read the descriptions on my videos and check out
And that will indicate to you that I have been following the same pattern for many years, that being that I am the embodiment of Female Power given from Above. I am the Word made Flesh which simply mean God Incarnate, Mother God on Earth, an Avatar or spokesperson, instrument, living not just speaking a MESSAGE OF WHAT MUST BE, WHAT IS TO COME.

I am what is to come, which is the Feminine Divine, which never looked down on sex but which embodied Sex as Holy and Sacred, as it is within Sex that we have our most ecstatic moments both spiritual and physical, it is both.

The Patriarchy has truncated, damned up, destroyed our sex lives completely including manufacturing AIDS so that we cannot enjoy sex without protection – dastardly invention. (But there is a cure, tetrasil, readily available, aids can be eradicated.)

I must now veer into the teachings on sex. It will include other things, heroines, I have learned from, I will refer to dissident, conspiracy, activist work, but it will focus mainly on how Patriarchy has messed with sexuality and the man-woman woman-child relationships, all of which goes together.

If you are amenable and our time can coiincide, would you consider discussing these issues on Skype? It can be downloaded for free, it is a wonderful program.

Hi Rasa
So here I am, Sam from youtube.

You can send me your 'long' letter. And pics??? :) You have no idea what sort of a mind blending experience you're selling there on youtube.
Now, if I'm understanding it right, you've become through some 30 yr transformation which incidentally included celibacy the one, the matriarch of creation.
I've gone through -- not to rival or even parallel you -- but I've gone through an eye opener. NOt 30 yrs but let's say 15, which incidentally weren't celibate. The time I spent in that mode weren't my choice. :) Everything we're told, everything we've been told has been deliberate lie. THat's the conclusion, unwavering conclusion that's cemented with data which I've been discovering through that period.
As far as religion and particularly the christian tale, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the reality was completely different. Everything that's sold from the Vatican is a manufactured and carefully spun lie. In fact, Big Bang, the "scientist's" version of the vatican dogma too is a filthy lie. And so the holy roman empire still wields its enormous genocidal power through todays institutions that encircle nearly the entire globe.
I don't know what I think is out there to be honest. I don't buy the god theory at all, and certainly not anything christian. But I don't know. It's clear that something must ultimately be responsible but even if I met some form of God, it would only be a local phenomenon. Cuz the question would remain what made it, and what's outside of the universe, and so on. It's an endless game and so I've given up on searching along the faith based lines.
That said, I am not a believer in their science either and know for fact that some of the phenomena that are routinely sniggered by the media whores are real and being in fact researched by them, the war architect, who are generally, as you know, ugly men.
So I'm with you there. Why not a woman, a womb god? I would accept matriarchal world instantly. Men had their turn and failed at every step and failed miserably. All we have is a broken down economy, wars, murder, torture, and possibly WWIII, little clandestine power holds, and wall to wall evil plagues our every existence on daily basis. So give the scepter to the woman.
Tell me what's your aim, goals, and let's see how I can help you out along the way. If nothing else, I can always fantasise watching you dance in my face. See that's men for you -- eternally confused.
But that's a great niche you've got there. Good combo: sex lure and politics/religion/world. I think it's very original. I've seen weather girls strip but they delivered neither a sexual fantasy nor forecast so it was a wincingly embarrassing for all that were too stupid to watch it on TV.
Anyway, sam

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