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Melody explains ‘rebirthing’ nourishing, mothering men,

Melody explains ‘rebirthing’ nourishing, mothering men, breast feeding them and teaching them to pleasure us orally (This is important! This is healing our entire male gender!)

Notice how everything in the Patriarchial paradeigm

is about torturing people/ prisoners to get "confessions" out ot them.

During the "witch craze" in the "Historical" Patriarchial Inquisitions of

the (un)Holy Fathers in the Vatican . . . . stronghold of white male patriarchial power,

the women victins (our human foresisters and foremothers) were mercilessly male mass raped and bodily dismembered by instruments of woman torturing, eye gougers, the iron maiden, woman suffocating machine, a whole vast collection of woman torturing and female body dismemberment tools of the Inquisitional church "Fathers". "HOLY Fathers". Notice how they name themselves names like Pope Innocent. There is NOthing innocent in the Vatican! And NO such thing as an

"innocent" Pope!

It is all a facade. It is all fakery! A pumpously arrogant male chauvanistic

facade that the world now knows has been a facade for Catholic Priests pediphiles by the

hundreds, maybe thousands all over the world, protected by the Vatican "HOLY" "see"

problaiming themselves to be the "Vicars of Christ" and "infalliable", without error in matters of "faith and morals", like the "morals" of child sex abuse, sexual predation on

the children and grandchildren of their assigned "parishes".

To Whom it may soncern, Spare me your hate male and death threats.

It is not worth your expenditure of vital life energy and "time" to send them.

They will be deleted and ignored as evidence of YOUR . . . . hatefullness, YOUR misogeny, YOUR

inner "deadness", YOUR . . . . state of mind. They have nothing whatsoever to do

with MY "state of mind/ being". Your hatemail and death threats, misogeny, are all

about YOU, the "sender", NOT the "reciever".

Female victim blaming, child victim blaming is the most effective strategy of the victimizers/

perpetuators and it's not "silencing" us anymore. The "silence" is being shattered and

all the dark Secrets of the Vatican, the Kremlin, the White House, the Pentagon, the

Illuminati, the Satanic Demonology cults . . . . are now being exposed to the light of Truth.

All secrets are now being revealed to all Being.

We are entering the no more Secrets . . . . no more "silencing", no more "victim blaming"

shift of consciousness! Welcome to the NEW Reality!

When I was a naive young girl, I went to Catholic "confessions" in a little wooden

box with a black curtain that separated me, the "confessing" young female and the

older male priest behind the black curtain "hearing confessions" and assigning

female penance. This was the Catholic "protocol" I was taught to "obey", "conform to"

if I wanted to be "saved" by the male Priesthood. Saved from what? From the "original"

SIN of the male mythed EVE . . who is now EVE Everywoman, since no woman has

escaped the "guilt" of the male mythed EVE, the "Mother of all the Living".

To be a woman, a Mother is to be an "EVE" the universal scapegoat of all the

patriarchial religions who must perpetually be punished for being "EVE", that is "female",

"Mother", the NOT male, therefore NOT Father, therefore, not GOD . . . . being . . . .

So here's a "True Confession" of the ultimate Patriarchial TABOO and "forbidden fruit"/

pleasure of the Sexy Older Woman and Younger Male . . . .

It was a full moon night.

We have been "Sexy Older Woman, Younger Man" "dating" for about eight months. We meet on a "blind date" arranged by mutual friends. The "blind date" is the beginning

of a steamy "Sexy Older Woman, Younger Man" Love Affair.to Remember.

HE informs me in the beginning that he had an experience during his puberty that has

handicapped him sexually, making him unable to "father" any children. He told me

that he had an underdeveloped penis due to something that happened to him during

his adolescence that he did not understand. He tells me he has had four previous wives

all of whom is is now divorced from. He lives with and cares for his invalid Mother.

Before our Moonlight Rendevou and MY Goddess Unveiling of my Naked Splendor,

my female naked body . . . that glorious night Moonstruck and illuminated by the

cosmic elements, he came by my apartment during his daily rounds as an insurance

salesman. At our first dinner date I told myself, "this guy is a stuffed shirt", borning

insurance salesman, professional. As I looked across the table at him in his

corporate American male dress code, suit and tie and crisp white shirt, I felt NO

erotic attraction whatsoever and wondered why I had accept the "blind date".

I then became aware that I was mirroring his "corporate American male posture"

and holding my body as stiff as his.

I then relaxed into a more "feminine", sensual posture, pose, after which to my amazement

he "relaxed" his posture and began mirroring mine. Aha! Sudden Enlightment! Eureka!

He wanted me. He desparately needed me. And he showed it in all the conventional

ways by sending me romantic greeting card every day, bouquets of red roses, making

sure that he had my attention. (though it was never my "undivided" attention). I was

receiving bouquets of red roses from another "suitor" at the same time, unbeknown to

each man.

Our dating was progressively more relaxed and playful with lots of laughter and fun.

Sometimes I laughed so hard I peed in my pants with "adult incontenance"! It was all

magical, enchanted and enchanting. especially the Night of our Naked Innocence and

my Goddess Unveiling . . . and innitiation in the pleasures of "Sexy Older Woman,

Younger Man" . . . . "oral sex" innitiation. "Tasting" the intoxicating Goddess

nectars and clixirs of our Mother's Garden of Heavenly Visions and Earth Delights.

One day he came to my door looking like a whipped puppy. (Notice how many times

male human behavior is related to DOG behavior and "house training". There are books

available on how to use professional Dog Training techniques to "house train" a man

for "years of enjoyment". Males are highly trainable. Hitler trained hordes of boy/men.

