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Beautiful biracial male with a Hot Fudge Sundae I could eat all day. Explains why white alpha males want to kill all black men - it is jealousy. No wonder this sweet angel looks worried. But don’t worry my darling, there is a God, and She is taking out all the white alpha males before She removes anyone else – She has promised me on her Honor and Power.

Rasa’s New Lover is 19!

His first letter:

wow i have to say you are absolutely gorgeous you look like a living barbie doll.

Rasa: Tell us a bit more about yourself, your pic is darling, is that you?

His 2nd Letter:

wow celibate for 30 years!!! i cant believe that how can that be possible? especially looking as hot as you do. now to be honest i am no ten but i am well built and i am what most of my girlfriends call cute, but in the bedroom i am a marathon man hours and hours and hours of the most explosive sex and i know that after all those years of celibacy you want your tities sucked, your pussy eaten, your body showered with kisses and that pussy pumped hard. speaking of hard thanks for the video that made me harder than a rock.

Rasa: Will you please give me an account of your measurements, like height, weight and love tool? Tell me in feet and inches, I don’t understand the other stuff.

His third letter:

you are brilliant!!! heres the fyi i am 19 years old i am 5'10 164 pounds the size of my cock is 10 inches and yes thats me in me favorite sweater i am currently in a relationship thats the downside of things i am always dating and women gravitate to me because well i treat them very well. may i have some nude pics of you and i will send you a special pic of myself for you.

Rasa: OMG

His fourth letter:

oh, my god i know who you are now your kellie everts! i knew you looked familiar never mind about sending the nude pics i have plenty of those of you from the 1970s and sixities snap! i just didnt know until now i hope that i can contact you one day so that i can suck those tities and put my ten inch cock in your wet pussy i just hope that you can handle five hours of non stop fucking.

Rasa: Yes to all the above. Please send the pic of your cock, I need to fanta-size.

His fifth letter:

thanks for your vids luv here on you tube i have never cum so hard ill have to change my rugs and really scrub me walls down now.

Rasa: You say the sweetest things. Send as many photos as possible to Rasa@WomanThouArtGod.com

To be continued...................


Solution to the Male Problem:

Melody, Tara, Jane, and all my lady friends, especially those who are older. Let us kick up the pace to save humanity and males from the military industrial homo-erotic complex. Let us save them all one at a time. After all, while we have their cocks in our mouth and pussy they can’t join the military, they can’t get into any mischief, so keep them busy 24/7 with us.

I am not joking. The entire world is now sick with the need for Mother Love, Mother affection, Mother worship, skin to skin contact, hugging, holding, caressing, kissing, smooching, licking, petting, sucking and fucking.

There is a serious malady prevalent in Patriarchy called ‘attachment disorder.’ This happens when children, girls as well as boys, do not get enough Mother Love. What is enough? Up to five, six years of breast – not bottle – feeding, with intimate closeness to Mom, with her smell, feel, touch, rocking, holding, hugging, kissing, caressing. I know a few people personally who have this disorder very seriously but in this day and age, everyone has it to some degree, who has not gotten the care from Mother that is warranted. I mean, how many people get breast fed these days and for how many for years? The average Mother in America is keeping her baby for a couple months before passing him over to the care of someone else, because she has to go back to work. And they are being bottle fed – breast feeding is an exception. The result? People are not getting the security, the self esteem they must have, and they resort to alcohol, drugs, suffer from depression, and become violent. Lack of intimacy and emotional, sexual bonding results in violence!

This is what Patriarchy BREEDS – this is the type of people that can be used, exploited by the alpha males, this is what Patriarchy FEEDS OFF, the misery and suffering of human beings who do not get enough Mother Love and I assure you there is no such thing as “FATHER LOVE” except in the best of cases, in a limited way – A father does not have unconditional love, he is but another dependent on a female.

Our young men are going to be one of two things: Mamma’s boys or Daddy’s boys. If they become Daddy’s boys means they get to suck their cocks and sodomized, then pulled into the military to become rapists and assassins of the innocent. The military is like Sparta – a homo erotic empire where old men took boys age seven away from their Moms to imprint on their impressionable psyches the fetishes of homosexuality. It isn’t that we are against homos – a percentage of them is normal and natural – we are talking about ripping boys from Mamma’s bosom and instilling forced, coerced homosexual activity. When it’s time to get married, in Sparta, some of the wives had to dress like males to get the young husbands erect.

Now KAY GRIGGS spilled the beans on the military. She says they especially recruit the young where ‘doctors’ examine them in front of everyone else, open toilets where you can see their genitals, and they INSERT STUFF INTO THEIR ANUSES IN THE GUISE OF EXAMINATIONS. I am not joking, see twelve hours of Kay Grigg’s interviews on Youtube and MySpace. These are our boys, aged eighteen, innocent, sweet; have no idea what they are getting into.

They have HOMO PARTIES where they get the young men stinking drunk and teach them to masturbate on one another. What is it all about? The pleasure of the old gay men who take advantage of them. The end result of all this – it gets worse – is train them to become cold hearted killers, assassins, even of innocent citizens. Kay Griggs said her husband, who is an assassin, spilled his guts to her while getting drunk night after night. His job was to train the new assassins. He told her about the gay training and orgies. Obviously, he was not a happy camper, crying in agony night after night, Kay Griggs said.

My assertion now is that IT IS ABOUT SEX – about sex and murder.