Hiro Hito . . . trained hordes of boy/men to kill on "commant" whoever the "trainer"

ordered "killed". The Russian Dog/Man "scientist" Pavlov experienced dog/man training

with his pavlovian "experiments" on dogs and himself. He used the same Natzi . .

"electro-consultive" "shock" . . "treatment" to created predictable "conditioned behavior"

in dogs and men.) end of parenthesis. . . . continuing the main storyline . . .

So on this day, when he presented himself in the guise of a "whipped puppy", I

knew we could not play any Me Jane, you Tarzan? games of wild jungle SEXplay.

I invited him in. I am now sitting on the couch, opening my blouse and holding him in my arms

like women have been holding babies, humans and animals in our arms for millenia.

I am exposing my voluptious

bare breasts to him and saying, here, suck this like a baby, not like a man and let

ne "baby" you.

I am rocking him in my arms, "suckling" and "babying" him and it feels "perfectly" natural

to both of us. I am looking into his eyes and saying , " how wonderful it is to see your face to

face. When you were inside of me and I was waiting for your birth, I could only

imagine what it would be like for us to see each other face to face like this."

In other words I "rebirthed" his frigntened inner child trapped in the body/mind of a

man who believed himself to be sexually inadequate, damaged and inferior to other

men with the big cocks and the big cocky ego's. and to ME "oozing" with erotic energy

that he is feel in every fiber of his being.

He is telling me, "whatever I lack, I know how to compensate for". You will never lack for

orgasms! What? Orgasms? What does he know about female orgasms? I knew very little

at that time, having experienced few female orgasms during my marriage of thirty years,

which was typically all about male orgasms and ejaculations after which HE rolls over

and doses off into deep, delicious sleep, while SHE is wide awake wondering,

"is that all there is" to SEX with MEN?

The first time I am seeing his nude body he is in my apartment and upstairs in the

bathroom disrobing himself, after which he calls down to me and asks me to

come to the bathroom. When I entered the bathroom, there he stood naked and embarrassed

by the vulnerable "exposure" of his "manhood" that he is feeling is tragically woefully


I remember his words, "Can you handle this"? meaning could he possibly be sexually

acceptable to me with his "small penis". I said to him, for heaven's sake, do you

imagine that I am in love with male penises? It is YOU I am loving, every inch of you,

every atom, every cell of your wholeness, only a small part of which is a physical

body with a penis attached. It is your "essence" I am relating to, not your penis.

He seemed somewhat relieved, and I realized that it matters not what any woman thinks

of any man. All that matters is how we see ourselves and how men see themselves

in relation to women, all women. It is overwhelming to men, the sexual power of women

and their irristable attractuion to our physical form, image and bodies.

All this preceeded the magical night of my Goddess Unveiling beneath a big full moon

beside a shimmering lake in a private and discreet lakeside rendevou we arranged in which we were alone in the magic of nature, naked and innundated by the cosmic beauty surrounding

our naked bodies . . . .

I had never experienced what humans call "oral sex", not in my whole 30 years of marriage.

My then and only husband would have considered that part of my juicy Goddess

anatomy "dirty", not something he would want to put his mouth on, it was, as far as

he was concerned male GODfather created to plug a penis into and ejaculate into NOT

to kiss with wet juicy lips, lips to lips, "as above, so below".

HE never experienced "oral sex pleasure" with me, nor did he give me "oral sex pleasure"

due to his Christian upbringing as the son of a Presbyterian/ Protestant male Minister/

Patriarchial "priest" proclaiming the male "word" of the male "GODfather" . . . divinity Mystique

of the old man floating on the cloud in the sky . . bye and bye when we DIE and go to

"Heaven", which is reserved for only the few, while the masses are doomed and damned

to go to HELL and "eternal torment" . . . in the "lake of fire" that burns forever and ever . .

ad nauseum ad . . infinatum. YOU know the tale so oft told to the "faithful" fron the

male only Pulpits and podiums of the male Clergymen's male power and authority

stronholds from which female "priestesses", "prophetesses", "proclaimers" of "divinity"

have been banned and ostracized for 5000 years . . plus, even Now.

NO female "Billy Grahams" allowed in the Great Coleseums, football stadiums of the

Gathering of the "faithful" who are repeatedly told what wrretched wormlike "sinners"

they all are and how "ungodly" and "lost" they are all are . . . . after which they

"flock to the alters of male salvation, salvation from being of woman born, not male,

therefore not the "only begotten son of God", therefore, hopelessly LOST in "SIN"

etc. . . . ad nauseum, ad infinatum . . . . . all fear, guilt and shame inducing/ based.

Back to the moonlight Unveiling and my innitiation in the pleasures of "oral sex" between

a "sexy older woman and a younger man", both having been pre-conditioned by assimilation

into 5000 years of Patriarchial religiosity, Churchianity and male SEX fantasies, fetishes

"preached" from the "pulpits" of the world Patriaarchy.

to be continued . . . . . .

what happened when he put his mouth, and wet juicy lips on my wet juicy "womanhood",

my Goddess YONI . . . . . in the next exciting True Confession of the Secret Escapades

of Sexy Older Women and Sexy Younger Men, the "forbidden Taboo" of Patriarchial

male/female "relationship" dynamics.

"Tasting the forbidden fruit" of the Goddess' erotically intoxicating alchemical Elixirs

naked in the woods beside a sparkling moonlit lake in the whisper of the twilight magic

into wich we . . . . together . . . . . melted, melded and were embraced by Mother Nature,

Mother GOD, Mother Earth, the living GAIA.

A sampling of my Erotic "autiobiography".

by "Sexy Older Woman Melody Dating Younger Men" for over half a Century of

"forbidden pleasures" and secret delights! --

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