They – the alpha males – have a concerted effort to take males away from women! It is their insane plot to use men and destroy humanity. Once males are removed from the domination, guidance, consolation of women, they can become PUTTY IN THE HANDS OF DEMONIC MALES WHO WILL USE THEM FOR THE LOWEST DEPRAVITY ON EARTH.

That is why there is a TABOO about young men/ older women both ways; women are not supposed to desire young men, the young are not supposed to desire old women. It is BECAUSE THE OLD MEN WANT THE YOUNG MEN so which will it be, Daddy’s boy or Mamma’s boy?

I have learned through the letters on Youtube that YOUNG MEN WANT OLD WOMEN. I have done surveys, after seeing a PATTERN and discovered that young men literally crave, desire, get hardons for OLD WOMEN! They are turned on, not off, by THE SIGNS OF OLD AGE!

It is fairly obvious that young males need a Mamma and Grandma age woman to give them strength, confidence, guidance, consolation and unconditional Maternal love. Yes, young women are beautiful, but they don’t have what it takes in all areas. They do not have experience, wisdom and authority that the young men crave - let the young women stick to the old guys.

The Patriarchy wants old women put out to pasture, they have set up a campaign to make old women think they are finished, not wanted, over the hill. I have been informing old women on the contrary. Get out of your rocking chair, get into bed with a young man and get all the sucking and fucking you want.

My doctor told me women after menopause get dried up – but he had not examined me. The reason they dry up is the old men. So forget the old men, let them use their money to buy young women who need their money. Bring these young males to get the Mother loving they need without the problems young women bring, namely, they get pregnant. The pregnancy factor is a bad kettle of fish. Are young guys looking to get women pregnant or are they looking for sex and love? Pregnancy happens as a result of sex, most of the time it is not planned, it is a trick of Mother Nature to keep the species going. We do not need all these pregnancies, they end up in abortions, infanticide, needless responsibilities and girls tied down where they can’t have a life – while boys are also blamed for being irresponsible. These things will not happen while having sex with women over fifty.

Beautiful Well Built Egyptian Man Answers My Survey About Older Women

i am 34

What age range are you attracted to in older women?

2- i love women over 50 and no matter even 100

How do you address her?

3-i call her my love my life my world

What does she call you?

4- baby , bad boy , sexy , my love and hero my fucker boy hahaha

5-yes when i see older woman and was beautiful i feel i want her so much

6- when i see one like u i be so horny coz i know how it would be with her and how i will enjoy her and me

7- first time i masturbate in my life was on woman were 55 beside my home and she saw me and one day called me to help her in home so she made me kiss her and she did a lot with me i was XX years

8- yes here so hard to find single one its why i am on net

9-no it so hard as i said and taboo but i did it but now cant find

10- all women tried to get me even my friends mothers and call me and my godddd they were so sexy and know how to make me hard

11- i love all of u and u lips and tites soooooooo much and i love to kiss all u body and play with u nibbles and press on her with my teeth slowly and make my tongue in u pussy and play with u clit for hours last thing i think about to put my thing in u i love to kiss and lick soooooooooooooooooo much and i love before sex to dance and kiss i am so romantic i do love this an i adore oral i love to enjoy her body and i love to make her do the same

12- so now tell me about u what u love in sex and what size u prefer and how u like to enjoy my body and how many man u knew were young?

and have u ever been in egypt

From: mohamed

To: Rasa Von Werder

Sent: Sunday, June 22, 2008 5:17 AM

Subject: RE: NICE

thanks so much for u sweet words
i love older coz they can give love more any one and i see them soooooooooo hot and sexy more any one its me really
olders so kind and have a lot of feelings to give
and i never fell horny to young women

In the last three months, Rasa Von Werder has received about 500 letters from males average age 30, wanting sex and talking about it – but also wanting to spiritually worship her as Mother God.

This is a far cry from military males wanting to sodomize young men and turn them into assassins.


WTAG 'No Holes Barred' SEX LETTER 4 30 08


(1) What would you do to get to an attractive 19 year old male with a 9 inch

A climb over a nest of rattlesnakes to get to him

(2) What would I do to get to a handsome young male with a 10 inch cock?

A Swim the Amazon full of Piranhas to get to him

(3) What would you do to get to a beautiful male, on top of Mt. Everest,
with a cock bigger than 10 inches?

(3) I would climb Mt. Everest naked, with my nails as the only tools, no
frostbite, the snow would melt under me from the heat.

Rasa's DAILY EXERCISES & RESEARCH in preparation for sex:

(1) Practice SUCKING fat cucumbers, big carrots and large bananas 10 mins. daily, get cheek & jaw muscles developed, (also interview male devotees about what feels good. Got lots of knowledge so far, pay attention to the part you can get into the mouth, sucking like a vacuum cleaner, licking the back of the tip, pay attention to the balls, they have nerve endings
too...put your hand (one or two? One) on the rest of it you cannot shove into mouth. Touching tip of it to cheek works, too.)

(2) EROTIC SQUATS: Practice squatting almost to the floor daily, 100 times, with legs spread open, do this several times a day.

(3) PUSHUPS: Increase pushups from 80 at a time, to 100, do this several times a day, you never know how many marathons you will run with a 19 year old partner.

Her condition: Is the Pacific Ocean wet?

His condition: Is the Rock of Gibraltar hard?

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